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Vygovskiy Ivan

( malorossiysky Hetman)

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Biography Vygovskiy Ivan
Place of the nobles of the Orthodox confession served as clerks in Kiev. When the lost were some books, Vygovskii was sentenced to death. Communication with the influential landowners saved him, and he entered the army (according to other sources, Vygovskii was a clerk in the Polish Cossack Commissioner). At the beginning of the great Cossack war Vygovskiy was in the vanguard of Potocki, who was defeated at the head Khmelnyts'kyi the yellow waters. Vygovskiy was captured by the Tatars. Khmelnitsky, before knowing it, traded it from the Tatars on the horse and made for a clerk (1648). Two years Vygovskiy was already general clerk malorossiyskogo troops and had a great influence on the Hetman. From Moscow ambassadors Vygovskiy was very obliging, but at the same time, he secretly corresponded with the corona Hetman Potocki, who insisted in his zeal for the royal service. Vygovskiy they sent letters to Moscow, which were sent to the hetman of the Sultan of Turkey, the Crimean Khan, Silistrie Pasha hetmans Potocki and Radziwill. For its services Vygovskiy received great gifts from the king. Assumption, . that before the death of Bogdan Khmelnitsky wanted to give the hetman's mace to one of the colonels, . especially Vygovsky, . contradicted by the official document - a letter to the king, Bogdan, . in which he says, . that "hetman instructed his son",
. But not all were in favor of 16-year-old Yuri Khmelnitsky, supporters were at Vygovsky. Bogdan threatened them with death, and Vygovsky ordered shackled hand face to the ground and held him in such a position almost the whole day. Vygovskiy wept, prayed for forgiveness, and forgave him Hetman. Upon the death of Bohdan in Chigirin gathered pleased where most colonels proclaimed hetman Vygovsky without notifying Zaporozhye Poltava and without waiting for the colonel Martyn Pushkar, an avowed enemy Vygovsky. Opponents demanded Vygovsky black, that is universal happy. Vygovskiy entered into relations with the Crimean Khan and King Casimir, who promised to make him prince of Little Russia, where he rebelled against Moscow. Treason Vygovsky knew Pushkar, which gave about how to know in Moscow. Before Moscow's envoy Khitrovo Vygovskiy able to defend himself, so he Khitrovo persuaded him to continue to edit Malorossiya. After the treaty with the Polish Commissioner (under Gadyach) and the Crimean Khan (1658), . Vygovskiy began to operate openly: he spread the rumor, . that the king wants to transform the Zaporozhian army, . raised the Cossacks and went to Pushkar, . who fell in battle before Poltava,
. Poltava was captured and burnt, suffered the same fate, and others loyal to Moscow, the city - Lubny, Gadyach, deaf, and others. Then Vygovskiy moved to Kiev, which was besieged by his brother Danilo, but was defeated Sheremetev, then attacked Romodanovsky, but met with strong resistance and fled. Now the Russian began to burn the city, devoted Vygovsky and Poland. Winter ended the war. In early 1659, Mr.. Vygovskiy took Mirgorod and the Tatars moved to Konotop, which was besieged by Trubetzkoy Colonel Gulyanitsky. To prevent the connection with the Crimean Khan hetman, Trubetskoy lift the siege and went against Vygovsky, but near Sosnovka suffered a decisive defeat. Then Hetman besieged Gadyach. Unhappy with the actions Vygovsky declared in Bratzlav Yuri Khmelnitsky Hetman. Vygovskiy hurried across the Dnieper, but was forced to send Yuri hetman kleinods and barely escaped death by fleeing to Poland. Yuri was approved by the Moscow government in the hetman's dignity; Vygovsky relatives were exiled to Siberia. King granted Vygovsky for his devotion to Poland and Kiev Senator voivod. When Yuri haircut a monk, was elected two Hetman, black grouse and Bryukhovetskiy; civil wars began. Vygovskiy entered into secret relations with the Cossacks, some of which, under the command of Sulima, seized several villages and everywhere proclaimed Vygovsky hetman. Fearful of antagonizing a powerful Teterya and hated Vygovsky Cossack regiments, . King was forced to sacrifice their favorite, . ordered to take him into custody and brought to court martial, . Vygovskiy the sentence which was executed as a rebel,
. - See. Soloviev Hetman Vygovskiy "(Fatherland Notes, 1859, 11).

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Vygovskiy Ivan, photo, biography
Vygovskiy Ivan, photo, biography Vygovskiy Ivan  malorossiysky Hetman, photo, biography
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