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Vigel Philip Philipovich

( One of the great Russian memoirist)

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Biography Vigel Philip Philipovich
photo Vigel Philip Philipovich
(1786 - 1856).
His father Finn, on his mother he came from a noble family Lebedev. He was educated in Moscow and the estate of Prince P. Golitsyn, where he was in communication with Krylov, educator princely sons,. Served in the Moscow archive Collegium of Foreign Affairs, participated in Golovkin's embassy in China. He was later Kerch-Enikalsky mayor and director of the Department of Foreign religions. Known for its it must only his memoirs, which can serve as an excellent material for the historian. Many historical figures passed before Vigel. He deliberately took the accession to the throne of Paul, Nicholas knew even the Grand Duke, I saw a family of Pugachev, in contact with the Masons and Martinists, attended the vigil Quakers in the Mikhailovsky Palace. In the notes it held Kutaisov, Prince AN. Golitsyn, the poet-minister Dmitriev, Prince Bagration, Capodistria, generation Vorontsov, Raevskys, Kochubeev. In Penza, he found Speransky, "as Napoleon at Elba," has already deposed and surrendered, with him living out his life "in retirement" Rumyantsev. Appointment of Kutuzov, all the vicissitudes of war and peace, all the rumors and gossip about the intrigue and war, disgrace and exile Speransky, the first vague news of the death of Alexander, December 14 - it was all to the present day Vigel. He was briefly acquainted with Pushkin (cm. 6-second part of "Memoirs"), knew Karamzin, Gogol, Vyazemsky, Batiushkov Gnedich, Bestuzhev-Marly, Turgenev, D. Bludova, Shahovskoy, Tumansky, was in friendly correspondence from Zhukovsky, the "you" with Zagoskin, "been beside themselves" from the dramatic works Ozerov. Old World way of life, the aristocratic arrogance, an old movement on roads with a squalid adventures and acquaintances on the road, office intrigue - all beautifully transferred Vigel in a calm, unhurried manner. Not at this altitude is the story Vigel, where performances by individuals. Here Vigel biased, narrow partiality. Many villages in this respect it is very illustrative of the psychology of bureaucratic man of the time, but the historian can take them only as amended, given the acrimony, irritability and reactionary. Often, however, it is correctly valued people in the midst of their activities. In Archimandrite Fotii he correctly saw the "smart and bold fanatic" in Arakcheev tinted tyranny of a powerful. For grimly bureaucratic outlook Vigel, by the end of life who fell in that shrill and buystvenny patriotism, who later received the name of the Black Hundreds, characterized by the ratio Vigel to Gogol. Vigel indifference could not hear the name of Gogol, while the latter was the mouthpiece of intellectuals protest, and extolled him when he went "Correspondence". Shameful page in the biography Vigel inscribes his denunciation Metropolitan Seraphim of philosophical letter Chaadaeva in the "Telescope" 1836, Mr.. Long time who could not bear Chaadaeva Vigel fought for "Godless" articles, as "terrible slander on Russia". Message from Metropolitan to Count Benckendorff and the requirement to bring the article to the attention of the emperor were prompted by a voice Vigel ( "Denunciation" cm. in "Russian Antiquities", 1870, t. I; Wed. "Russian Antiquities", 1896, 3, p. 612). Murderously wicked epigram sobolev pripechatala name Vigel pilloried as the name of the informer and a politician, or disassemble means of combating. "Memoirs" Vigel published twice, the first time (not quite) Katkov, you print them in The Russian Messenger in 1864 - 65 years for the second time in the "Russian Archive", 1891, 92 and 93 years. Notes finish the eve of the Polish revolt. They attached "Note Vigel of Kerch". A. Izmailov.

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Vigel Philip Philipovich, photo, biography
Vigel Philip Philipovich, photo, biography Vigel Philip Philipovich  One of the great Russian memoirist, photo, biography
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