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Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich

( Russian painter and architect, in part, known in particular their (unrealized) project of the temple of the Savior in Moscow)

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Biography Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich
photo Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich
Father of the artist, Swedish burgher, left for Russia with his wife in 1779. In 1787, Mr.. his son Charles, who later converted to Orthodoxy and received the name Alexander. He first studied in the mountain building, and then to Ann's school and, finally, in 1802, Mr.. enrolled in the Academy of Arts. During his stay in the academy Vitberg got all the medals. Of these, the gold medal in 1807, Mr.. for the program "Three Youths" (the biblical story). In the same year Vitberg was left at the Academy "boarder for voyazhirovaniya". In 1808 he received a gold medal for the painting "Russian Truth", . and next year again, the gold medal for the painting "Andromache, . mourning Hector "(located in the Academy), . then Vitberg was appointed assistant professor Ugryumova for learning in natural classroom,
. Of the other paintings Vitberg known: Gallery Pryanishnikova "product of the Apostle Paul from prison" and "The Descent from the Cross" - painting, now extinct nowhere. In the summer of 1813. Vitberg went on vacation in Moscow, where he was charged with execution of vignettes and pictures on the events of 1812, as well as portraits of individuals, particularly distinguished themselves in a patriotic war. With this order, Vitberg made friends with many direct participants in the events of 1812, and then probably first arose in him the idea to create a project of grand temple in memory of the events of World War II. On the advice of the then Minister of Education, Prince Golitsyn, began to study architecture. A mystic at heart and mind, Vitberg laid in the basis of its project, some mystical beliefs in the spirit of Christianity. Emperor Alexander I of the project as an unusually Vitberg like its main idea, and the grandeur. It was supposed to build a temple of the Savior on the Sparrow Hills near Moscow. Vitberg was put in charge of the commission, which had been assigned to all orders in the construction. Bookmark temple was held on Oct. 12, 1817, Mr.. and cost 24000 rubles. By the courage and the idea of the enormity of his project may be one of the most interesting architectural compositions of modern times. But for all his talents Vitberg was proud and arrogant, but because soon made enemies. Many of the projects it seemed impossible, all terrified of the future size of the temple. Otherwise, it looked at the Emperor Alexander I, who thought Vitberg genius, before which should have been reconciled, all death. Vitberg not get on with the prose of life, unable to deal with obstacles, was a bad diplomat. In cases of construction Vitberg confused, as the poet, who could not keep any accounts. Soon discovered the abuse on a vast scale, and Vitberg found guilty, as a man of rare, high-integrity. The construction of the temple was first suspended and then completely stopped; appointed commission of inquiry, and Vitberg was exiled to Vyatka Province. He died in 1855, Mr.. Vitberg left a curious note, which had been dictated to them in Vyatka AI. Herzen. These notes were printed in the "Russian Antiquities" in 1872. (t. V and VI). Ibid attached Vitberg portrait (1872, t. V) and drawing his project. In "My Past and Thoughts, Herzen Vitberg devoted many enthusiastic pages. V. Chuiko.

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Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich, photo, biography
Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich, photo, biography Vitberg Alexander Lavrent'evich  Russian painter and architect, in part, known in particular their (unrealized) project of the temple of the Savior in Moscow, photo, biography
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