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Burenin Viktor

( Famous critic, poet and playwright)

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Biography Burenin Viktor
photo Burenin Viktor
The architect's son, born in 1841, studied at the Moscow palace architecture school. The first printing of his works were humorous verses: "Sabbath on Bald Mountain, or Journalism in 1862" (in the "Spark" 1862) and "dramatic scene" about the release of "Contemporary" (in "Contemporary" in 1863, Prince. 4), signed by Vladimir Monument ". On the pages of "Iskra" 1863 - 66 years, a number of humorous poems Burenina. In 1863, Mr.. in the "Spectator" Burenin published a series of original poems and translations, as well as humorous essays in prose and verse, under various pseudonyms. In 1863, Mr.. Burenin moved to St. Petersburg, where in the early years did not leave his profession an architect, an assistant architect for the state clinic Willie Baronet. At this time there are his translations of poems Barbier, Thomas Hood, Victor Hugo, Heine, Byron, Alfred de Musset, Alfred de Vigny, Gutzkow, Calderon, Leopardi, Ariosto, and others. Some of them were published in the "Library for Reading Boborykin, . in "Russian Word" Blagosvetlov and in the Journal of Europe (since 1868), . Beseda, . "Cause", also wrote in the "Week" (under the pseudonym of "well-intentioned citizen"), . in Fatherland Notes Editorial Nekrasov, here among the various pieces Burenina, . translated and original, . was printed a number of his humorous poems, skits under the general title "Military-poetic echoes" (1871, . kn,
. 1 and 3). These poems under the pseudonym "Vyborg Desert" as well as "Song of Pedefile and Pedemahe (vyshuchivanie Katkov and Leontiev), printed in the same journal (1871, book. 6). Beginning in 1865, devoted himself mainly Burenin newspaper activities, working as a permanent staff of the St. Petersburg Vedomosti Editorial VF. Korsch, where every week, almost 10 years, appeared to review "Journalism" and the critical satires, signed the letter Z. Under the pseudonym "the veteran novelist," he typed it as their stories and novels. Along with A.S. Suvorin Burenin was one of the prominent pioneers of Militant Liberalism. His scathing ridicule of conservative writers, "Russian Messenger so embittered the latter, that intrigues them from Korsch in 1874,. was taken away by the newspaper. But soon the activities Burenina changed beyond recognition. He becomes a member of the newspaper "Novoe Vremya" and one of the main pioneers of the reaction 1880. Week appeared his "Critical Essays" and from time to time parody and pamphlets in verse under the pseudonym "Count Alexis Jasmine. Private collections of essays Burenina: "Essays and parody" (St. Petersburg, . 1874), "Past", . poem (St. Petersburg, . 1880); "Strela", . poem (St. Petersburg, . 1880; 2-ed., . Petersburg., . 1889), "Songs and cartoons", . new poem (St. Petersburg, . 1886); I - "dead leg" (a mysterious process) and II - "Novel in Kislovodsk (3rd ed., . Petersburg., . 1889 - two stories), "From modern life,
. Feuilleton stories eminent novelist, etc. "(St. Petersburg, 1879)," Critical Essays and pamphlets "(St. Petersburg, 1884)," Turgenev's literary work. A Critical Study "(St. Petersburg, 1884)," Critical studies "(St. Petersburg, 1888)," tail "(a collection of parodies, 1891, 3rd ed., 1893)," Pipa and п÷я┐я│я▐ "humorous stories" (St. Petersburg ., 1894), "Blue and white sounds of the poem" (1895). Burenin wrote the libretto for the opera Y. Cui "Angelo" (St. Petersburg, 1875) and dramatic works: "Medea" (St. Petersburg, 1884, in collaboration with A. Suvorin); "Messalina" (1885), "The Death of Agrippina" (St. Petersburg, . 1886); "Comedy of Princess Zabava Putyatishne and boyar Vasilisa Mikulishne" (M., . 1890), "Prisoner of Byzantium" (drama, . 1893); "Diane Fornari" (drama, . 1894), "All is well, . that well-finished "(comedy, . 1893); "Matrona of Ephesus" (operetta, . Music Ivanova), "Necklace of Aphrodite" (drama, . 1896); "sunken bell" (translated by fairy-drama G,
. Hauptmann, 1897), "The Heart of Princess Ozry" (1898), "Fun Putyatishna" (the text of the opera, the music M. Ivanova, 1897), "Do you know where you will find" (comedy, translated), "A woman with a dagger," "Nero" (tragedy, translated), "The Empress of Byzantium" (drama), etc.. Part of dramatic works included in the collection "Theater" (t. I-II). Burenin, as a lyricist, has excellent verse; very fortunate his translations of foreign poets and poems in the original grave of the early period felt poetic vein. Often brilliantly witty, for all its crudeness, parodies and caricatures Burenina. As a critic he was deprived of certain criteria, slack in those extremely rare cases, when approved, bright only in their negative assessments. All the literary movement of the last 40 years has found it bitter opponents. But the literary physiognomy Burenina determined not so much by this hostility, as by the methods resorted to by the critic in his lunges. In academic terms, these methods can not be described. All that is inextricably linked with the concept of "New Times", in the person Burenina receives its most vivid expression.

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