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Konstantin Borozdin Matveyevich

( archaeologist and historian)

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Biography Konstantin Borozdin Matveyevich
Born May 13, 1781, Mr.. in St. Petersburg, died May 10, 1848, ibid. Educated at home and in his youth was listed in the Transfiguration Regiment. In 1816, Mr.. determined to serve in Poland when Senator NI. Novosiltsove, then was counted among the guards, from 4 August 1826. April 30, 1832. was a trustee of St. Petersburg. school district, and since 1833, Mr.. Senator and died in that position, with the rank of Privy Councilor. His literary career began in 1805 when he published his (unnamed) "Font Style Life of Prince Jacob Fyodorovich Dolgorukova". In 1809, the imperial command, he took an academic trip to Russia, accompanied by a designated him AI. Ermolov and painter Ivanov. He began this journey from the northern part of Russia, visited Staraya Ladoga, Tikhvin Ustyuzhna, Cherepovets, Vologda Belozersk and, from there flew to Kiev, Chernigov, Kursk, Borovsk, Tula and the next (1810) he returned to St. Petersburg. The fruit of travel was a collection of magnificent watercolor drawings, at 4 great albums stored in the Imperial Public Library. By the attached drawings and some descriptive. In the first album (or the first part, the descriptions made Polenov) posted drawings and plans of the old-Ladoga fortress, its towers, churches, and monasteries and other types of cities in C. (Kirillov, Tikhvin, Ustyuzhna), as well as some ancient objects found them in these places. The second album, almost exclusively - pictures of objects stored in the Cyril-Belozersky Monastery, such as: bowls, censers, ladles, mugs, hats and pr. In the third - the plan of Kiev with the surroundings, the individual plans his sights, and finally in the fourth part - plans Chernigov and other cities he visited - with historical and archaeological drawings and descriptions are stored in them Antiquities. In addition, Borozdin brought several collections of manuscripts and ancient instruments, among other things, he managed to save from the flames disgraced synodic Ivan the Terrible, printed later Ustryalov in the tales of Prince Kurbsky. In the descriptions of themselves to the albums he put a lot of historical and genealogical observations, and in 1823 made a historical study, . in which he was able to prove the inaccuracy of the views of publishers meeting of the State charters and treaties, . ascribing the testaments of the Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich one of the grandsons of the Grand Prince Ivan III,
. In an article in "Archives of the North" for 1823, h. VI, . N 12, . under the title: "Historical study of spiritual letters of Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich" (no byline), . he proved, . that the charter should not belong to grandchild, . a son, John III and brother of Grand Duke Vasily, . Dmitri Ioannovich Uglich,
. Earlier this year (1823) they were published: "A brief description of the life gr. Yakov Fyodorovich Osterman ". In 30-ies he took an active part in the Encyclopedic Dictionary Plouchard. In 1841 Borozdin began to print genealogy noble families, and published nine books, placing each one names. Thus published pedigrees: Nashchokin, Izmailovo, Apraksin, Benkendorf Efimovskiy, Matjushkin Skowronski, Divov and Arseniev. Each book bore the title: "The experience of the historical genealogy" ... and also printed without the author's name. These experiments were the last of its historical and genealogical writings. Was left of an excellent library, which later became the Rumyantsev Museum. Between the manuscripts especially precious correspondence, which he led by Metropolitan Eugene, with Academician Lerbergom with AN. Olenin, with DI. Linguistic, AI. Ermolaev, poet Kapnists etc.. Wed. Description borozdinskogo assembly drawings for its archaeological trip to Russia, comp. Polenov, in "Proceedings of the First Archaeological Congress in Moscow", t. I. The list of his drawings was still placed in the bibliographic lists Kц╤ppen, 1825. V. R.

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Konstantin Borozdin Matveyevich, photo, biography
Konstantin Borozdin Matveyevich, photo, biography Konstantin Borozdin Matveyevich  archaeologist and historian, photo, biography
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