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Vasilevskij Vasily

( famous acclaimed Byzantine)

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Biography Vasilevskij Vasily
Born January 21, 1838, died in Florence on May 13, 1899, Mr.. The son of a village priest, he graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University, where from 1870. was a professor of World History. He has lectured at the University for Women and at the Alexander Lyceum, was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Education and the editor of the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", in 1890. was chosen in the ordinary academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. As Professor Vasilevskij to interest students of Byzantine history and became the head of an entire school, almost all modern Byzantium - his disciples. His special work on Byzantine history can be called masterful. Even with the presentation of the facts he found in the sources of what is not seen by others, and so talented exhaust its object, that to his chosen themes do not have to go back. In 1872, Mr.. study appeared Basil "Byzantium and Pechenegi". Pecheniz'ke raids, submitted earlier unimportant and uninteresting, there were quite a different color and served to explain the First Crusade. Extremely important and informative articles Basil on the relations of Byzantium to Russia ( "Russian-Byzantine passages" and "Varangian Russian squad, in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education", 1874 - 78 g.). Original Russian history appeared here before the learned world in a new light. Concerning the origin of Rus Basil findings differed originality other than in accordance with any theories Normanists, nor with their opponents in the genus malonauchnymi Ilovaisky. The new light were related to Byzantium Sviatoslav and Vladimir, the formation and composition of the Varangian-Russian militia. Vasilevskij did much to explain the social structure of Byzantium, the vast importance of his study "Legislation iconoclastic" and "Materials for the internal history of the Byzantine State", . understanding of the complicated set of unknowns whose legal and economic terms, the first developed the story of the peasants and the Byzantine fiscal system, . the famed Von Tsaharie Lingentalyu so dark, . that he refused to explain, . of any taxes and duties referred to in the Byzantine charters,
. Vasilevskij determined the time of publication Eclogite and the Agricultural Law, . explained, . What was the farming community, . what measures were taken to protect peasant land tenure, . and disintegrated as a free community, . Scientists introduced with such parties Byzantine life, . we were previously knew almost nothing,
. They issued a number of texts with translations and commentary. Found them "Tips Boyar XI century." (Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1881) and the life of the New Meleti ( "Rights. Palestine. Selected Works, Vol., T. VI) clearly depict Byzantine life, home life, manners and customs. Walking in the Holy Land Epiphanius ( "Rights. Palestine. Selected Works, Vol., T. VI), republished by Basil, it is equipped with such extensive notes that this is a real reader of palestinovedeniyu. Academy of Sciences publishes the collected works of Basil. The list of his works placed in "Byzantium. Of time. "For 1899. P. Disgrace.

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Vasilevskij Vasily, photo, biography
Vasilevskij Vasily, photo, biography Vasilevskij Vasily  famous acclaimed Byzantine, photo, biography
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