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Gorchakov, Mikhail Dmitrievich

( The prince, Adjutant General)

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Biography Gorchakov, Mikhail Dmitrievich
(1793 - 1861), in 1807, Mr.. entered a cadet in the artillery of the Guard, from which (after a short-term, in 1809, travel to the Caucasus), made the campaign of 1812, 1813 and 1814 years. In 1820, Mr.. appointed Chief of Staff of 3rd Infantry Corps, with the troops which participated in the Turkish War of 1828 - 29 years. In crossing the Danube, at Satunova, he was among the first came on the enemy's shore, and was awarded the Order of St. George the 3rd degree. Just before the Polish war in 1831, Mr.. Gorchakov was appointed Chief of Staff of the 2 nd Infantry Corps, . and in this post was to the Battle of Wavre, after being wounded in the battle of the Adjutant General Suhozaneta, . entered the correct position of Chief of Artillery Army, . operating in Poland, . and participated in the battles of Olszynka Grochowska and Ostroе?д?ka and in the storming of Warsaw,
. During the Hungarian War, as Chief of Staff of the army, participated in the battle of Vaytsenom and managed ferry troops across the river Tisza, in the Tisza-Fyurede
. In 1854, . at the beginning of the Eastern war, . superiors Gorchakov troops were assigned the 3rd, . 4 th and 5 th infantry corps, . operating on the Danube and Black Sea coastal zone, . the Bug, . while the main disposal of these forces, . as well as troops, . located in Poland and the western provinces, . was given to Field Marshal Paskevich,
. Campaign on the Danube was generally unsuccessful, and the troops already in the outcome of Gorchakov August 1854, Mr.. were withdrawn from Wallachia and Moldavia. Upon return them to the limits of the empire Gorchakov was appointed commander of the southern army in the north-western littoral of the Black Sea and on the Prut River. When followed by the landing of the Allies in the Crimea, Gorchakov, on their own initiative, warning the highest commandment, tried his best to help meet the material needs of the Crimean Army. Finally, the command of this army had to take himself Gorchakov, and in the most difficult time he led the defense of Sevastopol from February to August 1855, Mr.. At the end of 1855, Mr.. He was replaced in the Crimea Lidersen adjutant-general, and in January 1856, after the death of Field Marshal Paskevich, has been appointed governor of the Kingdom of Poland and the chief of the newly formed 1-Army. In this position he remained until his death. His body, according to his will, buried in Sevastopol. Prince Gorchakov rightly criticized the lack of independence and undecided, . are harmful spoken on military action, but it is difficult to say, . Whether a hostile traits of his character, . or whether they were developed, and as a result of the nearly 22-year tenure the Chief of Staff Paskevich, . who behaved with subordinates despotically, . not tolerate objections and, . possessing immense power, . its very jealously guarded, . with the softness of treatment did not differ,
. On the other hand, Gorchakov equally true reputation of a brave and selfless man chivalrous honest and noble.

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Gorchakov, Mikhail Dmitrievich, photo, biography
Gorchakov, Mikhail Dmitrievich, photo, biography Gorchakov, Mikhail Dmitrievich  The prince, Adjutant General, photo, biography
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