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Govorukha-lad Yuri

( critic, who wrote under the pseudonym Nikolaev)

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Biography Govorukha-lad Yuri
Born in the mid 1850's in southern Russia to a wealthy noble family, studied in one of the Kharkov school, but the course did not finish. In 1874,. joined in Kharkov to the revolutionary group, went to "the people" and later sued by the so-called "193 process". After sitting in prison for several years, credited to him in servitude, Govorukha-lad in 1882, Mr.. again settled in Kharkov, and took an active part in the newly emerged then Kharkov publications: the magazine "World" and the newspaper "Southern Land". By this time he became disillusioned with the revolutionary activities, and many views of 60-ies, in particular relating to art, he began to seem narrow. Eventually, however, he still did not break with the same mood, his literary debut (under the pseudonym Yurko) - the story "From the unfinished novel" ( "Word", 1880, N 11) and, in particular, "Fatum" ( "Polar Star" , g. Salyasa, 1881) - was the apotheosis of the heroes of the revolutionary movement. Appearance in the press "Fatum'a" censorship was partly an oversight, and when the "Russian Thought" (Article. S. Vengerov), giving a record of the literary phenomena of 1881, has, without comment, a few excerpts from the story, the report never saw the light. In "News of Europe" in 1882, Mr.. there were two stories Govorukha-Servant: "Decoupling" and "Departure". Articles Govorukha-Youths in the "Southern Province" were already signs of new attitudes. Its former friends, they seemed to opportunism, and this led to hostility towards Govorukha-lad incident at a student evenings, who had a certain connection that arose while in Kharkov University riot. Since then, all the articles Govorukha-Youths in the "southern edge" represent a tireless, . bitter struggle with the ideas of 60-ies, . the "St. Petersburg" liberalism, . with the leaders of Fatherland Notes, . of which he particularly attacked recently, a personal friend of his, . NK,
. Michael. Beside this, he is promoting his new political and religious ideals. In 1889, Mr.. Govorukha-the boy was invited to the editorial board of the Moscow Gazette "to lampoon literary and theatrical. Both the department he led until his death in July 1896, also wrote critical articles in The Russian Review "and" Russian Messenger "(under the pseudonym NW. Elagin). Some of them went separate books: "VG. Korolenko (1893), "Recent works of Count LN. Tolstoy (1894), "Turgenev" (1894). Articles Moscow period of Govorukha-Youth is much higher than the articles that appeared in "Southern Province". By that time, personal irritation subsided considerably in him, and his struggle with the "St. Petersburg" magazines is predominantly fundamental nature. With great enthusiasm, he wrote his theater records, showing them a lot of taste and presenting to the repertoire and playing actors stringent artistic demands. As a literary critic, . Govorukha-the boy was a man of undoubted talent, . living aesthetic sense and a good literary education, . but always written with a preconceived purpose - to show the emptiness of motion 60-ies, . using for this and works of writers of the other camp, . for some reason it pretty,
. This character is, for example, his sketch of the VG. Korolenko. In a study of Turgenev debater entirely supplanted thoughtful criticism. Throughout the works of Turgenev Govorukha-lad sees the subordination of fashion influences, in his opinion, only the image of gone to the monastery of Lisa's "Noble Nest" really "free" was formed in the soul of Turgenev. Govorukha-lad in general was often on the religious point of view, arguing that Russian literature is ruining disbelief and lack of communication with the main shrine of the people - the Orthodox Church. In public-Govorukha the boy considered himself a follower of Slavophilism, . but it is left aside such drastic side Slavophile outlook, . as freedom of thought and expression and participation of public opinion in the course of public life,
. In the literary views of their Govorukha-lad liked to present himself a follower of Apollon Grigoriev, . but he understood unilaterally, . borrowing from a wide and free literary and social world Grigorieva only his polemical attacks against Westerners and the extremes of journal literature early 60-ies,
. Closest Govorukha-lad is adjacent to the direction of NN. Strakhov in the last years of his life. - Wed. Article. Rozanov ( "Russian Review", 1896, N 8 and 9 and Fatherland Notes, 1883); Michael's "Works"; Vengerov Sources Letters of Russian Writers. S. Vengerov.

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Govorukha-lad Yuri, photo, biography
Govorukha-lad Yuri, photo, biography Govorukha-lad Yuri  critic, who wrote under the pseudonym Nikolaev, photo, biography
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