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GAN Elena Andreyevna

( Talented writer)

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Biography GAN Elena Andreyevna
(1814 - 1842).
Born educated gentry family Fadeev. Her mother spoke five languages, well painted, studied science, archeology and numismatics. She herself was engaged in raising their children, of whom reached remarkable people (except for Helen Gan, author VP. Zhelikhovsky). 13 years old Gang first started to write, "almost unknown to itself, without any participation in the faith," Aware of the weakness of the first experiments of imitation "wonderful sounds of" favorite writers. 16 years, she married Captain P.A. Ghana, a man almost twice her age, and began to her usual life army ladies, the unintelligent society, with the eternal wanderings in southern Russian villages and little towns. In marriage, Hahn did not find happiness, and escaped from the surrounding banality sessions with children, reading, studying languages and travel to parents. In 1836, Mr.. Hahn went to St. Petersburg, met Senkovsky, published in his "Library for Reading" compilation from the novel by Bulwer "Gondolfin and interested himself editor. The following year appeared in the "Library for Reading her first novel" Ideal ", the pseudonym Zeneida P-va. Summer 1837. She spent the Caucasus, where she met with some of the exiled Decembrists. Caucasus has inspired her "Memoirs of Zheleznovodsk and two stories:" Utballa and Dzhellaleddin "(" Library for Reading, 1838). Health Gan has long been undermined, and now, as if anticipating the approaching end and also in need of money for treatment, in raising children, she began to work hard. Quickly followed, one after another story: "Medallion" (1839), "The Court of light" (1840), "Theophany Abbiadzhio" (1841), "a gift for nothing" (the first part appeared in 1842, Mr.. in "Notes of the Fatherland", the second - the posthumous collected works), "Lyubonka" (Fatherland Notes, 1842), "The Lodge at the Odessa Opera House" (Almanac "daguerreotype, 1842). In the works of Hahn for the first time in Russian literature, clearly and fully expressed its protest against the inferior status of women in family and society. She did not dream of leaving women out of the circle of the family on equal terms with men arena of public life, not trying to destroy and rebuild the social barriers and only demanded more respect and sympathy for the woman as wife and mother. He wrote about her, that she "belongs to the remarkable talents of modern literature ... Among Russian women writers there is not one which would have reached such heights of creativity and ideas, and which at the same time to such an extent would be reflected in his works all the shortcomings of Russian women, like the writer Zeneida P-va ... The basic idea, a source of inspiration and the magic word poetry Zeneidy F-ing is an apology for women and protest against the men ... She deeply understood the humiliation that women in society and are deeply grieved about it ". In stories Gan, autobiographical significance of which is large, it is clear generalization of her personal drama, the aborted sudden death. "In this woman - remembered IS. Turgenev - it was really hot and the Russian heart, and life experiences of women, and the passion of belief, and refused her the nature of those "simple and sweet" sound, which happily expresses the inner life ". Works Gan published twice (St. Petersburg, 1843 and 1905). - Cm. W. Wolfsohn in "Russlands Novellendichter" (Part I, Leipzig, 1848), K. Lagorenko, "Memories of the Gun" ( "Odessa Herald", 1844, N 10); "Old and Novelty", IX, 1905, p. 327 - 335; Memoirs п-.п°. Fadeev (Odessa, 1897); article E.S. Nekrasova ( "Russian Antiquities", 1886, August and September), H. Fadeyeva (ibid., Dec.), VP. Zhelikhovsky (ibid., 1887, March), AV. Starchevsky ( "Historical Journal, 1886, N 8, 9, 11); A preface to the collected works ova Gan edition 1905; M. Gershenzon, "Russian woman 30-ies" ( "Russian Thought", 1911, December).

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GAN Elena Andreyevna, photo, biography
GAN Elena Andreyevna, photo, biography GAN Elena Andreyevna  Talented writer, photo, biography
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