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Venelin Yuri Ivanovich

( Slavic Romantic)

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Biography Venelin Yuri Ivanovich
(1802 - 1839), . native of Northern Hungary, . son of an Orthodox priest from the Russian-Romanian names Hutsal, . Venelin studied in ungvarskoy (ungorodskoy) High School, attracted the attention of the authorities of the local seminary, . gave him a scholarship to continue education,
. Intrigued by the history, Venelin secretly goes in Galicia, in 1822, Mr.. comes Lviv University and changed the name on Venelovich-Venelin to spiritual superiors did not recognize his fellow. Interest in Russian and Slavic history led Venelina in Russia. In Chisinau he obtained a position teaching in a theological seminary, are met with Bulgarian emigrants and became interested in the distant past of the Bulgarians. With great difficulty he got to Moscow (1825), but did not on the History and Philology, and the Medical Faculty. This has grave consequences for Venelina: medicine, he was bored, and in historical studies remain amateur. Effect on Venelina had with. Aksakov (his son, Constantine, Venelin gave lessons) and M. Pogodin, and Venelin increased interest Pogodina to Slavs. Review of the book Yakovenko Venelin the Romanians in the press ( "Moscow Journal", 1828); one year left of his "Ancient and present the Bulgarians in the political, narodopisnom, historical, religious and their relation to the Russians" (t. I, Moscow, 1829). He studied here, . mainly, . question of the origin of the Bulgarians, . proving that they belong to the Slavic-Russian tribe, . not Tatar (view Tunmana and Engel), . pointing out similarities between the Russian and Asian (Volga) Bulgars in the language, . manners, . Customs, . religion and T,
. d. Conclusion Venelina, . that the Slavs - the same old-timers in Europe, . the Greeks and Romans, . through his entire book, . relevant non-scientific research, . rather Slavophile appeal, . with enthusiasm before the past and hopes for the future of the great Slavic people, . with thoughts of equality of all individual tribes,
. Deprived method, . independent authorities, . "taught" in the collection and kommentirovke material, . depressed advance the idea of a mature relationship with the Russian Bulgarian, . enthusiast Venelin not been evaluated Russian criticism, . no attention to the only valuable part of the book, . which dealt with modern Bulgaria,
. This information has been full of news: in the book Venelina Bulgarians, . which until recently was mixed with Serbs, . were first presented as a multitude of nations within the former Bulgaria, . Rumelia, . Macedonia, . Thessaly, . Albania, . Romanian lands, . Bessarabia and Novorossiysk Territory,
. Do not be adverse political conditions, they, according to Venelina could be as enormous people, like the Russians, they continue to speak their native language (before the war in 1828, Mr.. in a Moscow magazine said that the Balkan Slavs disappeared and have not heard Slavic sounds beyond the Danube). None of the "European journalists, . humane politicians ", . sighing over the fate of the Greeks, . not remember the Bulgarians, Russian historians list the extinct tribes of the Slavs of Pomerania and do not know about living Bulgarians, . from which Russia received the baptism, . language which read and write almost to University,
. Book Venelina was adopted rather unfavorably, although no serious objections to it no one has. Venelin dreamed of a trip to Bulgaria. Moscow patrons gave him a Shishkova first time trip for a year from the Academy of Sciences to study the monuments of literature, archeology and novobolgarskogo "language. Spring 1830. Venelin goes in for classical philologists and historians of Slavic country "," home Bayan, Slavic Ossian ". I saw it in fact very little, . and then only with difficulty, . was limited only to the north-eastern paragraphs (Russian troops had already left Bulgaria), . complained about the suspicion of the Bulgarians; learned about the existence of "Stories Paisija Hilandarskogo" and the fall moved to Wallachia,
. Linguistic and folklore material (about 50 songs) he collected from Bulgarian emigrants, but not in the Bulgarian. He wrote off a lot of letters in the Bucharest Metropolitan and from private individuals and through Moldova and Chisinau returned to Moscow (1831). Heavy material conditions, . Lessons, . journalistic work, . fascination with large and dark, scientific issues and other circumstances delayed the report of its Academy, . and only two years later he sent her a copy of the 66 "Vlach-Bulgarian, or Daco-Slavic" letters, . 20 images, . historical introduction, . commentary and a dictionary,
. In 1834, Mr.. in Russian universities have been established by the Slavic Department. Pogodin recommended Venelina in Moscow University, . what, . except the Bulgarian grammar and list of works, . Faculty presented a valuable and now, . broadly conceived "Synopsis of teaching the history of the Slavic language and literature", . compiled to determine the Council of Moscow University (printed P,
. Lavrov, in II T. "Antiquities. Proceedings of the Slav. Com. Moscow Archaeological Society, 1898, Dep. II, 110 - 124). Had no degree, Venelin not received the department. He continued to develop materials, . wrote the essay "On the source of folk poetry in general and the southern Russian in particular" (M., . 1834) with the characteristic high-and Little-Russian songs, . remainder of the manuscript for the first time, "Grammar of the current Bulgarian dialect" (Venelin not know the different dialects, . essentially, . very diverse, . fond hypotheses, . sometimes fantasized, . and in general his view of the Bulgarian language is chaotic), published a book "On the nature of folk songs from the Slavs-Hungary" (M., . 1835), . with a very nice feature of the Slavic soul in song the basis of images and moods (Wed,
. Review Belinsky, "Complete Works", the editorial board with. Vengerov, . II, . 397 - 401), . then a study of "Ancient and present Slovenia in political, . narodopisnom, . their historical and religious respect the Russians "(History Pannonian Slavs, . which always nutty Venelin classifies and, . certainly, . non-Slavic peoples, . example, . Etruscans),
. His other works: "Skandinavomaniya and its fans, or the hundred-year survey of Varangian" (against the theory of Bayer and Schlozer), "On the embryo novobolgarskoy literature" ( "Moscow Observer", 1837, IX, and Dep. 1838), "The adoption of Christianity to the Slavs Cyril and Methodius" (1839). Disease, . office in one of the institutions, . dismissal due to some kind of intrigue, . failure on part of the printing of his books (completed after the death Venelina), . quarrelsome nature, . closure, . chain of disappointments - all these poisons the last years of life Venelina,
. He was buried in the Danilov Monastery (P. Russia "Forgotten graves cemetery in Moscow," Historical Journal, 1906, VI, 830). Most of the manuscripts preserved in Venelina Rumyantsev Museum and the Moscow Society of History and Antiquities (I. Shishmanov "Venelinovite unlearned in Moscow", "Бълг. Pregl. "IV, 1897, VIII, 17 - 46; IX, 36 - 70; X, 1898, 35 - 51, E. Sokolov Yu Paper. I. V. stored in the library of the Imperial Society of History and Ancient Russia ", in" Readings ", 1899, Book III, 190). After his death, printed: "literacy Vlahobolgarskie (St. Petersburg, . 1840), . "The ancient and present Slovenia" (M., . 1841), . "Skandinavomaniya" (1842), . "The word rule of the boyar", . "Something for the survey of Goths", . "District residents of the Baltic Sea", . On salt lake Halmyris ", . Thoughts on Russian history in general and in particular ", . "On the ancient dwellings of the Russian people and the time of birth names: Greek, . Latin, . Russian or civil, . Church Slavonic or letter (all of these articles in the Readings of society and history of antiquity "for the years 1846 and 1847), . "The invasion zavislyanskih Slavs to Russia" (ibid., . 1848), . Critical study of the history of the Bulgarians "(M., . 1849),
. Collected Venelin Bulgarian songs included in the collection P. Bessonova (cm. t. V, 634). The importance of work Venelina for Bulgarian national revival and the emergence of "venelinovtsev" cm. t. VII, 322 - 3. - Literature: And. Molnar "Traits of the private and academic life of S. I. V. "(preface to the book" The ancient and present Slovenian. MA, 1841), "Biography of Yu. I. V., translated from N.H. Palauzova "(Odessa, 1851), and. Bessonov, "Some features of S travel. I. V. Bulgaria "(" Moskvityanin ", 1856, X)" S. I. V. "(" Journal of the Ministry of Education ", 1882, VI);" Two letters from W. I. V. to Basil Aprilov "(" Collection of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education ", I, 1889); M. Balabanov "Feedback in Bulgaria on Venelinovite Pismo" (ibid., II, 1890), "Report of the Imperial Public Library in 1891" (St. Petersburg, 1894); H. Barsukov "Life and Works Pogodin (St. Petersburg, 1889 - 92 min. II - V); AND. Shishmanov "Prvata Sreshta on Aprilova with B." (Kyustendil, 1898); In. Peretz, S. I. V. "(" critical-biographical dictionary "C. Vengerov, V); Savov "Chestuvane 100 godishnata from birth on S. I. V. in Sofia "(" He taught. Pregl. ", 1902, XI); In. Gnatyuk "Kilka prichinkiv to biografii Yuri Gutsi (Venelina)" ( "Notes of a science. Association Shevchenko ", XLVII, 1902); M. Popruzhenko "S. I. V. and negovato value istoriyata on бълг. vzrozhdanie "(Sofia, 1903); In. Zlatarski "S. I. V. and the value of a mu for Bulgaria "(" Chronicle of Бълг. Unlearned. The company is ", III, 1903, and Dep. Sofia, 1903), "S. V. "(" Proceedings of the Slavic Benevolent Society, 1903, IV); Xp. Stoilov "Дейность on B. on áúëãàðñêè FOLKLORE "(" Period. Spys. "LXVI, 1905, 345 - 390, with a bibliography of Venelina and his writings), and. Jagic "History of Slavic philology" (St. Petersburg, 1910, 449 - 456). A. Yatsimirskiœ.

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Venelin Yuri Ivanovich, photo, biography
Venelin Yuri Ivanovich, photo, biography Venelin Yuri Ivanovich  Slavic Romantic, photo, biography
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