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Vladimir Guerrier

( Russian historian, thinker)

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Biography Vladimir Guerrier
photo Vladimir Guerrier
Born in 1837. Upon completion of the course on the literary department of Moscow University, was left at the university to prepare for a professorship, and at the same time, he became a teacher of literature and history at the first Moscow Cadet Corps. In 1862, Mr.. defended his master's thesis: "The struggle for the Polish throne in 1733" and was sent abroad, where he stayed for three years (in Germany, Italy and Paris). Elected to the professors on the faculty of universal history, he began teaching at Moscow University in 1865. In 1868, Mr.. they were protected thesis: "Leibniz and his Age, . doctorate, . after which he issued, . on the basis of materials, . located in Hanover, . book on Leibniz's relations to Peter the Great and a collection of documents from the correspondence of this philosopher, . pertaining to Russia,
. Beginning the teaching of reading courses in the middle of history, Guerrier, becoming a professor, who later shared it, mainly between the Roman and modern history. His courses always been systematic, richness and breadth of vision. He put the seminar on the general history at Moscow University. In the debate on the organization of Russian universities, which was conducted in the seventies, he was made protector of the statute of 1863. In Moscow, they were founded by women's higher rates ( "Rates Guerrier), headed by he stood for 16 years until they were closed, along with other similar courses exist in some university towns. When restoring the Ministry of higher female rates in Moscow Guerrier was appointed director of which was before 1905. Since 1906. is a member of the State Council on the appointment. In politics he joined the Octobrists. As a vowel and a member of various commissions of the Duma Guerrier has been very active part in municipal affairs in Moscow. From 1888 to 1905. He was chairman of the committee that drafted the organization of welfare for the poor, introduced in 1894, staging the house for the popular entertainment and submitting the Duma a draft domestic insurance. During the same time, Guerrier and was a member of the Moscow province Zemsky assembly. Besides the two theses, Guerrier wrote a large number of different kinds of historical works. All of them, being always treated with the literary works that differ interpreted the statement interesting items and ideological content. His view can be defined as cultural in the broadest sense of the word. Full list of works Guerrier placed in volume VI of "historical review" (1892, p.. 298). The most important of them: "Essay on the development of historical science" (1866); on "Willigis" from the original XII in. (1869); "L'abbe de Mably" (1886), "The concept of power and the people of the Mandate in 1789" (1884), "The idea of democracy before the Revolution of 1789", "Architects and devotees of God's kingdom. St. Augustine, "" The Apostle of poverty and love. Francis of Assisi, "" The French Revolution in light Taine ". For the modern history of Russia are his books: "The First State Duma," "The Second State Duma," "second liberation - the law of 9 November 1906", "The value of the third Duma in Russia's history" (1912), talking about Alexander and Napoleon, in 1812. From magazine articles Guerrier particularly outstanding article on the university issue (Journal Europe ", 1873, 1876), for higher female education (Journal Europe", 1877), in Roman history (ibid., 1875, 1877), on the history of France XVIII century. and the history of French political doctrines ( "Collection of public knowledge", t. III; "Vestnik Evropy, 1878 and 1887," Historical Journal, 1880 and 1882, "Russian Thought", 1882 and 1883); on the history of the medieval world view ( "Vestnik Evropy, 1891 and 1892 years). In "Hist. Zeitschr. "Siebel Guerrier posted a lengthy article on SM. Solovyov. In the first edition of this dictionary is placed several extensive articles Guerrier.

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Vladimir Guerrier, photo, biography
Vladimir Guerrier, photo, biography Vladimir Guerrier  Russian historian, thinker, photo, biography
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