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Busse Fyodor Ivanovich

( Teachers)

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Biography Busse Fyodor Ivanovich
son of a Lutheran pastor, was born in 1794, Mr.. In 1811, Mr.. number of students enrolled at St. Petersburg Pedagogical Institute, who was appointed to prepare teachers in the main school (later converted to high school). At the Institute Fedor chose his degree in mathematics and studied it with particular success. Upon its completion in 1814, Mr.. He was sent along with the other three students (K. Svensk, M. Tim and A. Obodovskii) for two years abroad. The main purpose of travel was in the fullest possible acquaintance with the method of mutual learning Boll and Lancaster, which then began to spread in Britain and which is supposed to apply to the Russian folk schools. Sent young people, however, this did not stop, and visited, in addition, a very well known at the time of the famous Swiss educator Institute Pestalozzi, where he developed new methods of teaching elementary subjects learning. Upon his return in 1819 in Russia, . Busse and his comrades were places teachers in the newly established then the second digit of the main pedagogical institute, . intended for the preparation of teachers in small schools (later converted to the county),
. Young teachers were supposed to prepare teachers for teaching in the way Boll and Lancaster, but this method here in Russia without success and was soon on. Busse taught at the Institute of Mathematics and soon became known as one of the best teachers in St. Petersburg. When in 1823, Mr.. second level of the main Pedagogical Institute was reorganized into the St. Petersburg High School, later to name the third, then Busse was appointed professor of mathematics at the school. In 1828, . the introduction of a new charter high schools in, . Busse participated in the drafting of programs for mathematics, . for gymnasiums, . and for county schools, . and on the instructions of Professor Chizhov made a number of textbooks in mathematics, . have long been the only guidelines for the schools department of the Ministry of Education,
. Subsequently, some of them were even published at public expense. Busse made the following books: "Arithmetic for students" (1829), "A Guide to Teaching Arithmetic for Teachers" (1831), "Collection of arithmetic problems on the model Gremile", "A Guide to the geometry for the county schools" (1830), "A Guide to geometry for high schools "(1844)," Issues for the examiners in mathematics "(for the parish and county schools, . as well as for high schools), "Logarithmic tables for high schools to guide Vega" (1835),
. In the 3rd school, FI. Buss has taught mathematics at the Institute for Noble Ladies at the Smolny Convent. In 1838, Mr.. he was made director of the 3rd high school and remained in that position almost until his death, t. e. until 1859, Mr.. In the 3rd high school was a big board, where many students were educated at government expense, and FI. Busse had a chance to show himself a good leader not only in training but also on the educational part. He was able to choose for your institution very good teachers, . he often took part in the teaching, . and advances in science students 3rd high school were very significant, . which explains, . that many of them later became famous, . as scholars and as teachers,
. In their relations to the students, especially boarders, Busse differed a great humanity, and he did not like the strict discipline and when he had to scold the students, it will not intimidate them, and tried to act on their conscience. In addition to the above guidelines, Busse, together with K. Svenska issued "Guidelines for the establishment of schools for the method of mutual learning" (1826), and "Arithmetic Tables for parochial schools in the way of mutual learning" (1832). K. Saint-Hilaire.

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Busse Fyodor Ivanovich, photo, biography
Busse Fyodor Ivanovich, photo, biography Busse Fyodor Ivanovich  Teachers, photo, biography
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