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Budishev Alexey

( Talented Writer)

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Biography Budishev Alexey
Born in 1867, Mr.. a noble family in Saratov province, mother - Polka. He studied at the medical faculty of Moscow University. He enthusiastically studied zoology, but felt completely unable to engage in science and therapeutic with a 4-year student went. Writing started as a student and 1886. became an active member of "Alarm", "Russian satirical Newssheet", "fragments", later "Russian Life", "St. Petersburg newspaper, New Times," Russia "," Russia ". Also included their works in the "Niva", "Picturesque Review", "Northern Messenger," Messenger of Europe ". Some of the many stories, . essays, . small novels and poems collected them in books: "Steppenwolf" (St. Petersburg, . 1897), . "Different concepts" (St. Petersburg, . 1901), . "Strife" (St. Petersburg, . 1901), . "The awakening of conscience", . "Best Friend" (St. Petersburg, . 1901), . "I and He" (St. Petersburg, . 1903), . "Sunny Days", . "Black Buffalo" (St. Petersburg, . 1909), . "Poems" (St. Petersburg, . 1901),
. The weak long stories and novels Budischeva: a bad imitation of Dostoevsky in "I and He" (St. Petersburg, 1903), exposure of homegrown Nietzscheanism a "best friend" (St. Petersburg, 1901), the tabloid criminality in "Steppenwolf" (2-e ed., Moscow, 1908). His real vocation - a literary miniatures. The small stories of his and, in particular those included in the best of his collection - "different concepts" - written in a very colorful, with sparkles in this humorous, with the ability of a small space newspaper feuilleton brightly describe the situation and a type. Budishev fine feeling for nature, loves the forest, steppe and is able to convey their feelings to the reader. General, in a number of representatives to give us a short story by Chekhov Budischeva of artistic resources would have to take one of the first places. He did not take, however, such an appropriate place of his natural gifts in the literature, because it is deprived of what could be called an artistic outlook, he has no particular view of life. With the talent noticing and reproducing individual lines of reality, he not only gives the set of his works in general lighting of Russian life, but even in each individual's story can not withstand the typicality and quickly slips into anecdote. Fatal impact on the artistic value of stories Budischeva had an attraction to a crime, without which cost almost none of his works. Excessive for the correct picture of Russian life, took as his stories adultery and jealousy. "The awakening of conscience" for Budischeva arises only in connection with the crimes. And so typical of the Russian public "awakening of conscience" more responsive properties completely escaped his attention, and those who would like to get acquainted with Russian life in the late XIX. on the works Budischeva, would come to a strange conclusion that, besides all sorts of predators in the true sense of the word, nothing was then. People's life is also very one-sided taken from Budischeva - mostly from the wild darkness of ignorance, it prevails. In general, the pursuit of external effect weakened by Budischeva development of more subtle effects. Budishev, especially in the beginning of his career, he wrote many poems, only a small part of which was included in the collection of his poems. He has a good verse, in the comic plays brisk, in others - a light, melodic, often picturesque. Among the poems of the latter type uses a small image known ancient Roman life - "Triumphant". In general, however, it lacks a certain poetic identity. He does not have his favorite field of play, not their own feelings. He writes on a variety of topics, most often, however, in the style of elegant Fofanova songs about spring and love - but it does not capture neither he nor the reader. Budishev wrote the comedy "Living and the Dead," a joke "Serum conscience" and in cooperation with п-.п°. Fedorov remade into a drama with his story "catastrophe". S. Vengerov.

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Budishev Alexey, photo, biography
Budishev Alexey, photo, biography Budishev Alexey  Talented Writer, photo, biography
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