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Resurrection Alexander Abramovich

( Russian 'grandfather chemistry')

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Biography Resurrection Alexander Abramovich
photo Resurrection Alexander Abramovich
born November 25, 1809 in the town of Torzhok Tver province, and died January 21, 1880 in St. Petersburg, had lived in retirement after a long and fruitful activity. Father Alexander Abramovich (1809 g. - Deacon) died a priest in 1814, leaving in the hands of the mother without any means, except a small house, 2 sons and a daughter - kids. In the local seminary and Tversky seminary orphaned sons took on the diocesan account. Holschevnikov, religious school teacher in Torzhok, uncle of the Resurrection, first noticed in him a special talent and insisted on the need to further the teachings of the future of the Russian scientist. Resurrection Seminary and graduated first among the few (with NN. Tihomandritskim) enrolled in Head Teachers Institute, which gave Russia so many notable figures. Here, he also finished the course in the first category (in 1836) and, . received a gold medal, . was sent abroad, . with a galaxy of the famous and talented Russian professors (Pirogov between them issued more than all), . which Count Uvarov planned to replace the influx of foreign professors in Russian universities,
. Student Hess, a former chemistry professor at the Pedagogical Institute, the Resurrection has studied the details of chemical methods for studying abroad at such advanced scholars of that time as Mitcherlih, Rose and Magnus in Berlin and Libirh - in Giessen. Laboratory of the latter in those years was the center, which came from all over the world to explore a new field of study while organic (carbon) compounds. And I personally heard from Liebig (in 1860. in Munich) tip that among the mass of his students he thought the most talented of the Resurrection, to which all difficult to give an easy to questionable on highways immediately picked a better way, who loved and truly appreciated the surrounding. Here, by Liebig in Giessen, the Resurrection of the pupil has become a scientist, a critical scientific questions of time, and in 1838 (in the "Annalen d. Chemie und Pharmacie ", now" Liebigs Annalen ") begins a list of articles" grandfather Russian chemists ". There he researched, . example, . "Effects of sulfur trioxide in maslorodny gas", . "composition of quinic acid and elemental composition of naphthalene", . which until that time was questionable and had a great importance for solving the problem of the atomic weight of carbon, . and for evaluating the composition of hydrocarbons, . poor hydrogen, . are now called - far from the limit of aromatic compounds,
. In 1838, Mr.. Resurrection returned to St. Petersburg and soon got a position of associate (with Professor Soloviev) chemistry at St. Petersburg University and the inspector in the main pedagogical institute. In the next 1,839 g. Resurrection received his doctorate ( "philosophy", . both were called doctors of natural science), . writing an essay on quinic acid, . which published its study on the quinone (modern name - then it was called hinoilom), . as the type of the vast number of substances, . now receiving considerable theoretical and technical importance,
. Since that time, near the Resurrection begins predominantly educational activities. Permeated with the basic idea of Count Uvarov, Resurrection replaces Hess after his death and is trying, perhaps, even beyond the measure to satisfy all requirements, addressed to him as the new Russian chemist. He reads at the University, the Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Communications, in the Engineering Academy, the Corps of Pages, and school guard sub-ensigns and keeps these places, yet not the people of a host of fresh Russian forces, which may replace it. The fruit of such an enhanced educational activities is that many Russian chemists, and which gave Voskresenskoye nickname "grandfather Russian chemists". To specify the type of love for the cause of what the hunt for the development of chemical knowledge, and what is the basis of unique development of this knowledge in Russia inspired reading of the Resurrection, suffice it to say that among his students were NN. Beketov, NN. Sokolov, N.A. Menshutkin, ap. Shulyachenko, PP. Alekseev and many others, have strengthened both in the academic world around the world, and in all parts of Russia and in many spheres of the practical significance of the Russian chemists. Voskresenskoye and Zinin, his peers, belongs the honor of being pioneers of independent directions in the Russian chemistry. Belonging to the number of students of the Resurrection, . I vividly recall the charm beziskustvennoy sake of simplicity, and the constant natalkivanie for the benefit of self-development of scientific data, . What Resurrection recruited a lot of fresh forces in the field of chemistry,
. Others spoke often about the great difficulties of scientific affairs, . while the Resurrection in the laboratory, we often heard his favorite saying: "no gods pots and bricks do", . and then in the laboratories, . which was in charge of the Resurrection, . not afraid to make his hands to the cause of science, . and tried to sculpt and bake bricks, . of which is composed of chemical building knowledge,
. What is important is another feature of the educational activities of the Resurrection. He, . student Liebig, . conducted and the readings, . and ideas in the works of Berzelius and his teacher, . always clearly seen, . that true knowledge can not be limited to one-sidedness, . then we, . Starter, . forced to compare the thoughts and opinions Berzelius and Liebig with the teachings of Dumas, . Laurent Gerard, . then have spoken, . but still far from obtaining domination,
. Moreover, the Resurrection has already seen clear superiority of the concepts of the French school, and foresaw what was to grasp the concept of the dualists, prevailed in the era of the 1840. These concepts, he is always skeptical, . Considering truly scientific case, . at least in the era of the second half of this century, . I knew the closer views of the Resurrection, . possible for a firm adherence to the facts, . extract that and deal with it and learned a lot of his listeners,
. From the foregoing one can see that the center of the life of the Resurrection was the teaching of chemistry - it kept taking his time. However, the scientific questions for which he undertook, he hesitated ever so firmly and clearly that his name is associated, in excess of the above findings, even with several others, of which mention the two. Resurrection opened and established the composition of the alkaloid similar to theine or caffeine, contained in cocoa (chocolate). He called it theobromine. Everything he wrote about it in "Memoirs of Saint-Petersburg Academy" - justified by subsequent research. Extracting samples, . then little known, . Russian, . especially Donetsk, . coals, . Resurrection with complete accuracy found their composition and so show, . that for any technology requirements exist in Russia, its coals, . nothing alien is not inferior, . and in some respects and superior to the best sorts of foreign coal,
. I will mention more about, . what, . participating in discussions about the materials to finish the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral and to repair cracks, . formed at the Alexander Column, . Resurrection contributed much to our knowledge successful outcome of these studies,
. For example, a crack in the Alexander Column is stopped and closed with complete success, thanks to the instructions of the Resurrection of the composition, which was supposed to give the closing mass of the. Since 1863. Resurrection was elected council of St. Petersburg University - Rector, . in 1866 the election was resumed; principalship Resurrection differed so, . that he cared a lot about bringing in a full order as a scientific composition professors, . and the very appearance of the University,
. Time principalship Resurrection belongs to the era of St. Petersburg University, where it has accumulated the most Russian forces between the professors and the number of students has been increasing very rapidly. In 1867, Mr.. Resurrection was appointed trustee in place of the Kharkov school district, but did not stay at this place, which did not count on me, especially because of the sympathy for the realism that permeated his whole life work. Returning to St. Petersburg, Resurrection has avoided official sites and a lot of time spent on the device in his estate (Mozhaytsevo, Novotorzhskaya County) 2-classroom school peasant. There, on the river Tvertsa, the churchyard of Our Savior on the bottom, and be buried themselves Resurrection. Chemists Russian Physico-Chemical Society raise capital common name Zinin and the Resurrection, the interest which society will issue the award named after the founders of the independent development of chemical knowledge in Russia. D. Mendeleev.

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Resurrection Alexander Abramovich, photo, biography
Resurrection Alexander Abramovich, photo, biography Resurrection Alexander Abramovich  Russian 'grandfather chemistry', photo, biography
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