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Gradovskaya Alexander D.

( Prominent lawyer gosudarstvoved)

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Biography Gradovskaya Alexander D.
photo Gradovskaya Alexander D.
(1841 - 1889). Education received the second high school in Kharkov and the Kharkov University. He was editor of the Kharkov province news ", then an official for special assignments Voronezh Governor. In 1866, Mr.. Gradovsky defended in St. Petersburg University, a master's degree thesis on the state law ( "Higher Authority XVIII in. and procurator-general). In 1867, Mr.. began lecturing on constitutional law. In 1868, Mr.. He was appointed to the post of extraordinary professor at the Imperial Alexander Lyceum. In 1868, Mr.. Goradovsky defended his doctoral dissertation: "The history of local governance in Russia", I so, then was elected to the extraordinary, and a year later - an ordinary professor at the University. Major work Gradovsky - "Getting Russian state law"; t. I went in 1875. (posthumous ed., 1891), II - 1876 (2 nd ed., 1880), III - in 1883. Proceedings Goradovskogo by state law to a foreign - Germany constitution "(t. I - 1875 and II - 1886); articles on the comparative review of local governance ( "Collection of State ranks", t. V and VI); "State Law major European powers. Part of the historic "(1886). Last work is an analysis of those facts of political history of Western Europe, which resulted in almost all Western European states to constitutionalism. Many years in a row Gradovsky a regular contributor to "Voices" and "Russian Speech". Some articles Gradovsky became part of his published book: "Politics, history, administration, critical and political articles" (1871), "The National Question in History and Literature" (1873) and "difficult years" (1880). Of the major articles that were not included in the collections, it should be noted "The law and administrative order on the Russian law" ( "Collection of State ranks", t. I, 1874), "Metternich System" ( "In. Ye, 1883), "Peasant elections in the councilors county Zemsky assembly" ( "In. E., 1883), "State and Church in Prussia. Fifteen years kulturkampfa "(" In. E., 1886). Collected Works Gradovsky published in 1899 - 1904 years with the application biographical sketch. Gradovsky founded the administrative office of the Law Society at St. Petersburg University and several years was a committee member and treasurer of the Literary Fund. Extensive work Gradovsky, . "Beginning of the Russian state law", . is remarkable, . but by the time the first serious experience of a systematic presentation of the foundations of the Russian state law, and quite successfully combines the historic and dogmatic methods in light of all the major issues of our public life,
. In terms of detailed historical development of individual aspects of the Russian state system (for example, the Senate, the classes), some departments of labor and still have not lost its major importance. The theoretical coverage of the issues, however, is not on the same height. The disadvantages of the scientific method Gradovsky belong to: 1) the idealization of the Russian state system, . including unlimited autocracy, the last on the theory Gradovsky provided in conjunction with the strict laws, . legal organization and management with self -,
. 2) Ignoring the importance of socio-economic relations in the political life. As a publicist Gradovsky in the first period of his activities before 1881. was the representative of liberalism in its most moderate form. Gradovsky believes in the possibility of strengthening and development initiated in the first half of the 1860 reforms, while maintaining unshakable unlimited autocracy, and at the same time is a supporter of the bourgeois national-liberal policies. But when, after 1881. Course the new national policy "absolutely clear, and hope for the most moderate reform completely disappeared, Gradovsky joined the opposition camp, with the closure, however, the" Voices "in 1884. ceased and the activities Gradovsky as a journalist.

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Gradovskaya Alexander D., photo, biography
Gradovskaya Alexander D., photo, biography Gradovskaya Alexander D.  Prominent lawyer gosudarstvoved, photo, biography
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