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Vladimir Borisovich Kosoy

( Prince of Zvenigorod)

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Biography Vladimir Borisovich Kosoy
Vladimir Borisovich Oblique (1421 - 1448) (No.. 17)

From the kind of Moscow led. kn. Son Yuri Dmitrievich and Smolensk Prince. Anastasiya. Genus. app. 1403 g. Kn. Zvenigorod in 1434, Mr..

Wife: daughter of Prince. Radonezhskogo Andrei Vladimirovich.

+ 1448 g.

* * *

In 1433 Basil and his brother Dmitri Shemyaka feasting at the wedding of his cousin, Grand Prince Vasily. At the wedding he came to the rich gold belt, seated precious stones. Old Peter K. Boyar told the story of this belt mother Grand Duke, Sophia Vitovtovna. History is very interesting: this belt was given to Suzdal prince Dmitry a dowry for his daughter Evdokia, . marching married Dmitry Donskoy, the latter of Moscow Vasily tysyatsky Velyaminov substituted this belt other, . smaller, . and this gave to his son Mikula, . for which there was another daughter of Prince of Suzdal, . Mary,
. Mikula gave Velyaminov that are also in the dowry for his daughter boyar Ivan Dmitrievich Vsevolozhsky; that are handed over his daughter to Prince Andrew, . son of Vladimir Andreevich, . but after the death of Andrei - Vasili Kosomu, . Hoops him with his granddaughter, . daughter Andrew,
. In this belt, and Basil came to the wedding of Grand Duke. Learning of this, Sophia Vitovtovna at all withdrew from the Prince are the property as his family, wickedly embedded in someone else's. Yurevich, insulted in such a shame, once departed from Moscow, and this gave rise to a new war between their father, Yuri Dmitrievich and Basil II.

Basil was involved in the battle of Klyazma, after which Basil II was in the hands of Yuri (1433). Yuri, the father Vasily Kosoy, became the Grand Duke. To get rid of a dangerous rival, Kosoy immediately offered to settle with. But Yuri gave his nephew a lot of Kolomna. It advised him lord Semyon Morozov. But barely Basil II arrived in Kolomna, I began to call themselves people everywhere. Then Kosoy and Shemyaka, . seeing, . that their fears are coming true, . turned their fury on the main culprit of his father's mistakes and killed Seeds Morozova in the palace hall, . saying: "You villain, . seditious! You brought our father in trouble and we have long seditious and п¦пTя-п+п¦п¦п¦ ",
. Avoiding his father's wrath, the killers retreated from Moscow to Kostroma. Joining forces here with vyatchanami and Galicians, they defeated the army of the Moscow River Cusi. In 1434, Basil and Dmitri joined with his father and in the Yaroslavl region in St. Nikola Mount again defeated Basil II. Grand Duke fled, and Yuri began to reign in Moscow. In the same year he died, and took the throne of Moscow Vasily Kosoy.

But his brother. - Shemyaka not want priznavatnovogo prince and reconciled with Basil II. Left alone, Kosoy was banished from Moscow, and deprived of inheritance. He fled to Novgorod the Great, but soon went out, ransacking the road coast Mehta, Bezhetsk top and Zavoloche. In 1435 he managed to gather an army at Kostroma, and met with the Grand Prince Vasily II in Yaroslavl parish, on the coast Kotorosl between Kuz'minskii Great village. The victory remained for the Muscovites. Vasiliy Kashin and ran to meet here with the forces suddenly attacked the Vologda, where he was the Grand garrison, seized the governor and the Moscow nobility and sent for vyatchanami who did not hesitate to come to him. Basil II was made again to the city of Kostroma, and stood on a promontory between the Volga and Kostroma, behind which is situated Kosoy. River prevented the beating, and cousins. reconciled: the Grand Duke gave Kosomu a lot Dmitrov, Kosoy also acknowledged elder brother Basil, pledged not to seek the great reign, to give the treasury, they carried away from Moscow. But peace was short-lived: after spending only a month in Dmitrov, Kosoy went back to Kostroma, sending to the Grand Duke razmetnye letters. In Kostroma, he lived until the winter road and went to his brother in Galich, hence to Ustyug, which came to him vyatchane; failing to take the fortress Ustyug Glod force. Kosoy took her to a contract, but violated it, killed the Moscow governor Prince Obolensky, hung desyatilnika lord Rostov and interrupted, and hang many ustyuzhan. Basil II went to Kosoi with all the force Moscow. The opponents met in the Rostov region in the village Skoryatine. Kosoy not hope to defeat an opponent by force and decided to use deceit: the Grand Duke and concluded a truce until the morning, but when Basil, relying on it dismissed their shelves to collect supplies, suddenly attacked him. Still, Muscovites were victorious, and Vasily Kosoy captured. He was taken to Moscow and blinded.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. Parents: Yuri D. Zvenigorodsky (1374-1434 +), Anastasia;

. Children: None

. Key moments
. Vasily Kosoy begins mentioned in chronicles in 1433, Mr.
. This year, along with his brother Dimitri Shemyaka, he was feasting in Moscow at the wedding of Grand Duke Vasily, which was enacted the famous scene from his belt. Offended Yurievich immediately went to his father in Galich, on the way they "pograbisha Yaroslavl and the treasury of all the princes razgrabisha".

In the same year Kosoy participated in the battle with his father, Grand Prince Vasily II on the river Klyazma. By occupation of Moscow, Yuri, people began to run across the Grand Prince Vassily in Kolomna, given to him by Yuri on the advice of Boyar Morozov. Yurevich killed this nobleman, considering him to blame the adverse turn of affairs for them, and fled to Kostroma.

Meanwhile, their father reconciled with Basil, giving him to Moscow and promised not to break up their two eldest sons and help them. As occurred then on the river Cusi Yurevich battle prevailed, and in 1434, Mr.. Grand Prince of Galich ruined because - in opposition to the treaty - Yuri troops participated in the Battle of the River Cusi. This fact re-established relationship between father and children.

After the battle in the Rostov region, Yuri took Moscow, but died shortly thereafter (June 5, 1434), and Vasily Kosoy declared himself the Grand Duke, as he informed his younger brothers, who were then in Vladimir, in pursuit of the Grand Duke. In envy or some other motives, . junior Yurevich sent to Nizhny Novgorod to call on the Grand Prince Vasily Desk, . and elder brother replied: "If God did not need to, . that reigned our father, . then you is what we do not want to. "At the approach of the princes connected to Moscow, . Vasily Yurevich, . taking his father's coffers, . fled to Novgorod,

After spending six weeks in Novgorod, Kosoy went to Zavoloche, then in the fire and began to prepare for an expedition to the Grand Duke. Beaten down by the river Kotorosl, he fled to Kashin. After a short duration of the world opposed the Grand Duke Vasily Kosoy with his own brother, Dimitri red. The enemies met at the village Skoryatina, in the Rostov region. Not relying on his strength, Vasily Yurevich resorted to trickery: Wishing "iskrasti Grand Duke", he offered a truce until the morning, which was taken. Grand Prince disbanded his warriors "feed dividing (in foraging), and oblique, using this, wanted to attack him. But Vasily time was notified of his danger, and the Moscow regiments had come forewarning: Kosoy was defeated, captured and brought to the Grand Duke, who sent him to Moscow.

Part vyatchan not had time to time to help Kosomu, Prince paunchy took prisoner. After taking him to pay off, vyatchane, however, was not released Prince. Vasily, learning of this treachery associates Yurevich, ordered to blind the last. Then chronicles do not say more about this Yurievich until his death, which followed, probably in prison, in 1448, Mr..

Vasily Yurevich was married to an unknown by the name of the daughter of Andrei Vladimirovich, Prince Serpukhpvsko-Radonezhsky, but it is not clear that this marriage was the offspring.

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Vladimir Borisovich Kosoy, photo, biography
Vladimir Borisovich Kosoy, photo, biography Vladimir Borisovich Kosoy  Prince of Zvenigorod, photo, biography
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