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Hannibal, Abram Petrovich

( 'Moor of Peter the Great', a Negro blood, great grandfather (maternal), the poet Pushkin)

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Biography Hannibal, Abram Petrovich
In the biography of Hannibal is still a lot of unknown. Son vladetelnogo prince, Hannibal was born, probably in 1696, the eighth year, kidnapped and brought to Constantinople, where in 1705 or 1706 g. Sawa Raguzinsky brought him a gift to Peter I, who liked all sorts of rarities and curiosities, powers, and especially "negro". Earned the nickname in memory of the glorious Carthaginian, Hannibal took Orthodoxy, his godfather was the king (who gave him and patronymic) and the Queen of Polish. Since Hannibal "inseparable" was beside the king, was sleeping in his room, accompanied by all the campaigns. In 1716, Mr.. I went with the Emperor abroad. Perhaps he was with the king post of orderly, although in the documents he mentions three times, along with a clown Lacoste. At this time, Hannibal received pay 100 rubles a year. In France, Hannibal was left to learn, after spending 11 / 2 years in engineering school, joined the French army, participated in the Spanish war, was wounded in the head and rose to the rank of captain. Returning to Russia in 1723, defined in the Transfiguration Regiment engineer lieutenant bombardirskoy company, captained by the king himself. After the death of Peter Hannibal stuck to the party dissatisfied with the rise of Menshikov, for which he was sent to Siberia (1727) city Selinginsk move to a new location. In 1729, Mr.. were ordered away from Hannibal paper and detain in Tomsk, giving him monthly for 10 rubles. In January 1730, Mr.. Hannibal held the appointment of Major in Tobolsk garrison, and in September - translation captain in Corps of Engineers, where Hannibal was listed before being dismissed retired in 1733, Mr.. In early 1731, Mr.. Hannibal married in St. Petersburg on the Greek girl Evdokiya Andreyevna Dioper and soon was sent to the conductors Pernau teach mathematics and technical drawing. , Released against his will, Evdokia Andreyevna unfaithful to her husband that led to persecution and torture by the deceived. The matter went to court, she was arrested and held in custody for 11 years, with the terrible conditions. Meanwhile, Hannibal descended into Pernove with Christina SjцІberg, . bore children with her and married her in 1736, . with his wife alive, . litigation which ended only in 1753, the couple parted, . wife banished to a monastery Staraya Ladoga, . and on Hannibal imposed penance and fine, . recognizing, . however, . second marriage legal,
. Entering in 1740, Mr.. again on the service, Hannibal went up the hill with the accession of Elizabeth. In 1742, Mr.. He was appointed commandant of Revel and awarded the estates, the number of "valid chamberlain". Translated in 1752 by Mr.. again in the Corps of Engineers, Hannibal, was appointed to head the affairs of the delimitation of lands with Sweden. Rising to the rank of Commander in Chief and the Alexandrine tapes, Hannibal retired (1762) and died in 1781, Mr.. Hannibal had a natural intelligence and showed remarkable skill as an engineer. Conducted memoirs in French, but destroyed them. According to legend, the opportunity to choose a military career Suvorov was obliged to Hannibal, persuaded his father to give his son's inclinations. Children in Hannibal in 1749, Mr.. There were six of whom Ivan participated in Morea expedition, took Navarino, distinguished by Chessman, founded Herson (1779), died commander in chief in 1801, Mr.. The daughter of another son of Hannibal, Ossip was the mother of A.S. Pushkin, refers to his descent from Hannibal in the poems: "To Yuriev", "to language" and "My family tree". See. Helbig, "Russische Gunstlinge" (translated in Russian Antiquities ", 1886, 4)," Biography of Hannibal in German in the papers A.S. Pushkin, "Autobiographical testimony Hannibal" ( "Russian Archives", . 1891, . 5); Pushkin, . "Genealogy of the Pushkin and Hannibals", . Note the 13th I headed to the "Eugene Onegin", . and "Negro of Peter the Great"; Longinov, . "Abram Petrovich Hannibal" ( "Russian Archives", . 1864); Opatovich, . "Evdokia Andreyevna Hannibal" ( "Russian Antiquities", . 1877); "Archives Vorontsov", . II, . 169, . 177; VI, . 321; VII, . 319, . 322; "Letter A.B,
. Buturlina "(" Russian Archive ", 1869)," Communication of Hannibal's Catherine II "(" Collection of the Historical Society "X, 41);" Notes aristocratic lady "(" Russian Archive ", 1882, I); Khmyrov," A.P. Hannibal, Arap of Peter the Great "(" World Work ", 1872, N 1); Bartenev," Rod and childhood Pushkin "(" Fatherland Notes, 1853, N 11). Wed. guidance from Longinov, Opatovicha and "Russian Antiquities" 1886, N 4, p. 106. E. Shmurlo.

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Hannibal, Abram Petrovich, photo, biography
Hannibal, Abram Petrovich, photo, biography Hannibal, Abram Petrovich  'Moor of Peter the Great', a Negro blood, great grandfather (maternal), the poet Pushkin, photo, biography
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