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Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich

( famous Russian mathematician)

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Biography Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich
photo Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich
Born December 3, 1804, Mr.. in the village of Bare Podolsk province, where his father, a native of Little Russia, served a lieutenant colonel of the Polish cavalry Lancers. Died Nov. 30, 1889, Mr.. Initial education Bunyakovskii received in Moscow, home of Count A.P. Tormasov, a friend of his father, who died already in 1809, and then in 1820, Mr.. was sent, . with the son of Count, . abroad, . where he spent 7 years, first lived in Coburg, . where he took private lessons, . then attended lectures at Lausanne Academy, as the last two years spent in Paris, . listening at the Sorbonne and College de France lectures of famous scientists, . as Laplace, . Fourier, . Poisson, . Cauchy, . Legendre, . Amper and others,
. During 1824. Bunyakovskii received a bachelor's degree and licentiate, . and May 19, 1825, . for Public Protection dissertation, . consisted of two tasks: one - for analytical mechanics, . the other - in mathematical physics, . was awarded the Paris Faculty of Sciences (Faculte des sciences) degree of Doctor of Mathematics,
. Arriving in St. Petersburg, Bunyakovskii engaged in teaching, first (1826 - 1831) was a mathematics teacher in a 1-m cadet corps, and then (1827 - 1864) in the officer class of the naval department, from 1846 - 1859 g. lectured at St. Petersburg University in analytical mechanics, differential and integral calculus and probability theory. Some time Bunyakovskii was a professor of mathematics at the Mining Institute and the Institute of Communications. In 1828, Mr.. Bunyakovskii Academy of Sciences, was elected assistant professor of pure mathematics, two years - an extraordinary academician, and in 1836, Mr.. received the title of the ordinary academician in 1864. was vice-president of the Academy of Sciences; this title Bunyakovskii left only a few months before his death.
Extensive and fruitful scientific activity was Schwarz. List of works Schwarz ( "Liste des travaux mathematiques de Victor Bouniakowsky etc." SPb., 1883), compiled by himself, contains 108 names. Predominantly Bunyakovskii worked on number theory and probability theory. His book, "Foundations of the mathematical theory of probability" (St. Petersburg, . 1846) is particularly valuable contribution to science, it contains, . than theory, . history of the emergence and development of probability theory and its many applications: to issues of human life, . to the subsidiary bank and insurance institutions, . to determine the likelihood of evidence and legends, . to problems of justice, . to identify errors in observations, . to calculate the probability of losses in the army during the battles and t,
. n. Before Schwarz were very few mathematical works in Russian and his "Lexicon of Pure and Applied Mathematics (1839) to facilitate our mathematical terms and phrases, vocabulary words are located on the French alphabet with translation into Russian language and a detailed explanation, . in Russian as, . values of each term,
. Dictionary, this brought to the letter E, on the death of Schwarz in his papers the manuscript was found "Outline for the mathematical vocabulary Schwarz, . letter E, . F, . G, . H, . I, . J, . K, . L ", . which, . according to the inscription, . Schwarz made by hand: "Do not print, . and to file the Academy of Sciences, . as a benefit for the duration of my inquiries Mathematics Lexicon ", . is now kept in the department of manuscripts II Branch Library of the Academy,
. The most practical use tactile brought the works Schwarz, promote the establishment emeritalnyh Cass, chief of the works of this kind published in the Sea Collection "(1858).

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Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich, photo, biography Bunyakovskii Viktor Yakovlevich  famous Russian mathematician, photo, biography
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