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Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich

( famous historian of the Russian Church, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, Academician)

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Biography Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich
photo Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich
(1834 - 1912). Golubinskii enrolled at the Moscow Academy of Kostroma seminary in 1854, Mr.. and in 1861,. became her Bachelor - at a time when the spiritual atmosphere we have been replete with plans and a thirst for renovation. This increase undoubtedly inseminated minds and hearts brimming major desires. Hence, even in early youth Golubinskii builds a plan to write the history of the church in complete freedom. Hence, too, his bold conclusions and courageous handling of the material. But if the time has something to the historian, what gave him shkolaN In terms of spiritual and academic work, everyone is forced to go alone, alone. From this inevitable bad habits in the scientific sense, and in any case, angularity, from which can save their control only the school. Golubinskii was, like all the academies, with the difference, however, that he deliberately eliminated from the influences from the scientific literature and communicates its privacy to the extreme. However, it would be unfair to forget about a powerful influence on him. It came from the AV. Gorsky. This scholar warrior and brave, but crumpled Philaret regime researcher, an excellent builder of the Moscow Theological Academy, was able to pull around themselves talents. Among them (along with Kliuchevsky) was and Golubinskii. At Gorski Golubinskii seen as a historian of the Russian church must know the Greek language, and really knew him: he spoke of the neo-Greek, and the old read quite fluently. It is possible that the determination Golubinsky go on a business trip to the Greek East was inspired by Gorsky (1872 - 1873). This trip gave Golubinskaya benefits, and which still has neither a historian of Russian church. Period or pre-Mongol Kiev this story in Russian sources witnessed weak and pale. Golubinskii decode many meaningless in themselves the news and notes with information about the orders and customs of the Byzantine church. The history of management, the history of monasticism and the other sections are written so as to no one, except Golubinsky, with his excellent knowledge of the history of Byzantium, could not write. A man of colossal scholarship Golubinskii at the same time, different children's directness, both in life and in scientific judgments. He always said only that the said documents. Hence his bold construction and management of popular legends (of the apostle Andrew, Prince Vladimir, etc.), as well as quite unusual in the church community feedback on the pillars of our church. In the eyes of the students it has created Golubinskaya extraordinary popularity. With a total of almost silence his voice was sharp and made him a hero. However Kliuchevsky, Lebedev, and some other Golubinskii maintained in the youth the conviction that it learns not to theological almshouse, and in this school. However, an attentive audience at Golubinsky was not. Lecturer, he was a bad. All his energy he expended in the study on the establishment of research that never will die of his name. The first work was his direction finding Golubinsky essay: "The image; an act of Orthodox Greek and Roman rulers in the IV, V and VI centuries in favor of the Church against heretics and schismatics" (1859). As the best student work, a sketch was to be submitted to Metropolitan Filaret. Therefore AV. Gorski himself wrote the preface and corrected to taste Filaret: "Wherever the police found the eloquence of the beneficial action against heretics and schismatics, it belongs Gorsky". In 1867, Mr.. completed a study on "Constantine and Methodius, apostles of the Slavic". In the original work was presented at the Academy of Sciences and based on reviews Sreznevsky awarded full Uvarov Prize, but due to censorship still unpublished. In 1871, Mr.. displays "Short History of the Orthodox Churches - the Bulgarian, Serbian and Romanian, hitherto not antikvirovanny. After a trip to the East Golubinskii given to the work on the history, the first volume of which in two huge books left in 1880. It may seem strange, but first-class research is not seen the light, if the aid did not come Golubinskaya Metropolitan Macarius Bulgakov. For the printing of the book the author had no funds, and he requested a loan for his rival, who at that time has already released several volumes of his History of the Russian Church ". Makarios knew that the work Golubinsky nullifies his newly printed volumes, but with the nobility of a great man was kind Golubinsky and gave him the money. This attitude has opened the book Metropolitan further road. The author received his doctorate and was approved by the Synod of the degree, despite the tip-denunciation of the school committee chairman, Archpriest Parvova. Soon Makarios died and left defenseless Golubinsky. In 1883, Mr.. Pobedonostsev forbade him to publish the address of the professors on the occasion of the 25-year anniversary. The first half of the 2-second volume of history could come to light only has twenty years - in 1900, thanks to the Society of Russian History and Antiquities. The same company reprinted and both halves of the first volume in 1900 and 1904. as corrected. Brewing liberation movement. Even Pobedonostsev began to change its attitude in Golubinskaya. Given the opportunity to print and 2 nd half of the 2-second volume of "Stories," which was written twenty years ago, but was not finished. However, the work, so many years lying in a box, required alterations, which have a 70-year old man did not have the strength. Currently it is printed as a posthumous work in the "Readings History and Antiquities. In 1902, Mr.. Golubinskii was elected to membership in the Academy of Sciences. But this time it has become too strong for Old Age. In 1906, Mr.. He finally lost his sight. His last work, which he saw with his own eyes, was the atlas to its history, published in 1906. Of the other works Golubinsky should be named: "The history of canonization of Russian saints", . Two editions of 1894 and 1903 years: "To our polemic with the Old Believers', . Two editions of 1892 and 1905 years, . "St. Sergius Radonezhsky", . Two editions, . 1892 and 1909 years,
. - See. obituary in the January book, "Theological Bulletin, 1912, Professor SI. Smirnov, E.E. Golubinskii "in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1912; ppm. Priselkov "In memory E.E. Golubinsky in 2 books. XVII T. Izvestia of Russian Language and Literature of the Imperial Academy of Sciences ", Prof. IA. Brodovich "E.E. Golubinskii (Sands), in the XIX t. "Compendium of History and Philology of the Kharkov Society in memory of Prof.. E.K. Redina ". I. Andreev.

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Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich, photo, biography
Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich, photo, biography Golubinskii Eugene Evsigneevich  famous historian of the Russian Church, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, Academician, photo, biography
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