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Brikner Alexander Gustavovich

( Russian historian)

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Biography Brikner Alexander Gustavovich
(1834 - 96), a native of Germany. First devoted himself to his father's profession, a merchant, and several years he served in the office of the Firm, then worked for three years under the leadership Geyssera, Droysen, Ranke, Kuno-Fischer, Raumer. Received in 1860. Ph.D. in Heidelberg for a thesis "Zur Geschichte des Reichstags zu Worms", Brikner from 1861. began teaching history at the Law School. In 1864, Mr.. defended his master's thesis "copper money in Russia (1653 - 63)". In 1867, having received from the University of Dorpat doctorate for a thesis of history "Finanzgeschichtliiche Studien. Kupfergeldkrise ", was invited to the Novorossiysk University, and in 1871. elected to the chair of Russian history at the University of Dorpat. Upon his retirement, he was in 1892. moved to Jena, where he died. His major works are devoted mainly cultural and political history of Russia, mainly XVII and XVIII centuries. The main theme around which to group all the major work Brikner, served as a process of "Europeanization" of Russia through the penetration of Western ideas and interests. The results of their work on this topic Brikner outlined in a major work "Die Europaisirung Russlands. Land und Volk "(Gotha, 1888). He attached particular importance to the era of Peter the Great, but kept its coverage of several antiquated view, excessive shading stagnation of Russian life prior, Moscow, period. The main work Brikner for this era - "History of Peter the Great" (St. Petersburg, 1882) - met with a rather harsh assessment by the experts, but, of course, the broad range of the reading public. Of the numerous works Brikner relating to the era of Catherine, the largest was the "History of Catherine II", which appeared first in 1883. German collection Onkena ( "Allgemeine Geschichte"), in 1885. - In Russian altered, with many illustrations. In this work, as in "History of Peter the Great", especially laid out the history of external events, wars and diplomatic events; poor coverage of inner life and reforms. Major jobs Brikner in the last years of his life were "Material for the biography of Count NP. Panina, h. I - VII (St. Petersburg, 1888 - 92) and the beginning of extensive work on the general history of Russia, undertaken for a series of "Geschichte der europaischen Staaten" Geer-Ukert and which took in the sight of German readers. Was published only the first part of this work, conceived in 2 vols.: "Geschichte Russland bis zum Ende des XVIII Jahrhunderts. B. I. Ueberblick der Entwickelung bis zum Tode Peters des Grossen "(Gotha, 1896). As in his major works, . and in numerous articles, . scattered throughout the Russian and German journals, . Brikner was not only an independent researcher, . but also the promoter of new phenomena in Russian historiography, . devoted to issues of political and cultural history of the XVII - XVIII in,
. Proceedings of him that appeared in German, much to the proper awareness of the foreign public with Russian history. A detailed review of scientific activity Brikner cm. in his obituary, prepared E.F. Shmurlo (Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1897, February).

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Brikner Alexander Gustavovich, photo, biography
Brikner Alexander Gustavovich, photo, biography Brikner Alexander Gustavovich  Russian historian, photo, biography
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