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Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich

( journalist, scholar and teacher)

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Biography Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich
photo Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich
(1787 - 1867), son Russified German, studied at the Pedagogical Institute. Delivered in a literary career in 1805, working in the Journal for the benefit and pleasure "and" Journal of Literature of Russia ". Serving in 1806 - 15 years in the censorship committee, Grech taught Russian at the School of the Evangelical Church of St. Peter (1809 - 13) and in the 2 nd High School (1813 - 17). In 1807 - 09 years Grech published along with Schroeder's "The genius of the times, in 1809 - 10 years - Journal of the newest travel". Since 1812. began to publish "The Son of the Fatherland". A 1818 g. was appointed to the commission to compile textbooks for cantonments, founded the Society of Education by the method of mutual learning, published in 1819, Mr.. appropriate manual (2 nd ed., 1830). In the same year introduced the Lancastrian system in St. Petersburg house and set up educational school for the soldiers of the Guards Corps. In 1819 - 22 years issued in 4 parts "Russia's literature textbooks" (2 nd ed., 1830, 3rd 1844), in 1822, Mr.. - Experience a brief history of Russian literature. In 1825, Mr.. Grech added the "Son of the Fatherland" to "Northern Bee" Buе-haryn. Starting from this time to take a close interest in Northern Bee ", from 1831, Mr. Grech. began to edit it together with Bulgarin. In 1827, Mr.. Grech produced "voluminous Russian grammar (2 ed., 1830) and" practical Russian grammar (2 ed., 1837), in 1828, Mr.. - "The initial rules of Russian grammar, withstood numerous publications and called from the 10 th edition. - Short Russian grammar ". Journal of the Ministry. In 1832, Mr.. out "Practical Lessons of Russian grammar, in 1834. - "Black Woman", a novel. Edited in 1835 - 40 years of the literary department in "Encyclopedic Lexicon Plouchard, in 1836, Mr.. entered the service of the Ministry of Finance, received a trip abroad. In 1836, Mr.. issued a "trip to Germany, in 1837. - "28 days abroad, in 1838, Mr.. - "Works" (2 nd ed., 1855, 3rd ed. 1858), in 1838 - 44 years - "Learning universal geography", in 1839, Mr.. - "Travel letters from England, Germany and France, in 1840, Mr.. - "Reading about the Russian language," in 1843. - Translation of "World History" Becker, in 1843. - "Letters from the road to Germany, Switzerland and Italy". This year Grech left the service in the Ministry of Finance. Further works were devoted to, . mainly, . educational literature: "The Russian Alphabet" (1846), . "Learning Russian Grammar (1851 - 52), . "A Guide to Teaching for learning Russian grammar (1851), . "The training of Russian Grammar" (1852), . "The Russian grammar of the first age" (1860 - 65),
. After the death Grech had been issued his "Notes on My Life" (1886). Lacking any literary flair, . no ability to understand the demands posed by life, . Grech, . unless, . played a prominent role in Russian journalism second quarter of the XIX century., . As a member of the famous magazine "triumvirate", . consisted of his "Son of the Fatherland", . "Northern Bee" Buе-haryn and "Library for Reading Senkovsky and act very negatively on the public consciousness and literary development,
. With this solid journalistic coalition fought the whole of any ideological stamp of the time, especially Pushkin and Belinsky, ending the influence of the triumvirate of society. Grech as Bulgarin and Senkovsky not enjoy the sympathy of literary circles. Even the generally condescending to people Nikitenko regarded reputation Grech "ambiguous", noting that "his friendship with Bulgarin does not make him honor and does not excite him confidence". Still contemporaries treated Grech better than his teammates Bulgarin considered him morally above, separated one from another. At that time, as with many Bulgarin broke all relations, familiarity with Grech maintained, he was accepted in the literary circles of those days, in which Bulgarin was denied access. Even the most vigorous and uncompromising opponent of the triumvirate, Pushkin, not fed to Grech as a man of hatred, as Bulgarin and Senkovsky. Grech was much better educated Buе-haryn, much more serious literary worker than he is, and how a writer can not be put next to him, but in a moral sense if there was higher Buе-haryn, it is not very much. But Grech was more cautious, balanced and uzhivchiv than Bulgarin avoided harsh public statements and, taking his personal scores with writers, he hid behind his back Bulgarin. He tied with Bulgarin not personal friendship and location, but only material considerations, he hated Buе-haryn and publicly denounced him. At the end of life Buе-haryn Grech parted with him on the cash basis and after the death of the Notes have not regretted the dark colors for a sketch of his colleague. But all this did not prevent Grech many years to go hand in hand with Bulgarin, . participate in its persecution of hated persons, . as, . example, . Pushkin, . in its many unsavory behavior, . shamelessly advertise and praise in the press Buе-haryn, . use various services of the man with the most disgusting reputation informer and traitor,
. Numerous works Grech on Russian grammar and language called continuous attacks and ridicule of Belinsky, who, on withdrawal SK. Bulich, was quite competent judge in this area. But if largely Belinsky was right, works Grech should still be recognized as well-known contribution to the poor while textbooks. In the scientific sense of Grech on Russian grammar and language values are not represented, and to them a negative attitude YA.K. Groth. From the works Grech literary-historical nature of it should be noted, experience a brief history of Russian literature. Although this is just a collection of biographies, but not the history of literature, however, the book for its time, was not devoid of significance as the first attempt in this area. - See. Ks. Field, Jubilee 50-year literary career Grech "(" Library for Reading ", 1855, Prince. II and Dep., St. Petersburg., 1855), "Voice" (1867, N 14 and 17); "Journal of the Ministry of National Education" (1867, h. 133); literature about Grech listed in the "sources of dictionary of Russian writers" C. Vengerov (t. II, St. Petersburg., 1910). A.G. Fomin.
His grandfather Johann-Ernst Gretsch (Ivan Mikhailovich, 1709 - 60) for Byron arrived in Russia from Prussia, and is defined as a teacher in the land Gentry Corps. He, incidentally, was "political geography" (St. Petersburg, 1758). Father N. II, also Johann-Erust (Ivan Ivanovich, 1754 - 1803), promoted to Chief Secretary of the Senate.

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Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Grech, Nikolai Ivanovich  journalist, scholar and teacher, photo, biography
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