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Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich

( well-known historian and lawyer)

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Biography Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich
photo Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich
Born in 1838, graduated from the course at the University of St. Vladimir of History and Philology. The national movement that occurred in the south-western province, and Common Slavonic ideas, occupying southern Russian intelligentsia, led the Vladimir-Budanova draw attention to the Polish law, compared with the Common Slavonic. He wrote mainly on the basis of unpublished acts of Kiev central repository, "German law in Poland and Lithuania" (published in 1868. in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ") and received a master's degree thesis that. In 1870, Mr.. He started the museum in Yaroslavl legal reading of the general course on the history of Russian law, which included the right and from western. At the same time he undertook the publication of his "Anthology of the history of Russian law" (1 st edition, Yaroslavl, 1872 - 75, 5 th edition of the 1 st issue, Kiev, 1899, 4 th edition 2-and 3 -- On release, Kiev, 1901 and 1908). The topic of his doctoral dissertation was the state's attitude to public education in Russia since Peter the Great (Yaroslavl. 1874). In 1875, Mr.. he went to Kiev at the Department of History of Russian Law. Consists editor in chief of the Kiev-hoc committee to parse the ancient instruments and chairman of the historical society Nestor-chronicle. In 1903, Mr.. elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences. Other major works and the publication of Vladimir-Budanova: "The State and national education in Russia since the XVII century." (St. Petersburg, . 1874), "Zemsky Sobor of the Moscow State" (Kiev University Izvestia, . 1875), "The Code and the Lithuanian Statute (" Collection of the State of knowledge ", . t,
. VI); "Unpublished laws south-western Slavs. Kastvy City lawyer and law communities Veprinskoy "(" Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1881), "History of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir, t. I: "University of St. Vladimir in the reign of Emperor Nicholas" (Kiev, . 1884), "Review of the history of Russian law" (Kiev, . 1 edition, . 1886; significantly revised 6 th edition, . 1909), "Moving Yuzhnorussky population in the era of Bogdan Khmelnitsky (" Kiev Olden ", . 1888, . N 7), "Sketches from the history of Lithuanian-Russian Law" ( "Readings in the historical society chronicler Nestor", . Book 3, . 4 and 7, . Kiev, . 1889 - 93); "Forms of peasant land tenure in the Lithuanian-Russian State in XVI." (Kiev Collection to help victims of famine ", . Kiev, . 1892),
. Critical article, . placed Vladimirsky-Budanov in Kiev of University Izvestia "and the" Compendium of State Knowledge, . particularly outstanding "New Research on the Boyar Duma", . where the first organized look at the boyar Duma as the aristocratic element of state authority of ancient Russia,
. Since 1887, Mr.. Vladimir-Budanov manages the publication of "acts of settling the South-West of Russia" ( "Archive of South-West of Russia", h. VII). The first volume of this edition, compiled by Professor Antonovich, Vladimir Budanov-wrote the preface, the second volume of the whole is composed, the third - with Shcherbina. "Acts of land ownership in South-West of Russia" they compiled an extensive introduction of the "church property in south-western Russia in the XVI." (h. VIII, t. IV). He also, together with PG. Vinogradov belongs to the editorial board of the Compendium of legislative monuments of the ancient Western law "(released 3 release, Kiev, 1906 - 08). Full list of works of Vladimir-Budanova to 1904. cm. in the compendium of articles on the history of law on M.F. Vladimirsky, Budanov "(Kiev, 1904).

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Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich, photo, biography
Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich, photo, biography Vladimir-Budanov Michael Flegontovich  well-known historian and lawyer, photo, biography
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