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Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich

( Writer on European Affairs)

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Biography Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich
photo Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich
born June 24, 1789, Mr.. in the Minsk province, in the Polish family. Father Bułharyn, taking part in the Polish revolution, killed General Voronova, for that in 1794, Mr.. was exiled to Siberia. His mother, moved to St. Petersburg, identified Bułharyn in 1798. in Land (now I-Q) Cadet Corps. He graduated in 1806, Bulgarin determined in Ulan Sovereign Cesarevitch regiment took part in the campaign 1806 - 1807, was wounded in the stomach at Friedland, and received his sword Anninsky strap. Returning from a hike, Bulgarin composed a satire on the regimental commander, for that in 1809, Mr.. was transferred to the Kronstadt garrison regiment, from which in 1810, Mr.. he moved to Yamburg Lancers. In 1811, Mr.. Bulgarin was dismissed from the regiment to thin certification, sank entirely morally, came to steal, he lived on charity, while not defined in the Polish Legion of Napoleon as a private in the regiment, who was then in Spain. In the French army Bulgarin took part in the campaign and in the case of Marshal Oudinot fought against the Count of Wittgenstein, reaching the rank of captain. In 1814, Mr.. Bulgarin was captured by the Prussian troops, after the war he returned to Warsaw, from which he moved to St. Petersburg, where he was allowed to settle. In 1816, Mr.. Bulgarin made in small print stories, historical and geographical notes, taking part in "Son of the Fatherland" Grech. In 1821, Mr.. Bulgarin issued "Selected Odes" of Horace, in 1822, Mr.. began to publish a historical magazine "North Archives", and since 1823, Mr.. - "Literary Leaves". At this time Bulgarin already acquired great literary dating, moved in the best literary circles, portraying itself as a supporter of the political and social ideas, which professed the then young. Unattractive moral qualities Bułharyn had not yet emerged, and he enjoyed the location of such persons as Griboyedov, A. Bestuzhev Rileyev and Pushkin. In 1825, Mr.. Bulgarin released anthology "Russian Talia". In the same year he began publishing a newspaper - "Northern Bee". Simultaneously with the familiarity with the progressive-minded young people and the Decembrists, Bulgarin started with the official sphere, the circle close to Arakcheyev. In preparation for the uprising on December 14 Bulgarin stood on the sidelines, but familiarity with the Decembrists raised the question of his participation in the conspiracy. Thanks to contacts with the higher realms, finally, the fact that he had, according to Grech, support the police in the arrest Kuchelbecker, Bulgarin not been brought to the investigation and trial. If until 1825, Mr.. he considered more advantageous to rotate in influential circles, then progressive, . after the December uprising abruptly changed his position, . earned the then chief of police position Benkendorf, . thanks to the assistance which was followed by Imperial decree to rename Bułharyn of the captains of the French army in the class VIII and his identity as the Ministry of Education,
. In 1827 - 28 years came in 10 parts of "Works" Bułharyn (2-ed. in 12 parts., St. Petersburg., 1830, 3rd ed. in 3 parts., St. Petersburg., 1836; full edition. 7 min. published in 1839 - 1844 years). Presenting them to Nicholas I, with the assistance Bulgarin Benkendorf received the highest gratitude and diamond ring. In 1829, Mr.. Bulgarin released "Ivan Vyzhigin, moral-satirical novel" (2 nd ed., St. Petersburg., 1829, 3rd ed., St. Petersburg., 1830), in 1830, Mr.. - "Memories of unforgettable A.S. Griboedov "," Dmitry the Pretender, "a historical novel (2 nd ed., St. Petersburg., 1830, 3rd ed. in 3 parts., St. Petersburg., 1842), for which received a second diamond ring, and, together with Broniewski, "The picture of Russia's war with Turkey in the reign of Nicholas I". In 1831, Mr.. Bulgarin issued "Peter Ivanovich Vyzhigin, nravoopisatelny historical novel XIX century." (2 nd ed., 1834), for which received the third diamond ring. In the same year Bulgarin was certified by the Ministry of Education, where he was considered an official for special assignments. In 1833 - 34 years left Mazepa, in 1835, Mr.. - Memoranda Chukhina titular councilor, in 1839, Mr.. - "Summer tour in Finland and Sweden, in 1843. - "Suvorov", in 1842 - 43 years - "Pictures of Russian mores". After his death in 1844. Benkendorf Bulgarin continued to be under the auspices of the 3rd branch and the new chief of police Orlova, as Bulgarin patronized appointed in 1839, Mr.. assistant chief of police Dubbelt, retained the post after 1844. In 1846 - 49 years came in 6 parts of "Memoirs" Bułharyn. In 1845, Mr.. He was promoted to the court counselor, . and next year, . "into account to fine-diligent and zealous service" Highest Bułharyn was commanded: "Do not assume an obstacle to obtaining pensions and other awards, . except the sign of the differences immaculate service, . resignation Bułharyn in 1811, . on thin Appraisal, . of service ",
. In 1848, Mr.. Bulgarin, "note to his diligence and excellent special work, he obtained the rank of collegiate adviser. In 1857, Mr.. Bułharyn paralysis, 1 September 1859, Mr.. He died in the rank of the actual state councilor. As a literary critic, Bulgarin is very low. Suffice it to say that he quite sincerely believed Gogol Russian Paul de Kock. Critical assessment Bułharyn central role played by personal feelings and the settling of personal accounts. Those writers, . good attitude are valued Bulgarin of personal material considerations, . He praised the most shameless manner, . even if, . if it was the avowed lack of talent, the same writers, . who stood in his way, . Bulgarin with the same shamelessness criticized, . does not hesitate or what innuendo and swearing reaching the lowest property,
. Very characteristic Bułharyn his attitude to Pushkin. In an effort to bring him to cooperate in the Northern Bee ", which would increase its revenues, Bulgarin in his critical articles before 1830. lavished great praise to the poet, but when I saw that he was standing at the head of a rival "Literary Gazette", once fiercely attacked Pushkin, did not hesitate after the 7 chapters of "Eugene Onegin" recognize "the perfect fall of the talent of the poet. Bulgarin differed vindictiveness and arrogance, it was enough to somebody unflattering comments about his work, Bulgarin began to attack the sharpest. Novels Bułharyn at the time called the endless ridicule Baron Delvig, Prince Vyazemsky, Pushkin, Gogol, Belinsky and others. Still, as novelist Bulgarin is above. Some historical works Bułharyn not without a certain significance. Thus, he is one of the first gave a correct assessment of the "History of the Russian people" Field (cm. P.N. Miliukov, "Main Currents of Russian historical thought", Moscow, 1898). Despite the insignificance as a critic and essayist, Bulgarin played a prominent role in Russian journalism second quarter of the XIX century. And her life was closely connected with the name of Belinsky. Started publishing in 1825, Mr.. "Northern Bee", Bulgarin entered into close alliance with Grech, who have published since 1816, Mr.. "Son of the Fatherland". In 1834, Mr.. joined Senkovsky, edit the "Library for Reading. These three publications have personality traits, in some respects were not homogeneous, but formed a cohesive coalition, which campaigned shared by all attempts to competition and jealously sought to work together to capture the field of Russian journalism. Bulgarin was a man of the lowest moral level, for it stood at the forefront of material gain, for which achievement he was ready for all strongly. In literary circles in various shades to it entertained a profound contempt, showering a hail of splitting epigrams. Even Grech in his "Notes" responded very negative about the goodness of his colleague. Not from the ideological, . policy considerations, . but solely from the material calculation, . grossly venal Bulgarin joined the conservative camp and became obedient servant Nicholas regime, . Agent and faithful servant, . not gratuitous, . chief of police Benkendorf, . which kept informed of all the literary events, . gave him he needed information about the writer and often wrote in his order of articles in the Northern Bee ",
. Thanks to the patronage Benkendorf, "Northern Bee" a monopoly position, had a more extensive program than any other newspaper that entailed large gains. Values them, Bulgarin not stop at nothing to destroy the competing editions. Endless denunciations intrigue, settling personal scores, shameless flattery of a strong world, the constant asking for handouts - permeates life Bułharyn. Not to mention the political subservience, Bulgarin did not hesitate in his paper to write enthusiastic articles about hotels, shops and t. on, which he paid for it. Hype their products, artificially created noise, satisfaction indiscriminate tastes of the crowd, Bulgarin established itself among its popularity and credibility. His groveling, . falsification of public opinion, . venality, . talent for critical assessments of literary phenomena "Northern Bee" has the most deleterious effect on society, . hampered the growth of social consciousness and literary development,
. Repugnant reptile resented all more or less squeamish people, even among those who were fully committed to the idea of absolutism. The biggest impact Bułharyn refers to the second half of the 20-ies, . 30-ies, it began to decrease due to Pushkin and his circle, . Bułharyn heavily discredited in public opinion, in 40-ies Belinsky completely destroyed Bułharyn and triumvirate, . undermining all his influence,
. - The most wealthy of the facts of the biography is the work Bułharyn mK. Lemke (Nikolaev gendarmes and literature 1826 - 1855 ", St. Petersburg., 1908), a list of separately published works Bułharyn cm. 3 m. "Russian books" SA. Vengerov, the literature on Bulgarin shown in I t. "Origins of dictionary of Russian writers, SA. Vengerov. AI. Fomin.

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Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich, photo, biography
Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich, photo, biography Bulgarin Thaddeus Venediktovich  Writer on European Affairs, photo, biography
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