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Vinnychenko Vladimir

( gifted Ukrainian writer)

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Biography Vinnychenko Vladimir
photo Vinnychenko Vladimir
Born in 1880. a peasant family. In 1902, Mr.. was expelled from the University of Kiev and given to the army, but deserted abroad. The first short stories and novellas Vynnychenko found in him a fresh artistic talent and temperament of the aspirant combat social justice and new moral values. In the foreground are his questions about individualism and the public, as well as the problem of sex. He gazed at the dark and spontaneous, that ruthlessly destroys our spiritual integrity. In the story "mockery" tragedy of the meeting was sentenced to death with his fiancee is not in, . it recently, . but in, . that the "suicide" toothache and his fiancee powerless to "take him away from small, . disgusting, . that is mocked in the face of Death and Love ",
. As soon as the "problem of sex" gets to Vinnichenko crucial, it overshadows all others, and it is decided in the light of another, is fundamental for the entire creative Vinnichenko - about individualism and the public. He overthrows the "Great Moloch" - the public, linking human responsibilities. In the name of complete liberation proclaimed desire for inner truth, attained "honesty with himself". The hero of the drama "Stages of Life" - proudly says of himself: "Well, yes, . I animal, . and you're an animal, . what in etomN When, . Finally, . people will not feel intimidated etogoN "As a polemical response to critics of the play" Stages of Life ", . Vynnychenko wrote the novel "Honesty with me", . bringing to the end of the sermon animal instincts,
. This short novel he started writing, . Like other of his works, . in Ukrainian, . but then wrote it in Russian, . learning from the editors of "Literaturno-п╫п╟я┐п╨п╬п╡п╬пЁп╬ Vistnika", . that many readers had begun to refuse to subscribe to the magazine because of the immorality of the writings Vinnichenko,
. She was placed in the IV edition of the "Earth". Top stories Vynnychenko eloquently subtle lyrical humor ( "Zina", "Purchase"), the heroic idealism of youth, give effect to the poetry of even the most errors. Combat activity hides deeply pessimistic attitude. Acute angles kind of "ideology" break through the artistic fabric, mostly in AMD Vinnichenko, where, along with a schematic straightforward fiction writer imbalance often leads to a lack of a sense of proportion. From plays Vynnychenko distinguished drama "Lies", "Black Panther" and "White Bear". With all the errors of moral judgments that occur in them, they raise major challenges and capture the intensity and passion of searching. They are imbued with the conviction of the need for vigorous, energetic zhiznestroitelstva. With all his walks in the dark and passionate pursuit, the passionate paradoxes and sophistry Vinnichenko tirelessly sings "Hosanna" life defending himself against the rising from the depths of the soul of pessimism and distrust, the most concealed them from themselves. In the works Vynnychenko meet all sectors of the Ukrainian people, . from its rank and file in proletarizuemoy village, . of agricultural workers, . living on the economic kitchen and zarobitchan ", . going in search of work, . through the mid-petty-bourgeois-bureaucratic layers, . to the color of the intelligentsia in the face of party leaders, socio-political struggle,
. Social contradictions ( "beggars", "near the machine") and spiritual needs ( "servant of beauty") deprived masses are equally attracted the attention of the artist. Moderate raid romanticism often in common with his heroes heroes Gorky (Kuz and Grytsun). In the work Vynnychenko can trace the influence of Dostoyevsky and Ibsen. Total Vynnychenko - one of the brightest and most talented writers of "a young Ukrainian, . quite modern writer, . master of the story and the novella, . Several deliquescent in the story and the novel, . often knows how to capture the intensity of the dramatic conflict in the drama,
. Language Vinnichenko not processed and full of rusitsizmami. Since it refers to the spoken language of his characters, though the living reality that gives sufficient justification. Artworks Vinnichenko published in separate collections: "The beauty i Power" (Kiev, 1906), "Dribni opovidannya" (Kiev, 1907), "Trettya book opovidanniv" (Kiev, 1910), "Express Yourself" (t. IV, Kiev, 1911). Assembly of dramatic works Vinnichenko yet, they appeared in various magazines (mainly in Lit.-H. Vistn. ") And collections. Separately out: "Disharmony" (Kiev, 1907) and "The Great Moloch" (Kiev, 1907). In Russian translation in the author's "Stories" Vinnichenko published in 1911 and 1912. The novel "On the scales of life," written in Russian, is placed in IX compilation "Earth". - Wed: P. Efremov, "History of Ukrainian pismenstva (St. Petersburg, 1911); his" Literary namul "(Kiev, 1908); his" Gnuchka chesnist "(Kiev, 1909); M. Danko "Ox. Vinnichenko "(Lit.-H. Vistn. ", 1910, VII); A. Omelchenko, "In Search of socialist morality" (St. Petersburg, 1909); K. Arabazhin "In. Vinnichenko "," New Life "(1911, IX). Michael Mogilyansky.

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Vinnychenko Vladimir, photo, biography
Vinnychenko Vladimir, photo, biography Vinnychenko Vladimir  gifted Ukrainian writer, photo, biography
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