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Bolotnikov Ivan Isaevich

( figure the Time of Troubles, Time Shuisky)

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Biography Bolotnikov Ivan Isaevich
Bolotnikov was a serf of Prince Telyatevskogo in my childhood was captured by the Tatars, the Turks sold out, worked on the Turkish galleys, on the release was in Venice. Returning home through Poland, he appeared in Sambor to Molchanov, posing as escaped the king Demetrius. The latter instructed him to detachment of 12000 people. With them went to Bolotnikov Komarnitskaya parish, and everywhere spread the rumor that he had seen Demetrius appointed him chief voivod. SHUISKI sent against Bolotnikova detachment under the command of Prince Yuriy Trubetskoy, but the last, meeting Kromy with Bolotnikov, retreated. This was the signal for an uprising of many cities, deported to Bolotnikov auxiliary units; serfs and peasants, hearing the call Bolotnikov almost everywhere rose against their masters and joined the detachment of its. Outraged and Mordvinians, hoping to free themselves from Moscow's power. In addition, the Bolotnikov joined the militia languor Pashkova, clung to him and Lyapunov - Zahar and Procopius - and a detachment of freemen, who came from Lithuania. Bolotnikov toward capital. Those standing in the way of all the city recognized the authority of the chief magistrates Dimitri; only in Kolomna dared to resist, and this resulted in the complete looting of the city. In the 50 miles from Moscow, near the village of Trinity, Bolotnikova met Moscow's men under the command of Mstislav, who is not joining the fight, barely escaped from persecution Bolotnikova. October 22, 1606, Mr.. Bolotnikov stopped in the village of Kolomna, seven miles from Moscow. Here he built a fort and began to circulate in Moscow and various cities of ratification, arousing the people against the rich and famous, and calling all to kiss the cross lawful sovereign Dmitri Ivanovich. Militia Bolotnikova grown here even more, of his stood separate gangs, mainly slaves, whose raids and robberies were holding the capital under siege. But then in the army Bolotnikova been split: on the one side stood the nobles and knights, on the other serfs, Cossacks, and all the small nameless people. The latter was the head Bolotnikov, the chiefs and the first - languor Pashkov brothers Lyapunov. Between the leaders did not agree, and the result of a shift to the side Shuisky first Lyapunov, then languor Pashkova. Shuya, meanwhile began to make the strengthening of Moscow, since the appearance of Bolotnikov, now began to receive reinforcements from moving to his side of cities that have banished him to the militia of nobles and knights. A number of successful attacks on the fort Bolotnikova makes the last to escape from under Moscow. Bolotnikov stayed in Kaluga, strengthened it, gathered up to 10,000 fugitives, and prepared to defend. Sent out here Shuiski units (most under the command Mstsislauye) besieged the city from all sides, . producing frequent bouts, . smashed approaches help Bolotnikov militia under the command of Prince Masalsky, . but the energy Bolotnikova remained unshaken; only one that troubled him: he was not named Dimitri,
. Then among the Terek Cossacks and Volga, a new pretender, . uncommitted name of Prince Peter, . if son Fyodor Ivanovich, . phishing daughter, . soon died, he was already approaching the Putivl, . and they-then Prince Shakhovskoi decided to use to support an uprising,
. He sent him to Tula, and then moved himself. On the revenue Bolotnikov he sent a detachment under the command of Prince Telyatevskogo. The latter broke the royal governor, princes Tatev and Cherkassky, Kaluga, on the Honey (2 May). Then Bolotnikov made a sortie from Kaluga and went to Tula, where there were already Shakhovskoi and Peter. June 30 went up to Thule with a large army (about 100 thousand people) king SHUISKI. Began the siege of Tula, which lasted a little over three months. At the suggestion of Murom boyar son Kravkov, Upa dam was flooded Tula, where famine. Negotiations for the surrender. The king promised Bolotnikov Shakhovskoy and mercy, and October 10, 1607, Mr.. Boyar Kolychev took Tulu. Bolotnikov appeared before Shuisky, took off his sword, laid before the king, struck his forehead to the ground and made a oath to serve the king faithfully till death, if that, according to his kiss, no orders to kill him. Bolotnikova and other chiefs of the rebellion after questioning jailed in Kargopol. Here first Bolotnikov gouged out his eyes and then drowned.

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Bolotnikov Ivan Isaevich, photo, biography
Bolotnikov Ivan Isaevich, photo, biography Bolotnikov Ivan Isaevich  figure the Time of Troubles, Time Shuisky, photo, biography
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