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GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich

( Historian, professor of Lviv University in the department of history)

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Biography GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich
photo GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich
Born in 1866. G. Hill, where his father was a teacher in the Greek Uniate "school. Youth held in the Caucasus and graduated from the course of the Tiflis Gymnasium. In 1886. entered the Faculty of the University of Kiev. As a student, for his work "History of Kyiv land from the death of Yaroslav the end of XIV century." Won a gold medal and was left at the University of. Grushevskogo study was published in 1891. and served as the basis for the invitation Grushevskogo professor of Lviv. Projected to the base, due to Galician Narodowci agreement with the Government, Department of Ukrainian history at Lviv University was proposed in 1891. Professor V.B. Antonovich. He rejected a proposal for old age and recommended for this department Grushevskogo. By 1894. There have been significant changes in the relations between the Narodowci and the government, and the Austrian Minister of Gaucho was to deny the Ukrainian history of science. As a consequence, was opened in 1894. Chair of Ukrainian history is not as universal history with a special review of the history of Eastern Europe. The chair of this and took in 1894. Grushevskii. By this time he wrote several articles in the Kiev Antiquities, "" Memoirs наукового товариства Shevchenko ", published two volumes of materials in the archives of the south-western Russia" (Part VIII, t. I and II). Preface to this material was a master's thesis Grushevskogo "Misters Starosty" (K., 1894). Since moving to Lviv, Grushevskii drew attention to the development of "Naukova товариства Shevchenko". Having become in 1895. editor of "Notes" of society, and from 1897. its chairman, he transformed a "Notes" in the periodical publication, issued 6 times a year. Community initiative Grushevskogo began to produce and several other publications: Zherelo to the history of Ukraine-Rus "," Zbornik ethnography, etc.. Grushevsky encountered and Galician politics, especially with the leaders of the so-called agreement, "lands". However I. Frank and other teachers more left-wing politics Grushevskii occupied a special position, which became the conductor of the magazine "Literary науковий Gazette. Grushevskii began to pursue the idea of equality of Ukrainian elements, along with Polish and Russian. This has led to deterioration of its relations with the Polish and, in particular, with the university community in Galicia, especially when the most bitter struggle for the idea of a Ukrainian university. Russia also from circles hostile against the Ukrainians, began to be heard accusations Professor Grushevskogo separatism. In Russia, attacks on Grushevskogo intensified after the 1899 Mr.. he had squarely raised the issue of approval for archaeological congress that took place in Kiev, the Ukrainian language abstracts. The issue provoked strong opposition in Kiev professorial circles and was resolved adversely. Grushevskii and Galician researchers declined to participate in the congress. Summaries of them were printed in two volumes of "Notes" Lviv Society. Activism Grushevskogo relied on his scientific work. In 1906, Mr.. friends and admirers Grushevskogo was issued "Naukova Zbornik" on decades of scientific work Grushevskogo in Galicia (1894 - 1904). Attached to the collection of a bibliography of works Grushevskogo. It shows that since the beginning of literary activity in 1888. by 1904, Grushevskii had written 549 works of different sizes. At the time of the most bitter struggle Grushevskii began to implement its multi-volume work "History of Ukrainian Rus'. Before 1913. went seven volumes and the first half of the eighth. The eighth volume must end with a history of connections with Moscow, Ukraine. The first volume appeared in 1898. Grushevskii strongly opposes the usual scheme of Russian history. His thoughts on the matter, he has organized in the article "Звичайна scheme of Russian history and sprova rational way of history Shidnoy Europe", published in the I issue of articles on Slavonic ", published by the Academy of Sciences. Grushevskii considers Ukrainian history in its organic integrity from the beginning of the historic Russian tribes living up to our time. Creator of this story is the Ukrainian people, which is, according to Hrushevskoho live national identity, despite the differences of individual groups within its structure. Scheme posited Grushevskii the basis of his "History of Ukrainian Rus", as outlined in the introduction to issued in 1905. in Russian "Essays on the history of the Ukrainian people". The same scheme is the basis and the "Illustrated History of Ukraine", published in the Ukrainian language, and in 1912. and in Russian translation. Grushevskii always tends to emphasize the importance and influence of the ethnographic element not only Ukrainian, but the Lithuanian, Belarusian and pr. Recently Grushevskii made an abridged translation of his "History of Ukrainian Rus in Russian. Until now reached 1-st t. "Kievan Rus' and 1-st t. "History of Ukrainian kozachestva" (1913). It should be noted is "cultural-national Rukh in Ukraine in the XVI - XVII century." many illustrations. With the foundation in 1908, Mr.. Kiev, Ukrainian наукового товариства "Professor Grushevskii stands at the head of his. Under his editorship was published 12 volumes of "Memoirs of the Society". Grushevskii not stop and journalistic activities. Since 1906. he suffered a publication of the Literary Наукового Messenger in Kiev. Most of his articles on social issues published in this magazine, as well as in Russian in "Ukrainian Herald" (1905). Articles Grushevskogo published also in "Son of the Fatherland", "Kiev response", "Rade" and t. d. Some have separate editions ( "To the Polish-Ukrainian relations Galicia", . "For the Ukrainian Maslak (in the right Kholmshchyna)", . "Right Ukrainian katedr Naukova and our consumers"), . others collected in the book: "Emancipation and the Ukrainian question", . "W bizhuchoi Hvylya", . "Our policy (in Galicia),
. Latest Collections, . as well as the final chapter of the first edition of "Essays on the history of the Ukrainian people", . published separately under the title "Ukrainians in Russia, . its requests and needs ", . important for the characteristics of public opinion Grushevskogo as one of the greatest fighters for equality of the Ukrainian people,
. The essence of public opinion it boils down to the fact that "the guarantee of free national, economic and cultural development of Ukrainian society may be found only in the autonomy that covers the entire Ukrainian territory, t. e. areas with a predominantly Ukrainian population of Russia ... Since the allocation of the national territory and granting it broad self-government, . nationality becomes a rallying cry, . from the subject of the struggle, . paralyzing ordering of economic and cultural relations, . in a matter of implicit, . no special efforts and considerations does not require a simple soil, . which improves the economic and cultural relations ..,
. For Ukrainian nationality everything else, except for national autonomy can not be anything big, like transitional forms, stages in the movement of Ukrainian nationality to the possibility of self-determination ". Wed. Grushevskogo autobiography, published in 1906, on the rights of the manuscript, the Ukrainian language in 50 copies, and in his article about Lviv Shevchenko Scientific Society (Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1904, N 3). Kharkov University in 1906. elevated Grushevskogo doctorate in Russian history, honoris causa. Candidacy Grushevskogo exhibited at the Department of Russian history at the University of Kiev, was rejected in 1907. political reasons. N. Vasilenko.

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    GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography
    GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography GRUSHEVSKIY Mikhail Sergeyevich  Historian, professor of Lviv University in the department of history, photo, biography
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