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Verbitsky Anastasia

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Biography Verbitsky Anastasia
Born in 1861,. a noble family.
She completed a course in Elizabethan Institute in Moscow, then studied at the Moscow Conservatory, she taught singing in Moscow schools. In 1887, Mr.. was published in Russian Thought "her story" Disorder "; later novels of stories, novellas and short stories in various magazines. Since 1899. Verbitskaya began to publish his works in book form, having the book market a huge success. Total issued its 25 books. The total number of instances in which they are dispersed, reaches 500 000. The most popular befallen the "Keys of Happiness" (1908 - 12), each of the 4 parts of the novel diverges in 40 000 copies. In that earlier written Verbitskaya, there are glimpses of famous literary and good intentions. As she stated in his autobiography ( "Collection to help female students", Moscow, 1901), Verbitskaya considered herself a writer of the conceptual. She - zealous feminist, passionately defends the public women's autonomy and her right to have his heart. A woman should be independent of men and to live solely by their work. Heroes Verbitskaya always adhere to the latest trends, and many of them fall into place very remote. With a sense of awe Verbitskaya says Michael, Shelgunov, Gleb Uspensky. Women Verbitskaya always remain faithful to the ideals of light, men amenable to the spirit of time and tend to the welfare of low aim bourgeois. All of this "ideological", . however, . largely external, if we discard those pompous phrases, . which the heroine Verbitskaya say, . and seek to, . they feel, . then obtained by a woman old time, . when all the woman's life focused on the question of love,
. Progressive heroine Verbitskaya feel very battle was only aware that the aged, and their physical attractiveness disappeared. In the development of the plot works Verbitskaya also very low compliance of the conceptual design. Rid a few pages of the nature of preaching, Verbitskaja focuses on the details and amorous feelings, always described with the utmost thoroughness. Artworks Verbitskaya lack genericity and do not reflect reality in itself. The only exception is perhaps the novel Vavochka, almost too-real picture of life in Moscow "of tin" from the new young 80-ies, who grew up in the putrid atmosphere of the reaction and the only slogan recognized the enjoyment of life. The Keys of Happiness "- below all other written Verbitskaya. They are imbued with so cheap romanticism, which has now been found only in tabloid novels, targeted at the reader cheap leaflets. However, the "Keys of Happiness" is a public, not amenable to one only "interesting". 3 and 4 of the novel, where the author clearly has absolutely nothing to say, half-filled with lengthy excerpts from various books on art history, descriptions of the gallery, paintings of Italy, Brittany, Paris and t. d. It is not interesting for the ordinary reader tabloid romances and can only attract readers with "requests". It is, apparently, see one of the reasons for success, the Keys of Happiness "in a mixture of modernism, and even anarchism Nietzscheanism with the apotheosis of free love. Attracts, obviously, and topicality of the novel: it affects one way or another, almost all that worried society in recent years. S. In.

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  • Your portrait, . 1910, . photographer Zdobnova D, . is I, . His place in the museum, . Well done photo artist Zdobnova, . Size 600 x 800sm cm, . Only, . unique picture of Anastasia Verbitskaya Photographer D. Zdobnov Image size 60 x 80 cm, . Size in frame 88 x 108 cm, . Age 1910 49000 rubles phone,
    . 8-985-360-31-57 - Sincerely, Nicholas Art mailto: academy@art-academy.ru
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    Verbitsky Anastasia, photo, biography
    Verbitsky Anastasia, photo, biography Verbitsky Anastasia  Writer, photo, biography
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