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Budilovich Anton Semenovich

( Slavic and publicist)

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Biography Budilovich Anton Semenovich
(1846 - 1908), of the Uniate families, a graduate Lithuanian Theological Seminary and the St. Petersburg University. After participating in the Slav Congress in Moscow (1867) and then during his first overseas trips abroad, . the late 60-ies, . Budilovich so carried away by the Slavic policy, . that the purely scientific work - initiated by the thesis "Investigation of the Old Slavonic language translation XIII in,
. Gregory the divine words, words from the original in the Imperial Public Library in the XI. "(St. Petersburg, 1871) and" Lomonosov as a naturalist and philologist "(1869), overshadowed. Later Budilovich is essentially a political figure, . agitator, and promoter, . takes an active part in the affairs of the St. Petersburg Slavic Benevolent Society, . Lamansky develops a theory about the cultural unity of all Greek-Slavic world, . carries the idea of hegemony of Russia and the Cyril and Methodius Mission for foreign Slavs,
. These are his: "On the literary unity of the peoples of the Slavic tribe" (St. Petersburg, . 1877), "Common Slavonic language in a number of other common languages of ancient and new Europe" (Warsaw, . 1892); "Question of the Common Slavonic languages in Westernising light" ( "The Slavic Review", . 1892, . V-VI, . 45 - 64) and others,
. Simultaneously Budilovich working on Russification of Russian borderlands, shortly before his death establishes a special body, outskirts of Russia ". Journalistic element penetrates into the teaching activities Budilovicha (in the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, . in the Faculty of History and Philology Institute in St. Petersburg and Nizhin, . Warsaw and Yuryev universities), . in numerous articles on the ethnography, . Statistics, . stories, . history of literature and culture of the Slavs and the help of an erudite journal Proceedings, . starting with the broadly conceived and unfinished studies "in the field of linguistic paleontology of the Slavs", . doctoral thesis "Primitive Slavs in their language, . life and concepts according to leksikalnym "(K., . 1873 - 1882,
. - This author was little prepared. Wed. A guest. Brikner in "Arch. f. slav. Phil. ", IV, 451 - 455; VI, 599 - 601, C. Mikutskogo, "Warsaw University Izvestiya, 1879, M. Kolosova "Russian Journal of Philology", 1879, I-II, 108 ff., I. Baudouin de Courtenay, ibid, 165 - 206). The same nature, and other work Budilovicha, . example, . "Slavic Matica and scientists friendship" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1869, . II, . 459 - 475), . "Was not an Orthodox man Jerome of Prague" (Christian Readings ", . 1870, . IV, . 684 - 708), . "The dream of a Pan-Slavism" ( "Conversation", . 1872, . I, . 195 - 215), . "A few thoughts about the Greco-Slavic nature of the work of Cyril and Methodius" (Warsaw, . 1885), . "On the question of tribal relations in the Ugric Rus" ( "Alive,
. Antiquity ", 1903, III, 265 - 275)," On the issue of simplifying the Russian spelling "(Journal of Europe", 1904, V, 419 - 422), etc.. Straight man, . a good speaker and debater, . certain plans, . despite all the "belligerence" of his Slavophilism, . Budilovich always remained a rather romantic, . maintaining this relationship with the old Slavophilism and its beautiful utopian,
. These traits brought respect to him, and by political opponents. All sympathetic political liberation and cultural development of the Slavic nations with a heavy heart to take the news of the death Budilovicha - wrote C. Kotlyarevsky in the "Russian Gazette". - Whatever the differences on other matters of domestic policy with the deceased, it is impossible to forget everything that is done to educate Budilovichem Russia and the Slavic world and the excitement we have sympathy for him. It is impossible not to appreciate the qualities of mind and feelings that can never be hidden by political differences, to appreciate the sincere, ardent faith of the deceased in the Slavic ". Particularly clearly defined figure Budilovicha on administrative assignment, . and most characteristic of him is a ten-year principalship in Yuriev (1892 - 1901) with the persecution of all German, . imposition of "national begun" in government schools, . on which he worked and later, . as a member of the Board of the Ministry of Education, . action against the academic union of university professors in 1905, . Finally, . base Galician-Russian Society and the editorship of the Moscow Gazette "from the end of 1907,
. List of publications Budilovicha in "New collection of articles on Slavonic" disciples VI. Lamansky (St. Petersburg, 1905, VII-XVI). Obituary: S. Polц-vka (Almanach Ceske Akademie. Rocnik XX. 1910, 109 - 117, with portrait), E. Kara ( "Russian Journal of Philology, 1909, LXI, 149 - 161), in Slavic Izvestiya, 1908, VII, 435 - 439, 470 - 471, A. Sobolewski (Proceedings of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1909, I, 19 - 22), P. Kulakovskogo (Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1909, VIII, 100 - 125), K. Groth ( "Historical Journal, 1909, III, 1097 - 1122, with a portrait). A. Yatsimirskiе?.

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Budilovich Anton Semenovich, photo, biography
Budilovich Anton Semenovich, photo, biography Budilovich Anton Semenovich  Slavic and publicist, photo, biography
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