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Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich

( Prince - Russian military and statesman, Adjutant General)

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Biography Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich
photo Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich
(1820 - 78). He began military service cornet of the Life Guards Regiment. In the Caucasus, state adjutant general's Grabbe, took part in several expeditions against the highlanders, including Ichkerinskie forests. In 1849, Mr.. was in the army during the Hungarian campaign. Since the beginning of the Crimean War Vasilchikov went to the Danubian principalities, and from 1854 g. He was appointed Chief of Staff of Little Valahskogo detachment, in the same year was sent to the 12 th Infantry Division in the Crimea, where he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Sevastopol garrison. Here he courage and fearlessness served as an example for all daily rode defensive line and went everywhere were in danger. The most sincere interest he took in the sick and wounded, doctors have always treated him with the needs of hospitals and was not the case that he failed to fulfill their requests, however sometimes it may seem impossible. Nakhimov on the hazard warning, saying: "Do not you say, sir, they will kill me, sir, they'll kill you, sir, that's nothing, sir, but if you spend Prince Vasilchikov - this is the trouble with: without it sdobrovat Sevastopol. Vasilchikov last left the ruins of the city. The Emperor commanded the Corps of Pages in the hall, where Vasilchikov received his education inscribed on a marble slab: "Prince Victor Vasilchikov. Released in 1839, Mr.. 1854 - 55 g. Sevastopol. In 1856, Mr.. Vasilchikov was appointed Chief of Staff of the southern army, a member of the Commission for improvements to the military unit and chairman of the committee to disclose the abuse commissariat and southern Crimean Army. In 1857, Mr.. Vasilchikov took over as director of the Office of the Ministry of War, in April 1858. - Deputy War Minister, and in May - Deputy War Minister. In this position, he drew attention to the abuse of wine-farmers and asked the emperor to enter the free sale of wine in the Army of the Don, despite objections from the Minister of Finance and stakeholders, . Vasilchikova project received approval, . and at the same time the emperor decided to abolish the system of paying off the whole of Russia,
. In 1860, Mr.. Vasilchikov of deranged health, was expelled from office, then in 1867, Mr.. completely abandoned the service and settled in the estate Lebedyanskiy County Tambov province, devoting himself to agriculture. In this field he became known connoisseur, whose authority is appealed to the Commission for consideration of measures to safeguard against deforestation. Vasilchikov left a few published works: "Would you VamN" (M., . 1870), "A few words about wage labor" (ib., . 1869); "Note that, . why Russian weapons ever endured setbacks and on the Danube and the Crimea in 1853 - 55 years "(" Russian Archives ", . 1891),
. - See. Freiman, Pazhi for 185 years "," A Century of War Department. The memory of the members of the military council ";" The opinion of Prince Vasilchikova about the preservation of forests in Russia ( "Russian Antiquities", 1885, t. 47); "Prince Wassiltchikoff in 1856" (ib 1888, t. 60); "Two celebrations in honor of the heroes of Sevastopol" (Pantheon, 1856, t. 25 kn. I); "festival Dec. 29, 1855, Mr.. in the Corps of Pages in honor of the adjutant general Vasilchikov ";" From the correspondence with the prince, Prince Menshikov Vasilchikova "(" Military Collection ", 1902, N 7).

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Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich, photo, biography
Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich, photo, biography Vasilchikov Victor Illarionovich  Prince - Russian military and statesman, Adjutant General, photo, biography
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