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Butkov Peter G.

( academician and senator)

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Biography Butkov Peter G.
(1775 - 1857), the service began in Vladimir Dragoon Regiment. Walking in the Caucasus military service, Butkov began to collect materials on the history of Georgia and relations between Russia and Persia. During the accession of Georgia (1801 - 2) was the ruler of the Office of the Chief Knorring. In 1803, Mr.. Butkov resigned and left the Caucasus and settled in St. Petersburg, where he continued his studies on the history of Georgia. Two years Butkov again entered the service, and reckoned to Heraldry, in 1809, Mr.. defined auditor-general to lieutenant-commander in chief of the Moldovan armieyu, General-Field Marshal Prince AA. Prozorovsky, and when the successors of the latter, Prince Bagration and the graph Kamenskom 2-m, ran another camp office and correspondence about the actions and movements of the army. In 1811, Mr.. Butkov the disease left the service and remained in retirement until 1820, when he was appointed director of schools of Voronezh province, and in 1823, Mr.. appointed official at-Large at the Finnish governor-general graph Zakrevskii; in 1828, Mr.. appointed member of the Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in that position twice, in the absence of the minister, managed by the Ministry, in 1841, Mr.. was elected an academician in 1849. appointed Senator. Following the course of the Russian historical literature, . studying all of its major research and testing them on the primary sources, . Butkov possessed and multilateral and deep knowledge in the field of Russian history and its antiquities, and in the printed works of its declared himself a conscientious researcher and the strict and careful critic,
. In his articles, . which was published during his lifetime to 58 (in various periodical publications, . mainly in the Archives of the North "and" Journal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "), . he referred almost exclusively to the ancient era of Russian history, . as its everyday phenomena, . and ancient monuments,
. In "Proceedings of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", t. VII, available as a printed list of his works, and remaining in the manuscript (number of the latter reaches 49). In a separate edition appeared only his study "The Defense of the Russian chronicle of defamation skeptics" (St. Petersburg, 1840). Here he comes to the conclusion that the skeptics is unfair to our ancient monuments and the cultural dignity of our ancient past. It is affirming view Schlozer and Karamzin's view on cultural and doryurikovskoy dovladimirskoy Russia, he went in this direction much further and Schlozer, and Karamzin. Especially important are his researches in order to understand the cultural status of Russia in XII century., When the first chronicle, the first time they found the influence of Byzantium and the value of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. However, Butkov advocated treaties with the Greeks and other monuments - some works of Nestor, in the way the lives of Theodosius, and individual stories of regional, as the legend of the blinding Vasilko. Although the "Defense" Butkova appeared after the "Nestor" Pogodin, . but it is quite by itself broke many of the objections and arguments of skeptics and paved the way for subsequent defenders of the identity of the initial Russian chronicles and ancient Russian culture,
. From handwritten essay Butkova Academy of Sciences issued only to "materials for a new history of the Caucasus, . from 1722 to 1803 ", . in 3 parts, . edited by Academician Brosset (St. Petersburg, . 1869), in addition, . in 1873, . in the "old" (Proceedings of the Moscow Archaeological Society, . t,
. III) published his article "On the ground, Mr.. Tanais or Azov ". - See. "Russian Biographical Dictionary".

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Butkov Peter G., photo, biography
Butkov Peter G., photo, biography Butkov Peter G.  academician and senator, photo, biography
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