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Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich

( famous teacher)

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Biography Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich
photo Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich
(1837 - 1904). After graduating in 1851. Vologda school, was a teacher in the district school Totma and Vologda. Was also engaged in statistical research, printed in the Journal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "," Russian. Dn. "," Bulletin of the Industry ", etc.. Stories and stories accusatory nature of the, . as well as his correspondence (in the "Library for Reading", . "Time", . "Russian Word", . Epoch 1860) have caused displeasure, . and he moved to St. Petersburg, . where he wrote articles in various journals on the history of literature, . Russian stage, . ethnographic essays,
. In 1866, for exam handled serially Bunakov teacher becomes the military school in Voronezh, where (1867) founded a private elementary school, soon has acquired a reputation model. Working hard on teachers' practice field, . Bunakov actively cooperated also in pedagogical journals ( "Family and School", . "Pedagogical Digest, . People's School ", . "Russian Beginner Teacher") and began publishing his works on literacy in book,
. These works, but more soon began work on Bunakova rukovoditelstvu Teachers' Congress created him great fame. Leaders of the people attracted to the school teachers' guide Bunakova ( "Literacy for the sound mode, . in connection with the initial object lessons and exercises in their own language ", . Petersburg., . 1871; 24-ed., . Petersburg., . 1903; "ABC", . Petersburg., . 1871; 93rd ed., . Petersburg., . 1911, "Pervinka", . Petersburg., . 1871; 37-ed., . Petersburg., . 1911) the practicality of his method, . simplicity and naturalness of tricks learning, . easily attainable and giving tangible results,
. Leo Tolstoy's famous debate with Bunakova and sharp criticism of the latter method does not shake, . even strengthened quickly gained credibility Voronezh teacher, . and invitational leadership Congresses teachers contributed to the popularization of his ideas,
. For the first time as head of the Congress Bunakov spoke at the Polytechnic Exhibition in Moscow (1872). Lectures delivered by Bunakova at this congress were published in book form under the title "mother tongue as a subject of instruction in traditional schools" (St. Petersburg, 1873, 15 ed., St. Petersburg., 1908). However, anthologies for reading of pupils in primary school (in school and at home ", St. Petersburg., 1876, 42-ed., St. Petersburg., 1909) All these works Bunakova amounted to a full course of primary education in Russian language. Activities Bunakova, . as leader of repeated courses of teachers, . especially developed after his retirement from the Office of military educational institutions (1879) and after resettlement in the village (s Petya's, . Voronezh district), . where he gave an exemplary public school, . richly furnished benefits, . national theater, . built for these institutions building, . arranged for farmers solemn commemoration of anniversaries of Pushkin, . Belinsky, . Koltsov, . Gogol, . public lectures,
. Drawn into zemstvo and becoming transparent county and provincial zemstvos Bunakov was elected (1902) in the famous Committee of the needs of the agricultural industry. For the innocent on the merits of the application that need to "listen to the voice of the earth" and return to the reforms of Alexander II, Bunakova was agreed to be exiled to the north. Then Plehve relented and Bunakova expelled from the county, which brought with it the elimination of all cultural and educational activities Bunakova, who before had been removed from rukovoditelstva congresses, and even their school petinskoy. Bunakov not endure it, he had a stroke. Wife Bunakova transported to St. Petersburg for treatment, but his days were numbered. An extensive biographical essay written Bunakova VA. Latyshev ( "critical-biographical dictionary" Vengerov, t. V, ibid, as well as in the "sources" Vengerov - pointer to the literature on Bunakova). Full list of works Bunakova - in his interesting notes of "My Life, in connection with the general Russian life, mainly provincial" (St. Petersburg, 1909). S. Sh

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Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography Bunakov Nikolai Fyodorovich  famous teacher, photo, biography
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