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Davydov Denis V.

( famous partisans, a poet, a military historian and theorist)

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Biography Davydov Denis V.
photo Davydov Denis V.
Born in an old noble family, . Moscow, . July 16, 1784; receiving home education, . enrolled in the Horse Guards Regiment, . but was soon transferred to a satirical poems in the army, . the Belarusian Hussars (1804), . thence moved to the Life Guards Hussars (1806) and participated in the campaigns against Napoleon (1807), . Sweden (1808), . Turkey (1809),
. Wide popularity he achieved in 1812. as the head of the guerrilla unit organized on his own initiative. By thinking Davydova higher authorities reacted at first, not without skepticism, but guerrilla actions were very helpful and brought a lot of harm to the French. There Davydova were imitators - Figner Seslavin and other. At Smolensk highroad Davydov not once managed to repulse the enemy's military supplies and food, to intercept correspondence, thereby inducing fear in the French and raising the spirit of Russian troops and society. His experience Davydov used for the remarkable book "The experience of the theory of guerrilla warfare". In 1814, Mr.. Davydov was promoted to generals, was chief of staff of 7 and 8 Army Corps (1818 - 1819), in 1823, Mr.. resigned in 1826. returned to the service, participated in the Persian campaign (1826 - 1827) and in suppressing the Polish uprising (1831). In 1832, Mr.. finally left the service with the rank of lieutenant general and settled in his Simbirsk estate, where he died April 22, 1839, Mr.. - The most lasting mark left by Davydov in literature - his lyrics. Pushkin thought highly of his originality, his distinctive style in torsion verse ". AV. Druzhinin saw in him a writer "truly original, precious and understanding that gave rise to his age". Davydov himself speaks of himself in his autobiography: "He never belonged to any literary guild, he was a poet not to rhyme and feet, . but in a sense, with regard to the exercise of his poems, . this exercise or, . rather, . gusts onogo comforted him, . a bottle of champagne ..,
. "I'm not a poet, and the guerrillas, a Cossack, I have sometimes been at Pinda, but fell swoop, and carefree, somehow, spread to the Castalian my current independent camp". With this self-convergent assessment by the Davydov Belinsky: "He was a poet at heart, and for him life was poetry, and poetry - life, and he poeticized all, whatever you touch ... Wild One revelry turns in his daring, . but the noble prank; coarseness - a frank warrior, desperate courage given the expression, . which is not less than the reader and very surprised, . seeing yourself in print, . though sometimes hidden under the points, . becomes a powerful energetic impulse of feelings ..,
. Passionate by nature, he sometimes rises to the purely ideal in his poetic vision ... Of particular value should have the poem Davydova, which object love, and in which his personality is such a chivalrous ... As a poet, Davydov firmly belongs to the brightest luminaries second magnitude on the sky of Russian poetry ... As writer, Davydov has every right to stand alongside the best prose writers of Russian literature ... Pushkin admired his prose style is even higher poetic. Not shy away Davydov opposition motives, they are imbued with his satirical fables, epigrams and the famous "Contemporary Song", with the proverbial caustic remarks about the Russian Mirabeau and Lafayette. - Works Davydova were issued six times (last ed., Edited by AO. Round, St. Petersburg, 1893); best edition - 4-th, Moscow, 1860. His "Notes" came out in 1863. Bibliography listed in Vengerov, "Sources Dictionary of Russian Writers, Volume II. See. VV. Gervais, Partizan poet Davydov (St. Petersburg, 1913); B. Sadowski, "Russian Kamen" (Moscow, 1910). N. L.

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Davydov Denis V., photo, biography
Davydov Denis V., photo, biography Davydov Denis V.  famous partisans, a poet, a military historian and theorist, photo, biography
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