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BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich

( Writer)

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Biography BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich
Born in Tula province, in the tribal hamlet Dvoreninove (Alexinsky County), October 7, 1738, Mr.. The first years of life spent with her parents in Livonia and Finland, where he served his father. Ten years have been enlisted in an army regiment warehouseman, who was under the command of his father. Orphaned early, Bolotov joined 17 years on active duty sergeant in the regiment and Arkhangelsk in 1757, Mr.. sent an officer in the Prussian campaign. In 1758 - 1761 years, serving in the Office of the Russian military governor of East Prussia, was engaged in off-duty time, science and attended lectures at the University of Konigsberg. In early 1762, Mr.. transferred to the adjutant to the St. Petersburg General politseymesteru Baron Corfu, but soon resigned, and before the reign of Catherine II had gone to his village. Here he married and spent the rest of his life, actively engaged in farming on his estate and also managing the estates of Count Bobrinsky. Died 96 years, 3rd October 1833, Mr.. At the time of stay in the village Bolotova include his literary works: "Children's philosophy, . Moral or conversations between odnoyu mistress and her children "(M., . 1776 - 1779), "a Christian feeling in the beginning and end of each day in the week" (M., . 1781); "Unfortunate Orphans" (drama, . M., . 1781); "Henrietta, . Gusar or kidnapping "(from German, . M., . 1782); IM,
. Getsena, . "Discourse on the beginning and end of the current status and future of the world" (from German by M., . 1783), "Guide to true human happiness" (M., . 1784), "The Life and Strange Adventures of the deceased in 1788" Charles Edward (translated from German, . M., . 1794),
. The fruit of his scholarly studies were: "Brief and to the experience-based observations on elektrizme and the ability to Electric Mahin pomoganiyu from various diseases" (St. Petersburg, 1803). The main subject of study Bolotov was agriculture. Elected member of the Free Economic Society, . Bolotov, first published his article in his writings, . then he published a very solid for its time, agricultural magazines: "villager", . in 1778 - 1779 years, . and "Economic shop", . in 1780 - 1789 years, . last in the annex to the Moscow Gazette,
. Besides, . after he left a large manuscript, . indicated; remarkably beautiful, . like all his manuscripts, . entitled: "Images and descriptions of different breeds of apples and pears, . Rodia in Dvoreninskih, . and partly in other gardens; draw Andrei Bolotov 1797 - 1800 ",
. This is a remarkable work on Russian pomology, meaning it is so great that it was printed in 1861, removing. in the Journal of Horticulture ". Finally, Bolotov left "Notes", which actually rests his fame. They published the editorial board of the Russian past "in 1871 - 1873 years under the title:" Life and Adventures of Andrei Bolotov ". In addition, it was: "Monument elapsed time, or Brief historical notes on the former incident and lay scattered among the people hearsay" (Moscow, 1875). His "Notes" occupy an important place in Russian memoir literature, Bolotov was in 1789 - 1816 years. The author sometimes naive, but an impartial account of the history of their ancestors, his own life and the society around him, abuse and turmoil of the modern social order and pr. "Notes" provide very rich material for studying the life of the provincial nobility in the XVIII. See. "Russian Biographical Dictionary".

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  • Bolotov, Andrei Timofeevich

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BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich

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BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich
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BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich, photo, biography
BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich, photo, biography BOLOTOV Andrew Timofeevich  Writer, photo, biography
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