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Baer, Karl Maksimovich

( one of the most versatile and outstanding scientists of modern times, especially the famous embryologist)

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Biography Baer, Karl Maksimovich
photo Baer, Karl Maksimovich
Born February 28, 1792, Mr.. in his father's estate Ping, the province of Estonia, visited the school Revel, studied medicine at the University of Dorpat, in 1812 - 13 years of doing it practically in a large military hospital in Riga. For further improvement in the sciences Bear went to Germany, where under the leadership Dellinger studied comparative anatomy at Wц+rzburg. Since 1817, Mr.. Baer was dissector Burdach in Konigsberg, in 1819, Mr.. appointed professor of zoology, with 1826. directed the Institute of Anatomy. By 1829. was invited by Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, but already in 1830. for family reasons, resigned from the title of academician and returned to Konigsberg. Invited back to the Academy, he was a few years back he moved to St. Petersburg and has since been one of the most active members of the Academy. He made several trips to study in Russia and their results published in "Memoires" and "Bulletins" of the Academy. In 1851 - 56 years he was commissioned by the Government took up the study of fishing on Lake Peipus, . on the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea and the Caspian Sea and the results presented in the second volume of essays "Research on the state of fisheries in Russia (St. Petersburg, . 1860),
. In 1862, Mr.. he left the Academy and was elected an honorary member of its. He died in Dorpat November 28, 1876, Mr.. Edition of his distinguished philosophical depth and a clear and accurate summary. He worked mainly embryology, and she obliged him by the principal data on the history of the development of organic bodies. His main works: "Epistola de obi mammalium et hominis genesi" (ц-ц¦цT., . 1827); "Entwickelungsgeschichte der Thiere" (Konigsberg, . 1828 - 37 - Op., . epoch-making in embryology); "Untersuchungen uber die Entwickelung der Fische" (ц-ц¦цT., . 1835); "Selbstbiographie" (St. Petersburg, . 1866); "Reden, . gehalten in wissenschaftlichen Versammlungen, . und kleine Aufsatze vermischten Inhalts "(3 vols., . 1864 - 75); "Ueber Medusa aurea" (Meckel's Archiv, . 1823, . t,
. VIII); "Ueber die Kiemen und Kiemengelasse in den Embryonen der Wirbelthiere" (ibid., . 1827); "Untersuchungen uber die Gefassverbindung zwischen Mutter ubd Frucht" (ц-ц¦цT., . 1828); "Beitrag zur Entwickelungsgeschichte der Schildkroten" (Muller's Arch., . 1834); "Bemerkungen uber die Entwickelungsgeschichte der Muscheln" (Froriep's Notiz ", . t,
. XIII); "Entwiskelungsgeschichte der ungeschwanzten Batrachier" ( "Bull. sc. ", I. N 1); "Delphini phocaena anatome Sectio prima" (ib., I, N 4, 1836); "Expedition nach Lappland und Nowaja Semlja" (ib., III etc.); "Anatomische und Zoologische Untersuchungen uber das Wallross" ( Mem. 4th ser., T. IV, 1838); "Ueber das Aussterben der Thierarten" ( "Bull. de l'Acad. de S. Petersb. ", T. VI); "Man in the natural-historical terms" ( "Russian fauna" Yul. Simashko, St. Petersburg., 1851), "On the Caspian Sea fisheries" ( "Journal of the Ministry of State. They are. ", 1853, h. I); "Crania selecta" ( "Mem. Ac. S.-Petersb. ", The 6-th ser., T. X, 1858), "Are whales emit water stolbyN (" Naturalist ", 1864)," "The place of man in nature" (ib., 1865). In the titles it and Gelmersenom "Beitrage zur Kenntpiss des Russischen Reichs" (tt. 1 - 26, St. Petersburg., 1839 - 68) placed many of Baire, especially reports on scientific research trips to Russia (St. Petersburg, 1845 - 55). After the death of Baer Stieda's published his essay "Ueber die homerischen Localitaten in der Odyssee" (Brunswick, 1877). - See. Stida, "K. E. von Baer. Eine biographische Skizze "(Brunswick, 1877).

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Baer, Karl Maksimovich, photo, biography
Baer, Karl Maksimovich, photo, biography Baer, Karl Maksimovich  one of the most versatile and outstanding scientists of modern times, especially the famous embryologist, photo, biography
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