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Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich

( prominent judicial reform)

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Biography Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich
photo Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich
(1811 - 73). In 1828, Mr.. enrolled in the fare collectors company chief engineering school, in 1833, Mr.. graduated from the full course of studies in the officer class and enrolled in the St. Petersburg engineering team, where he served until 1836, Mr.. From 1836 to 1839, Mr.. was supervisor in Gatchina Orphan Institute, where, in addition, he taught mathematics and accounting. Since 1839, Mr.. begins his service on the judicial department. He passed different positions in the Ministry and for the chief prosecutor's table in the Senate, from 1851 to 1853, Mr.. was vice-director of the Department of the Ministry of Justice, and in 1853, Mr.. moved to Moscow, where he held the post of Procurator of the general meeting of the Moscow department of the Senate. Butskovsky not limited to a thorough study of jurisprudence, and his inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge led him to plunge into the study of foreign legal literature and using it to see all the flaws of our judicial orders of the backward. The new field of activity opened to Butskovskogo, when in 1861,. Judicial reform has been undertaken. Butskovsky took an active part in the development of "Basic Principles" reform. In his note, "On the basic principles of criminal procedure" Butskovsky is a fervent supporter of the jury. The commission for drafting legal regulations Butskovsky assumed the Presidency of the Criminal Division. Its charter strengthened the works of his criminal proceedings must accurately and concisely edited, and he also belongs brilliantly compiled an extensive explanatory memorandum to the statute of the criminal justice. This note is still not lost its significance, . as an excellent summary of various points of view on the essence of procedural techniques and their inner meaning, it also shows a bright mood figures judicial reform, . about their confidence in the social forces of the Russian people,
. In 1864, Mr.. Butskovsky traveled abroad to familiarize themselves with there the court orders. Upon return Butskovsky was appointed to the commission to enact legal regulations. Simultaneously with these lessons he 1865. present in the Senate, where he was appointed first to the 5-th department, and from 1866. - The Criminal Cassation Department. In the early years of the introduction of the reform of the role of Cassation, the Senate was particularly difficult. We had to teach new courts to work according to the basic principles of legal statutes and, despite the start of the reaction, to give people a speedy trial, the right and gracious. Butskovsky as a judge was a model of dauntless, courageous and honorable service to justice, he vigorously promoted the consolidation of the practice began a new process. He had compiled cassation decision - superb examples of the scientific interpretation. Last Will Butskovskogo can best give an idea of responsiveness and good heart of this humane criminologist. All of his fortune, . accumulated them during the service and is the capital of 50000 rubles., . Butskovsky bequeathed Board barristers at the St. Petersburg Judicial Chamber for the preparation of a fund to benefit the original order by the court justified, . whose innocence will be clear, . as well as those convicted, . who fell into crime on the unfortunate coincidence for them,
. Thus Butskovsky first set we have the question of compensation for persons unjustly brought to trial. Butskovsky took part in the legal literature. He belongs: "The verdicts in criminal cases by jury" (St. Petersburg, . 1866), "Essay cassation court decision on the abolition of statutes in 1864" (St. Petersburg, . 1866), "On the activities of Public Prosecutions as a result of prosecutorial branches of the judiciary" (St. Petersburg, . 1867; The Grounds Cassation Practice for the preyudatsialnym (St. Petersburg, . 1872), "The current law on usurpation" ( "History of the Civil and Criminal Law, . 1873, . I); "On the prosecution in civil transactions" (ibid., . 1873, . III),
. Collection of his works published in 1874,. under the title "Sketches of court orders in the statutes, 20 November 1894". Scientific and literary works Butskovskogo had their time of great importance, but are valuable for our time. They provide precious material and the fulcrum for the correct recognition as a sense of individual articles of the law, and entire institutions and systems of. Another feature, and still attracts attention to the literary works Butskovskogo - is penetrating their humane spirit and loyalty to the ideas of the liberation era of 60-ies. - Wed. Dzhanshiev, N.A. Butskovsky and trial by jury "(Journal of Europe", 1889, XII); his own, a biographical sketch Butskovskogo in Volume V "critical-biographical dictionary" Vengerov; п░.п╓. Kony, "N.A. Butskovsky "(" the principal figures of the judicial reform ", the annex to the" Bulletin of Self-Education ", Brockhaus-Efron, 1904).

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Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography
Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography Butskovsky Nikolai Andreevich  prominent judicial reform, photo, biography
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