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Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich

( economist and publicist)

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Biography Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich
photo Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich
Economist and journalist who writes exclusively under the initials in. V. and under them are usually quoted. Born in 1847, Mr.. He graduated from the course in Medical-Surgical Academy. Eight years was country doctor, and this time began to write, mainly in the Fatherland Notes. Later, leaving the medical practice, he served in the general congress of representatives of the railroad and in a private railway companies, the economic and statistical part. Vorontsov first became interested in the question of the role of the Russian people as a factor in the political evolution of the country and came to the conclusion, . that both political, . and in the religious movements of the Russian people was the only material; people lost image of himself as one of the driving forces of social, . and such forces recognized: one, . legitimate - royal, . in whose name and perform all the political movements, . and other, . unlawful, . aristocratic, . which were directed against these movements, religious movements, . because they contain a political element, . been a denial of existing order, . but was not expressed in the struggle, . in flight from the Antichrist - the impersonation of this order,
. With cash in people such a sense of political indifference, . Vorontsov was impossible to count on the success of any direct revolutionary activity and thought, . we must first influence the worldview of the people and organize the masses,
. In the post-reform era, . Vorontsov, as noted in his later works, . under the influence of existing conditions of the peasant reform of the unsustainable economic situation, . from which there was no exit on a purely economic grounds, . as well as the educational impact of the reforms the 60-ies., . there is a gradual "acquisition of the masses of political development, . converting them to a potential political force in the real ", in the revolutionary era of people is already on my own, but" because the purpose of education real opposition force coincided with the struggle to free political institutions ", . and revolution is ripe "before, . more educated force, . able to transform the police state in a legal ", . in the era of revolution "in the foreground appear the phenomena of destruction, . rather than construction ",
. With this in close connection is of interest to Vorontsov is the central point of his economic research on capitalism: in the West final, . with all its negative sides, . was a primary factor in the creating, . including the engine of political freedom,
. Objectives of the political emancipation of Russia are complicated, . opposite, . so, . that is a hub of the negative aspects of the evolution of the international capitalist economy - the last ball of the difficulties, . crisis that threatened the capitalist system, . and the main manifestations of which the capitalist nation still had time to shift onto the shoulders of the less civilized peoples ",
. Under these conditions, Russian capitalism can not be a creative or economically or politically driven: such a force, we can only find in the masses of working people, on the one hand, and in non-class intellectuals - the other ". The idea of creative impotence of Russian capitalism runs through the entire scientific and literary activities Vorontsov. With full precision, but almost exclusively in the theoretical foundation, it is already formulated in his earlier articles, collected in the book "The Fate of Capitalism in Russia". The peculiarities of the contemporary historical moment, "Russia can not reach the highest stage of industrial development of the capitalist path; measures in favor of the latter are only able to destroy the welfare of the people, . not lead to the organization of production "; unthinkable in Russia as an organizing form of production, . capitalism is conceivable and possible only as a form and degree of exploitation of the forces,
. At the same point of view Vorontsov remains in its entire future literary work, supporting it, on the one hand, in-depth theoretical analysis, on the other - the study of the actual evolution of Russian capitalism. The west, capitalism was based first on the exploitation of the economically backward and culturally, . and it deprives us of the "right to assert, . that the economic development of type, . listed Western Europe, . a process of general and uniform, . leads to the same results every country, . emerging from the inert state of ",
. Our capitalism late appearance in the world, , . and yet the development of capitalist production deprives the rural population earn more in agriculture and thus leads to the impoverishment,
. The end result is country, . Russia similar, . can not build their material prosperity on the basis of the capitalist supply and demand, . and because "the task of our social thinking is to address the market demand, . in the process of meeting people's needs and to find forms of satisfaction of the latter by the smooth organization of production, . in direct connection with the consumption of,
. Furnished very versatile reasoning, supplemented by various excursions into areas, . as a relationship of capitalism and militarism, . its influence on the mass consumption, . mass psychology, etc., . Vorontsov anti-capitalist theory is the subject of the fiercest attacks by, . especially, . representatives of social-democratic direction - and at the same time very minor differences in the issues of political program and tactics alienated him from leading representatives of the populist direction,
. As a result of scientific work Vorontsov were valued far less than they deserve. Such works Vorontsov, as the fate of capitalism ", are, according to at least sharply divergent views with him in MI. Tugan-Baranovsky, "of course, outstanding works of our economic thought". - In close connection with the general outlook and sympathies Vorontsov is a series of other works devoted specifically to issues of land tenure and peasant farms. Of these, the most capital was introduced in 1892. "The Russian community" - a systematic set of all collected until Zemstvo statistics material relating to forms of communal ownership and use of land. Imbued with ardent sympathy for the community and the belief in the naturalness of its origin and development, . This work is quite satisfied with the set goal of the author of "complete summary of the work"; facts, . contrary to the author's generalizations, . took their place alongside their opposite,
. Significant additions to it are "Progressive Trends in the peasant economy and the history of the community in Russia", the latter work contains very valuable data on the evolution of forms of land use in northern Russia. A number of works devoted Vorontsov artisanal forms and artisanal beginnings of Russian society. However Voronotsov was one of the first who applied to the study Zemstvo statistics relating to the status and evolution of the farm. In some extremely valuable articles, . printed in the mid 80's., . He followed the success Zemstvo statistical methodology, . and in another series of articles has analyzed the content of the first Zemsky statistical compilations, . with, . incidentally, . already at that time definitely formulated the idea of a general "leveling" or "moves down, . recently been worked in detail, . one hand, . Maslow, . On the other hand - Oganovskim etc.,
. Almost all of the Vorontsov originally published in the form of journal articles, the greater part of them later published in book form Vorontsov. The most important of them: "The fate of capitalism in Russia" (1882); "Our direction" (1893), "Sketches of theoretical economics" (1895), "The fate of capitalism in Russia" (1907), "Production and consumption in capitalist society" (1907 ), "From 70-ies. to 900-m (1907), "The peasant commune" ( "Results of economic studies of Russia, t. I, 1892), "Progressive Trends in the peasant economy" (1892), "On the history of the community in Russia" (1902); Artel in handicraft "(1895)," Artel'nykh beginnings of Russian society "(1895)," Sketches of the peasant Economy. Articles 1882 - 1886 gg. "And. Kaufman.

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Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich, photo, biography
Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich, photo, biography Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich  economist and publicist, photo, biography
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