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Brunnov Golikov

( diplomat)

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Biography Brunnov Golikov
(1797 - 1875). A native of Courland nobility. Education completed its at Leipzig University. He began his diplomatic career in the era of the Congress-led Sturdza and Capodistria and the ideas of Russian and German diplomats in the spirit of the Holy Alliance. During the negotiations on the Adrianople treaty Brunnov so brilliantly expounded the view of the occupation Dibicha Silistria that resulted in the admiration of Count Orlov (1829). This was the beginning of rapid career Brunnova Orlov gave him assignment to a diplomatic office in Constantinople, and from 1832. He was determined, Vice-Chancellor Count Osterman and edited the notes authorized under Russian foreign courts. In 1833, Mr.. appointed member of the Chief Directorate of censorship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and took part in ending the "Telegraph", published by. Field. In 1839, Mr.. Brunnov started negotiations with Britain regarding the confusion in connection with the revision Unkiar-Iskelesskogo treatise (1833). On his lot to play an important role in the question of the straits and the situation in Russia in the Middle East. Bruno, and Russia differ in ability to assimilate and express the opinions of others, in England was not to their views and opinions of the Emperor Nicholas, T. e. concerted action by Britain and Russia for Turkey. They were incompatible, and Brunnovu had to leave London, not having achieved the purpose for which it was sent. Leaving England, he ventured cautiously, in their dispatches thought that it was preferable for Russia to maintain its original, independent from Western Europe, the situation in the East. In the following 1840 r. Bruno was appointed ambassador to England, and, holding the views of our ministry, signed the London Convention 3 - July 15, 1840, finally destroyed the Anglo-French agreement, and in July 1841, Mr.. - A treatise on the closure of the straits - the principle, to the triumph of which were sent to all the efforts Brunnova. 1848. Brunnova found in London and its share fell the task to persuade Britain to uphold the principles of the Holy Alliance and fight together with Russia against the revolution. At the first news of the upheaval in France he came to the parliament for an immediate interview with Palmerston, and all the forces around, . where could, . fought against the new revolutionary government in Paris, . reinforcing a negative mood Russia, . which led England to take part in the Crimean campaign,
. Since 1851. Brunnovu had to take part in the negotiations that led to war. According to his observations public opinion in Britain, favorable to 1852, has changed dramatically with the news of the premise in Constantinople Menshikov. Brunnov tried hard to reduce it to the world, but finding "that Britain lacks the courage to fight, and mind to live in peace", said his government about the hopelessness of the case and in early 1854, Mr.. left London. To shield themselves from criticism Brunnov wrote a note: "Survey of Eastern Affairs in 1854". In 1856, Mr.. Bruno was appointed as the second authorized by Russia at the Paris Congress, during which exerted a strong influence on the course of affairs, through their knowledge and experience. He managed to make to the text of the treaty such uncertainty, which makes possible the arbitrary interpretations of its favorable Russia. Brunnov same and completed the elimination of the Sevastopol campaign at the Paris Conference 1856. Since 1856. Brunnovu had to take part in the negotiations between Russia and Britain over Persia, and he has made for this country to mitigate demands presented to it by the British Government. After approximately two years (1856 - 58) in Paris and Berlin, Bruno was again appointed envoy in London. He had to negotiate on the Greek crisis of 1862, at the London Conference 1863 - 64 g. (accession to the Greek Ionian Islands), and at the Polish uprising of 1863. In 1867, Mr.. Brunnov an idea of the neutralization of Luxemburg and held her in life at the London Conference. For participation in the conference in London 1871. Brunnov received Count's dignity and in July 1874. retired from service and settled down in Dresden. - See. "Russian Biographical Dictionary".

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Brunnov Golikov, photo, biography
Brunnov Golikov, photo, biography Brunnov Golikov  diplomat, photo, biography
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