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Dantes Georg Karl

( killed in a duel Pushkin)

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Biography Dantes Georg Karl
(1812 - 1895)
. Born in Colmar, . in noble Royalist family, . briefly studied at the Saint-Sirskoy military school, . where, . the legend, . was expelled for Legitimist demonstration, . and then took part in the Vendee uprising, . raised the Duchesse de Berry, . which recommended it in writing to the Emperor Nicholas I, . a son, her dedication kamerfrau,
. In 1833, Mr.. Dantes appeared in Russia and was introduced to high society friend of his parents, the Netherlands Envoy Baron Gekkerenom, three years later adopted him, then he took another name Hecker. Countess Fikelmon, which enjoyed special favor, the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, and most of the nobility took the young seeker of fortune under his special protection. Dantes, for reviews of persons close to him knew, was a beautiful blonde, more witty than wise, of surface, its distinctive feature was boasting of success with the fair sex. On orders from the highest Dantes was admitted to the officer at the military academy exam (1834), with exemption from the test on Russian literature, military manuals and judge advocate. The exam is not particularly brilliant, was found to be satisfactory, and Dantes was determined in the Horse regiment cornet, and in 1836, Mr.. promoted to lieutenants. In determining Dantes in the regiment of his own box monarch has been appointed 5000 rubles a year, given a government apartment, from the court stables donated two horses. Winter 1834 - 1835 he. Baron Hecker and his fiance's son met with Pushkin, Karamzin, Prince Vyazemsky, Count Stroganoff, maid of honor Zagryazhskoy. In the summer of 1836, Mr.. city resounded rumors about grooming him for Natalya Nikolaevna. Pushkins stopped accepting Dantes, but continued to meet with him in the homes of mutual friends and his father-Hecker spoke with Natalia Nikolaevna of the feelings of his son, of the suffering as a result of his refusal to home. In early November, Pushkin, and many of the people close to him began to receive anonymous letters, which contained a diploma on insulting Pushkin title. Pushkin suspect the authorship of these letters father Haecker. Hence the irreconcilable hatred of him to both Gekkerenam. He sent a challenge Dantes; Father Hecker asked for a delay of two weeks, during which Dantes had proposed Sister-Pushkin, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Goncharova. Pushkin took my call back, but the sincerity Dantes and his goodwill remained for him in doubt. Wedding Dantes held January 10, 1837, but after that Pushkin refused to have anything in common with Dantes and take it at home. Then the poet was subjected to the outrageous attacks on the part of many members of high society (more on this, as well as Pushkin and the duel with Dantes, cm. Pushkin). At the duel, held on January 27, 1837, Pushkin was fatally wounded in the stomach, and Dantes - slight wound in his right arm, from which he had completely recovered on February 8. The court, dressed at the duel, Dantes was sentenced to death, but decided to apply for commutation of the sentence. The verdict was the highest konfirmovan 18 March: Dantes demoted to the ranks and sent abroad. In the so-called high society, many do not condole the death of the poet, . and the expulsion of an adventurer, and many, . opposite, . believed, . that the expulsion of Nicholas I wanted to save the life of Dantes, . as among Russian liberal youth could be found avengers of Pushkin,
. On the expulsion from Russia Dantes-Hecker remained in obscurity until 1851, when he played in Russia the role of legitimists, entered the service of Napoleon III, made the senator and his chamberlain, with a salary of 60,000 francs. This is the same Haecker, which with such contempt says Victor Hugo, in his "Chatiments" and in particular in the poem "Ecrit le 17 juilet 1851, en descendant de la tribune". With the fall of the Second Empire Dantes-Haecker completely gone from the political scene. According to those who knew him, he often returned to the history of his duel with Alexander Pushkin, and looked at myself as an "instrument of fate" in this case.

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