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Veresaev (Vikentiy Smidovich)

( Writer)

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Biography Veresaev (Vikentiy Smidovich)
Literary name Vikentiy Smidovich.
Born in 1867 in Tula, a Russian-educated Polish family, went first to the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University, then in 1888,. joined the faculty of medicine at Dorpat. In 1892, while still a student, he traveled to Ekaterinoslavskuyu province "cholera" and one of the sections in charge of barracks. These experiences are reflected in the time of his first novel "No way". He served as an intern at the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg. During the Russian-Japanese war had gone as a doctor, the Far East in the army. Impressions from the trip described in his "Essays," printed in "Education" and "World of God" and later published separately. He made his debut in small essays on the World Illustrations "and" Week ". The beginning of his fame belongs to the 90-th year, when the "Russian God." published his novel "Without the road, contact your general attention for its bright social content. The first volume of essays Veresaeva featuring this story, in a short time passed through four editions. Now Veresaeva fiction works published in five volumes (Moscow, 1909). In addition, separately published his book "Notes of a physician" (Moscow, 1902), too, when it appeared, had a great success, and literary-critical articles on Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, under the title "Living Life" (1911). In the general manner of writing and literary education Veresaev - Turgenev a realist school, but in later works, especially in the tale to life, "he marked attraction to new methods of creativity in the spirit of modernism. Lack of slavery to routine and inertia, sensitivity to the voice of life as in art, and in public - a characteristic Veresaeva. He must not ignore the interesting phenomena of life, every novelty is in its response. This is especially valuable trait in Veresaeva that he does not belong to a very prolific writers whose creative process takes place easily, but rather the contrary, writes a long and difficult ". Veresaev - writer, thoughtful, observant and truthful, but the area of his observations - not extensive. It is - only life and psychology of our intellectuals. But Veresaev great expert in his subject. What he describes his close, fused with his heart. Therefore, his works - a noble seal of intimacy. All of them are closely linked, as the head of a general diary. On reflection of public intellectual types, Veresaev - heir Turgenev. In recent literature there is no one his equal in this respect. In their images Veresaev introduced a lot of subjective, took a lot from him, but took only generally valid and typical. By nature, each of the characters Veresaeva - intellectual. Loyal and very characteristic features outlined people of high moral inquiries, completely dedicated to social ideals, but, willy-nilly, one-sided rationalists themselves suffer as a result of their rationality and detachment from life. Equally Veresaeva successfully passed all phases and nuances of our intellectual experiences in three decades, from 1880. He portrayed them as a close participant and as a sober observer. His doctor Chekanov in the story "No way" - a typical representative of the patient, a broken generation, which is closely linked with the same "disappointed" reflective generation of the late 70's, are featured in Garshina. For Chekanov, for clearly defined intellectual, "in outlook - all", he has no direct connection with life, yet belief in his world view had been shaken, it quietly radical change. In the following story: "At the turn" ( "Modern World", 1901) before us further stage of the same illness intellectual. Here we observe a splitting. Especially fine organization, sensitive people, such Chekanov, what is the nurse Barbara V., completely drying up, feel unable to live, looking for the outcome of suicide. Of Nature more sober-minded and selfish, under the influence of the same process of internal Running Dry, tend to "opportunism" and "small business", which became famous by preaching colorless 80-ies. Such a Veresaeva Tokarev, once a victim of the idea, and now dreaming of an elegant woman, a cozy study, and this "fact" that would require great sacrifices. In the story "At the turn" withdrawn as the "new" people who preach a "healthy selfishness", individual freedom and the fullness of life. While they are - just words. At the main warehouse, they are the same "head", the ascetic intellectuals, like their predecessors, all of it only in the change of "worldview" that plays in their lives the same primary role as that of Dr. Chekanov. In the story "to life" ( "Modern World", 1909) to reflect the latest ideological quest intellectuals, their samokrititsizm and desire to upgrade, to get closer to nature, in connection with the social upheaval of the revolutionary years. Experiences of the new, spontaneous, critical intellectual Cherdyntseva as we can no longer close to the mood of the writer. His appeal - from abstract ideas and reflectedness "to life" - Veresaev repeats and in its literary-critical articles on Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. From the perspective of this appeal, Veresaev sharply negative attitude to Dostoevsky, as representative of the patient early in our literature, and admires the "Sunshine" Tolstoy. The new belief - optimism - was given Veresaeva difficult by a long and difficult internal degeneration, she clearly heard from him in all that he wrote after the story "to life". Stories Veresaeva weaker than his novels. Some appear too intellectuals, in others - representatives of the working class, is among the stories and the purely lyrical, for example, "Riddle" - poetic sketch, depicting the complicated relationship of the intellectual nature. In their subjective, . but it is extremely important and highly acclaimed Memoirs of a physician "Veresaev involves a number of interesting questions about the relationship between medicine and the life, . the contradiction between the interests of medicine as a science and those of the individual resorts to its patient care,
. The book is permeated with that truth and bold frankness that are generally characterized Veresaeva as a writer. It was written by a living literary language, in the form polubelletristicheskoy. Same lively, good language is typical of literary works Veresaeva. His talent is not distinguished by a special brightness and strength, but not Veresaev buried it, and hard work on it and developed. Later his works in all respects, far superior to earlier. E. Koltonovskaya.

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Veresaev (Vikentiy Smidovich), photo, biography
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