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DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich

( Famous novelist)

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Biography DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich
photo DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich
Born April 14, 1829, into a wealthy noble family in Kharkov province, he studied at the Moscow university hostel and St. Petersburg University, where he graduated with a degree of candidate human. The year before, he was mistakenly drawn into the affair Petrashevsky and spent several months in the Peter and Paul Fortress in solitary confinement. Serving in the Ministry of Education, received numerous trips to the archives of the southern monasteries. In 1856, Mr.. He was one of the writers who sent the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich to explore various outlying areas of Russia. He was charged description of the coastal zone of the Azov Sea and the mouths of the Don. Coming in 1857. resign Danilevsky settled in their estates, was a deputy of the Kharkov committee on the welfare of serfs, later provincial vowel and a member of the Kharkov province Zemstvo. In 1868, Mr.. Danilevsky were enrolled in the Kharkov district attorneys, but soon got the position of assistant chief editor of the Official Gazette, and in 1881. was appointed chief editor of this newspaper, was also a board member of the main department of the Press. In the bibliographic section "Government Gazette, he very often gave favorable reviews of such literary phenomena, which in the publications of the conservative camp met with sharp rebuke. Few of his remarkable poem of Mexican life "Gvaya-Lear", "Ukrainian tales" (8 ed.), "Crimean Poems" (1851), translations of Shakespeare ( "Richard III", "Cimbelin"), Byron, Mickiewicz and other. Were a success story of malorossiyskogo life and antiquities, collected in 1854, Mr.. in the book "Slobozhane". His first novel, visit Danilevskii great public attention, - "Runaway in the New Russia" (1862), signed by the pseudonym A. Skavronsky. Was followed by "Runaway returned" (1863) and "New Spaces" (1867). In 1874,. appeared "The Ninth Wave". The story "Potemkin on the Danube" (1878) begins the second half of the literary activity Danilevsky, almost exclusively devoted to historical fiction. One after another poyavlyutsya: "Mirovich (1879)," In India, under Peter "(1880)," Princess Tarakanov (1883), "the burning of Moscow" (1886), "Black Year" (1888) and a number of stories from family old. In 1866, Mr.. Danilevsky published the book "Ukrainian Antiquity" (historical and biographical sketches). Died Danilevsky December 6, 1890, Mr.. Directly and artistic talent Danilevskii not great. He did not succeed and finishing characteristics of individuals, he did not have the patience to neatly and consistently to bring the intrigue to the end, . he always quickly unravels it somehow, . therefore none of his novel is not without order, . that arrived on the scene of some deus ex machina,
. This report works its nature anecdotal, and sometimes melodramatic. But he certainly is an entertaining storyteller, and, except for the "ninth wave", all now out of his pen is read with great interest. The mystery of this interest lies in the choice of subjects. The Ninth Wave "and so boring, that is taken everyday topic, which only occasionally interspersed favorite Danilevsky criminal motives. In all his other works of the most extraordinary stories. Three "household", according to the intention of the author, the novel Danilevsky forming a trilogy dedicated to the image of the original life Priazovsky edge ( "Runaway in the New Russia", "Runaway returned" and "new places") are no exception. Criticism of Western Europe, where Danilevsky is very popular (there are about 100 different translations of his works), rightly gave him the epithet for this trilogy of "Russian Cooper". Life Novorossisk under steppes brush Danilevskii was extremely romantic coloring. Abduction of Women, . dashing exploits of robbers, . stately runaway, . counterfeiter, . frantic chase, . murder, . dig, . armed resistance to the authorities and even the death penalty - that at some unusual for Russian realism played out against the extraordinary events of the trilogy,
. One of the few in the Russian criticism of the apologists Danilevsky, P. Sokal, based on secondary, in essence, detail and episodes of the trilogy, sees in it "the poetry of struggle and labor". The author, . in the lyrical digressions and constant Novorossiya equating to "the states of Mississippi, . very clearly shows the desire to make an acquisition exploits of his heroes involved in the protest against the apathy of a serf, . dead ring coverage and master, . and peasant,
. We should not forget that the trilogy Danilevskii was conceived and often written in an era when efficiency, as an antidote to inertia, to seduce the most important writers of our (Stolz Goncharov). Not surprisingly, the second-rate talent and Danilevskii failed to allocate a drive for profit mental elements of a strong wind and bright: spekulyatory it only spekulyatorami and remained. Instead of "poetry of struggle and labor, it's much more to see in the trilogy, along with criticism of 60-ies, one only" artistic ethnography ". In the "Ninth Valeo Danilevskiy Vetlugina in the face, attempted to direct apofeozirovaniya" business "person, but this time something happened to such a degree lifeless that the most ardent defenders Danilevskii recognized clearly unsuccessful attempt. Historical novels Danilevskii inferior artistic and ethnographic works on his freshness and enthusiasm, . but they are much more mature for execution: in them is less typical Danilevskii haste, . and the desire to not effectively goes beyond the desire to grasp the striking features of the era,
. Wrote Danilevsky his historical novels, almost exclusively devoted to the 2 nd half of the XVIII century, with great care and with excellent preparation. He was a great connoisseur of the XVIII century. not only from books but also for the living family legend, reported him smart and talented mother. Individuals, as well as in domestic novels, few succeed him, but the overall flavor it successfully captures. The best of historical novels Danilevskii - "Black Year"; personality Pugacheva out bright enough, but understanding the psychology of the masses in some places reaches the true depth. Among the least successful novels Danilevskii belongs to "the burning of Moscow, where the rivalry with Tolstoy was too dangerous. Collected works published in 1876, 9 th edition in 1901. - See. Trubachev, preface to the 6 th edition; Sokolsky, "Russian Thought" (1886, XI - XII); Vengerov, "Sources of the Dictionary of Russian Writers. S. Vengerov.

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DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich, photo, biography
DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich, photo, biography DANILEVSKY Grigory Petrovich  Famous novelist, photo, biography
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