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Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich

( Professor of Philosophy)

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Biography Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich
photo Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich
Born in 1840, the son of a village priest. Studied in the Novgorod Seminary, . then in St. Petersburg Theological Academy, . which spent only two years, the collision happened at the academy teacher of Greek literature with students, . result of which Vladislavlev, . among other, . was expelled and sent home, . but soon returned to St. Petersburg,
. Sent abroad to prepare for a professorship, he listened to lectures Kuno-Fischer, PLA, and especially Lotse. Defended his master's thesis ( "Modern trends in the science of the soul", St. Petersburg., 1866), Vladislavlev was elected full-time associate professor of philosophy at St. Petersburg University, and thereupon took the chair of philosophy at the Institute of History and Philology. Moreover, he spent several years teaching the same science at the University for Women. In 1868, Mr.. Vladislavlev received his Ph.D. for his thesis "The Philosophy of Plotinus, the founder of novoplatonovskoy school" and was chosen extraordinary professor, in 1879. supernumerary was promoted to ordinary professor, since 1885 was the dean of History and Philology, in 1887, Mr.. appointed rector of St. Petersburg University, died April 24, 1890, Mr.. During his 24-year professorship Vladislavlev lectured on logic, psychology, history, philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and philosophy of mind. In special courses he analyzed the metaphysics of Aristotle, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Microcosm Lotse. His lectures were distinguished by clarity and precision of presentation. In all his writings is visible conscientious work and clear thinking. His book of the dam is the first independent Russian and good work on the history of philosophy. As a philosopher, Vladislavlev attacked the materialistic tendencies, as a teacher, he was in favor of classical education. His literary career began in 1861 when he was put in "Time" critical and bibliographical articles and later he worked in the "Age", the "Notes of the Fatherland" (1865 - 1866) and in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ". Of critical articles Vladislavlev mention parsing works of Professor Trinity: "German psychology in this century" (in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1867). In addition to these works Vladislavlev translated Critique of Pure Reason, Kant (St. Petersburg, . 1867) and amounted to "Logic" (1872, . 2 nd Edition 1881, at the time it was the best textbook of logic, . and the historical part of this work and to this day remains the only existing in Russian attempt to present the history of logic) and "Psychology" (1881, . two volumes, the third, . conceived of, . He did not have time to process),
. In the late 80-ies, our journalism talked a lot about the psychological theory Vladislavlev, . trying to install two "scales" of feelings: positive - different degrees of respect, . surprise, . greatness, . and negative - are different degrees of neglect and contempt,
. Measure of feeling taken, . incidentally, . related materiel to the person to be above and below him on the stairs Welfare: anticipated, . that is proportional to the richness of the object are growing positive feelings of the subject, . and vice versa,
. Protection Vladislavlev and explain to him in a favorable sense of the above theory has assumed his pupil, Professor AI. Vvedensky ( "The scientific activity of Mikhail Ivanovich Vladislavlev" in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", 1890, June, and separately).

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Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography
Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich  Professor of Philosophy, photo, biography
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