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Vtorov Nikolai Ivanovich

( Research of the Voronezh region and administrative activities)

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Biography Vtorov Nikolai Ivanovich
Born in 1818, Mr.. in Samara, Kazan studied at school and university, where he graduated in 1837, fall 1843. was appointed editor of the Kazan province news ", which, thanks to him, were the best at that time a provincial newspaper in Russia. In 1844, the second, leaving Kazan, sacrificed in favor of the city library of his father, who served as the basis for the city's public library opened in Kazan in 1864. In 1849, Mr.. Vtorov was determined in Voronezh adviser provincial government, with the request to do research on the urban economy and social structure Province. In Voronezh Vtorov met his friend at the University of Constantine Osipovich Aleksandrov Dol'nikov, they both became the center of the circle of local intelligent people and the first "discovered" the poet Nikitina, in his inn. They ardently set about studying the history, . Ethnography and statistics of the Voronezh region, . in a damp cellar local library opened several chests of precious boarded-up acts before Peter the Great, . of which are more important published under the title: "Voronezh acts" (3 kn., . 1849 - 1850, 2 nd Edition, . 1850 - 1853),
. Forced to abandon the continuation of this publication, the Second took up the device at the Voronezh Statistics Committee of the archive of old cases of pre-Petrine times, which resulted in good order and made user-friendly. From this archive SI. Elagin borrowed a lot of material for his History of the Russian Navy (St. Petersburg, 1864); from the same M. F. de Poulet published Materials for the history of Voronezh and the neighboring provinces "(Book 1, Voronezh, 1861), and in 1884. L.B. Weinberg began printing acts of this archive. Not less successful were busy Vtorov Statistics and Ethnography of the land for which he has made repeated trips to the province. During these visits, he collected album of types and costumes, designs for which were composed by the artist S.P. Pavlov, who accompanied Vtorov. This ethnographic album, . all the more precious, . shown that it suits the majority belonged to the vanishing, . subsequently admitted to the Russian Geographical Society, and some types of this album have been reproduced in "Art Newssheet", . ed,
. Timm 1860, sheet 34 and 1861, sheet 35. His ethnographic and linguistic findings Vtorov shared in part with Afanasyev and Dahl, often give them to the Geographical Society. For all its inexhaustible store of information on the Voronezh, . he, . burdened by official productions, . no time to share them with the reading public, only one article of his, . hastily written, . but remarkable: "On the colonization of Voronezh province", . was published in Voronezh Conversation "by 1861,
. (This article is reprinted in "Voronezh Festschrift to commemorate 300 years of Mr.. Voronezh, t. II, Voronezh, 1886). Moreover, the second was a description of the Voronezh Agricultural Exhibition in 1853, Mr.. (in the Journal of the Ministry of Educat. haves. "and" Voronezh Provincial Gazette 1854, N 17 - 23), and in 1856. issued the first commemorative book Voronezh. In 1857, Mr.. Vtorov left Voronezh and joined the Economic Department of the Interior Ministry, which was a tireless worker and gifted in the production then in the Ministry works to transform urban institutions. Name Vtorov should be considered inseparable from the city regulations 1870. Under his immediate follow up ministerial publication: "Urban settlements in Russia Empire" (8 volumes, St. Petersburg., 1860 - 1864) and "economic state of urban settlements in 1861 - 1862.". In 1861 and 1864. Vtorov has made trips abroad to recuperate, . but then did not leave his favorite things and managed to gather material for his excellent book "A Comparative Review of municipal institutions of France, . Belgium, . Italy, . Austria and Prussia, . prisovokupleniem with local government in England (St. Petersburg, . 1864),
. Vtorov died Dec. 1, 1865, Mr.. Biography Vtorov M. F. de Poulet published in "Russian Archive" (1877, N 6 - 8).

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Vtorov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Vtorov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Vtorov Nikolai Ivanovich  Research of the Voronezh region and administrative activities, photo, biography
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