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Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich

( archaeographer, academician, director of the Imperial Public Library)

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Biography Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich
photo Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich
(1818 - 99). After graduating in 1836, Mr.. Yaroslavl school, he entered the Moscow University. As a student, published an index to the "Narration about Russia" Artsybasheva (t. II). After graduating in 1840, Mr.. University, admitted to the Bychkov Archaeological Commission, firing in 1843. "Index to the acts of historical, published by the same Commission. From 1842, Mr.. Bychkov was put reviews of historical works in Moskvityanin "Pogodin and the Journal of the Ministry of National Education". In 1844, Mr.. was appointed curator of manuscripts department of the Public Library. In 1850 - 55 years under the editorship Bychkova out "Elizabeth discharges ed. 2 nd Office Immediate Office of His Imperial Majesty "(with Al. N. Popov T. I, 1850; t. II, 1851; t. III, 1852, Advanced. him in 1854 and t. IV, 1855); in 1853 - 55 years - "Yurnaly and hiking journal of Peter the Great from 1695 to 1725, Mr.. and marching Journal 1726; in 1853 - 57 years - "Camera-furerskie journals for 1726 - 1772 years" (with B.M. Fedorov) in 1855, Mr.. - "The first Russian Gazette, printed in Moscow in 1703". In 1855, Mr.. was elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences. Since 1856. Bychkov took part in editing the "Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles," published by the Archaeological Commission (ed.. Bychkova left: t. VII, 1856; t. VIII, 1859; t. IX, 1862; t. XV, 1863; t. X, 1885, and t. XVII, 1889). In 1857, Mr.. edited Bychkova were published volumes X-XIII 5 th ed. Works Zhukovsky. In 1863, Mr.. with MA. Corfu, working to correct the Russian translation 3 of "Body of local law provinces Ostsee-edge. In 1865, Mr.. published in "Proceedings of the Archaeological Society" - "Passages in the Gospel XI." and in the Chronicle classes Archaeological Commission "-" A brief chronicle of Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra ". From 1865 to 1873. Bychkov was the ruler Archaeography Affairs Commission in 1866. elected extraordinary academician, as well as chairman of the committee for reviewing and describing Affairs archives of the Holy Synod. In 1867, Mr.. Bychkov issued a "catalog stored in the Imperial Public Library publications printed in the civil bold under Peter the Great" in 1868. was appointed assistant director of the Imperial Public Library in 1869. elected ordinary academician. In 1868, Mr.. edited Bychkova out t. I "Descriptions of documents and files stored in the archives of the Holy Synod" (t. II, 1879), in 1869, Mr.. - T. I "Complete Collection of decrees and orders of the Office of the Orthodox Confession" (t. II, 1872). In 1871, Mr.. issued a "warlike materials scientist archives of the General Staff, in 1872. - Autographs of the Imperial Public Library "," Chronicle of Laurentian list "," Letters of Peter the Great, preserved in the Imperial Public Library "and" In memory of Earl MM. Speranskii ". In 1873, Mr.. published in "Collection of Russian historical society" Papers of Peter I "and published" Letters and papers of Catherine II, stored in the Imperial Public Library ". In 1875, Mr.. drawn out Bychkov, together with the NP. Barsukov, "Pointer to the 8 volumes of the Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles, Vol. Archaeological Commission, and in 1879. - "Novgorod Chronicle". In 1882, Mr.. Bychkov was appointed director of the Imperial Public Library and published "Description of Church Slavonic Russian manuscript collections of the Imperial Public Library". In 1887, Mr.. appeared t. I valuable work Bychkova: "Letters and papers of Peter the Great" (t. II, 1889; t. III, 1893; t. IV, 1900, and edited by his son Bychkova, IA. Bychkova - t. V, 1907, and t. VI, 1912). In 1890, Mr.. Bychkov was appointed a member of the State Council, in 1891, Mr.. elected Chairman of the Archaeological Commission, and in 1893. - Presiding department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences. Bychkov published several reports in the "Compendium" and "Izvestia" The department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences, . "Russian Antiquities", . "Proceedings of the Archaeological Society, . "Readings in the History and Antiquities of Russian", . "Proceedings of the Geographical Society, . "Russian Archive", . "Ancient and Modern Russia", . Fatherland Notes, . "Bibliography Notes", . St. Petersburg Vedomosti, etc., . and placed in the "Reports" of the Imperial Public Library (in 1880) descriptions received in the library of Slavic and Russian manuscripts,
. From publishing works Bychkova particularly valuable material relating to Peter the Great and his era. Bychkov a lot of trouble for the improvement of the Imperial Public Library. List of works Bychkova cm. in "Russian Antiquities" (1890, book. X and Dep.) And in the annex to the "Reports" The department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences for 1899. The activities Bychkova cm. LN. Maikov, "On the scientific activities Bychkova" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education" for 1899 and 1900. and St. Petersburg alone., 1900); AA. Shakhmatov, "Report Branch of the Russian language and literature" for 1899, p.. 1 - 9, A. Lopukhin, "In memory Bychkova (St. Petersburg, 1899); NI. Veselovskii, "п-.пг. Bychkov (St. Petersburg, 1899); rm. Maikov, "2-e Branch Immediate Office of His Imperial Majesty" (Annex, page. 28 - 31). A. Fomin

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Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich, photo, biography Bychkov Athanasius Fyodorovich  archaeographer, academician, director of the Imperial Public Library, photo, biography
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