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Grimm David Davidovich

( one of the most prominent representatives of science in Russia, Roman law)

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Biography Grimm David Davidovich
photo Grimm David Davidovich
Born in 1864. At the end of the law faculty of St. Petersburg University in 1885. worked in the Senate, and then was sent abroad in Berlin, where he studied Roman law under the guidance Dernburga, ECKA and Pernisa. In 1889, Mr.. Assistant Professor University of Dorpat. Since 1894, Mr. Grimm. began to read Roman law at St. Petersburg University, where in 1899. is extraordinary, and in 1901. full professor. In 1906, Mr.. Grimm was elected Dean of the Faculty of Law, and in 1910. rector of St. Petersburg University, what position, due to the events in the life of the university, he left in 1911. In 1891 - 1905 years was a lecturer and professor at the College of Law, and in 1896 - 1906 years, read an encyclopedia right at the Military Academy of Law. Since 1906. is a professor of women's higher rates, and since 1907. member of the State Board of Elections from the Academy of Sciences and Russian universities. The principal works: "Essays on the doctrine of enrichment" (I, . II, . III, . 1891 - 93) (master's thesis), . "Fundamentals of the legal transaction in the modern German doctrine pandektnogo Law" (1900, doctoral thesis), . Course of Roman law ", . I (1904), . Lectures on the dogma of the Roman Law (3rd ed., . 1910), . "On the question of the nature of ownership in Roman law" ( "History of the St. Petersburg Law Society, . 1894, . N 8), . "On the concept and the source of binding legal norms" ( "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", . 1896, . N 6), . "The legal relationship and the subjective right" ( "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", . 1897, . N 4 and 5), . "On the subject of law" (Journal of Rights ", . 1904, . N 9 and 10), . "On the objects of law" (Journal of Rights ", . 1905, . N 7 and 8), . "On the question of the relationship of civil law with the economic life of the people" ( "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", . 1907, . N 8), . "University Reform" ( "Right", . 1906, . N 9 - 11), . "On the continuity of legislative work" ( "Right", . 1912, . N 49 and 50) and others,
. M. P
. David Davidovich Grimm, . performing the duties of the dean of the Faculty of Law and Rector of St. Petersburg University, . managed to get respect as close to the university community, . and the entire Russian society equally vigorous protection of law and the autonomy of higher education,
. Times were tough. Promoting advanced parties penetrated the walls of universities. Under its influence, at the place in this time of political events, students have repeatedly staged strikes. In turn, the joint assembly of the nobility, starting in particular since 1907, tried to completely unsubstantiated responsibility for the strikes themselves professors. Grimm steadfastly insisted that the students are spared the university and not subject him to the police in danger of invasion of its wall. Thus it is not outweighed by the need to go out to the personal intervention to prevent the possibility of bloody clashes with police student crowd. Twice elected Russian universities and the Academy of Sciences member of the Council of State, . Grimm academic credibility of the State Council and the adjacent representatives Zemstvos, . always choose a team leader, . maintain solidarity in the activities of its members and constantly worried about, . to the debate on all important matters of legislation and budget of the views found expression in the speeches, . uttered from the rostrum of our upper house,
. As a specialist in civil matters, . Grimm had his opportunity to address the Commission and in the general meeting of the State Council have a significant impact on such matters, . as a matter of copyright, . the right building, . chinshevom on the right and t,
. d. His amendment also does not just have been being taken by the Council on matters relating to the formulation of pedagogical affairs in the Empire. M. K.

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Grimm David Davidovich, photo, biography
Grimm David Davidovich, photo, biography Grimm David Davidovich  one of the most prominent representatives of science in Russia, Roman law, photo, biography
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