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Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich

( Prominent composer)

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Biography Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich
photo Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich
Born in 1864. a merchant family in Moscow. Reaching grade 5, Grechaninov left school and enrolled in 1881. Moscow Conservatory. For piano, studied with N.D. Kashkina and graduated from teacher training courses for class VI. Safonov (1890); to counterpoint studied briefly at the GA. Laroche, then at N.A. Hubert. In 1890, Mr.. Grechaninov moved to the St. Petersburg Conservatory, graduating in the class theory of composition N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, presenting examination cantata "Samson". Grechaninov engaged more in SI. Taneyev in Moscow. Grechaninov debut (1894) notebook of five songs (published. Belyaev), and his opus 2nd, string quartet (G-dur) was then awarded on the competition in St. Petersburg Chamber Music Society. At the end of the conservatory Grechaninov remained in St. Petersburg and began teaching musical activity. Works Grechaninov different technical and artistic perfection. In the writings of the early period shows the influence of Tchaikovsky. Had a great influence on Grechaninov and Rimsky-Korsakov, in invoice and many techniques. Both effects clearly appears in the opera-epic Dobrynia Nikitich "(1895 - 1901). In the early 1900-ies Grechaninov becomes a more independent path, but at the end of these years stands in his work another influence - the French modernists (Debussy, and others). The influence is not obscured, however, own individuality Grechaninov. The nature of his compositions are in close connection with Russian folk songs creativity. His mind is always definite, clear, presentation is simple, lack of interest, pretentiousness, the development of logical, of course, although special imagination and ingenuity in the development of the author and does not show. The style of his writings for the most part gomofonichesky. By contrapuntal complexities by almost dispense. His talent is most clearly manifested in the vocal music and in her chamber in miniature, in which he reaches are often subtle beauty of grace and elegance. Especially highlighted a series of his "children's songs, close to the popular:" Aye Dudu "(6 songs, 1903)," Rooster "(a collection of Russian folk songs, 20 N, 1906)," Snowflakes "(10 songs, 1907). New word said Grechaninov in church music. Often it takes a hymn straight folk themes. Another feature of his songs is their depiction, the program in strict accordance with the text. Some of his songs, . as, . example, . "Waves of the sea" arrangement (8 Tones) and the original "I Believe", . where he used an ancient method of execution of the creed in the monasteries - recited a reading kanonarha, . which the second chorus - have been widely,
. He owns: 2 full (13 N) Liturgy. I. Chrysostom (1897, 1902), "Vigil" (10 N), "Passion Week" (13 N) and some songs. His views on church music Grechaninov expressed in the article: "The spirit of religious chanting" (Moscow News). His two symphonies (N 1 - h-moll, 1894, and N 2 Pastorale-a-moll, 1902 - 09) lacks originality, depth of ideas, breadth of scope, organic forms of interest in the development, except that the overall beauty of music and interest in individual details. Grechaninov wrote 59 opus'ov, 8 works without signifying opus'ov and 6 unpublished works. Among these works are: "Elegy" (in memory of Tchaikovsky), for orchestra (manuscript, . 1897), . 2 string quartet (N 1 - G-dur and N 2 - B-dur in the manuscript), . Piano Trio, . violin and cello (C-moll, . 1903), . "Sister Beatrice" opera legend by Maeterlinck, . music to the tragedy of Alexei Tolstoy's Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich "(published only" Song guslar ") and to his own tragedy" Death of Ivan the Terrible ", . music for "Snow Maiden" Ostrovsky, . "Elochkin Dream" - a Christmas play for children (1911), . secular choruses, . "In memory of martyrs for freedom", . "The funeral hymn for chorus, . "Mother Russia" (Nekrasov) for execution on February 19, . cantata "In memory of February 19, 1861" for 4 votes, . choir and orchestra to words P,
. Zuev, vocal quartets, solo vocal pieces with orchestral accompaniment, string quartet ( "Dead Leaves"), a concerto for cello, piano pieces, for violin and piano. Nat. Timofeev.

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Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich, photo, biography
Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich, photo, biography Grechaninov Alexander Tihonovich  Prominent composer, photo, biography
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