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Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich

( statesman and literary figure)

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Biography Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich
photo Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich
(1784 - 1839). He studied at the Moscow university hostel, he served in the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs in 1818 - 1820 he. was in our mission to Constantinople, while killing many Greeks, including the Patriarch Gregory. Dashkov discovered with great courage and skill and not one Greek family saved from death. Secretary of State from 1826 to Dashkov 1829. administered by the Ministry of Justice, 1832. - Minister, in 1839, Mr.. - Member of the Council of State and Chairman of the Department of Laws. In his youth Dashkov moved in literary fields, where the view of his authority enjoyed. Pushkin dedicated to him in 1814, Mr.. message: "My dear friend, in a country where the Volga flows along with the shores ..."; I.I. Dmitriev instructed him to issue a "singer in the camp of Russian soldiers" Zhukovsky, which Dashkov written notes. Expert on Russian language, . Dashkov made the frontrunner in the dispute over the Old and New Styles, . and in his review of "Two articles from La Harpe" (in the "Flower Garden" in 1810), . and especially in a witty book "On the bantamweight method object of criticism" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1811) proved, . Some examples, . given Shishkov from old books, . as the beauty of the Slavic language, . are nothing, . as a literal translation of the Greek, . nasty word-formation of the Slavic language,
. Mockery, the label, but not malicious, was a favorite weapon Dashkova. In 1812, Mr.. weapons that led to the exclusion of Dashkova of the Free Society of Lovers of Literature, Sciences and Arts, where he at one time was chairman. Dashkov protested against the election of honorary members of the society known graph DI. Khvostov, but was forced to cede majority welcomed Khvostova solemnly comical speech in which the syllable "Conversations" ironically praised his creations. Tails on the next day Dashkova invited to dinner and let him know that he understood the joke, but not angry; society, however, found that Dashkov insulted his fellow-and, therefore, pursuant to statute, be excluded. Later Dashkov was ardent member of the "Arzamas" (II, 76 - 78). He issued an essay "Mount Athos. An excerpt from his travels "(St. Petersburg, 1824; of the Northern Flowers"). A man of high intelligence, vast knowledge and strong convictions, Dashkov at a dull time, he could not quite find their remarkable strength of talent. As Minister of Justice, . was necessary only custodian of the laws, . but in this role was steadfast and resistant to self-sacrifice, so, . He had the courage to submit to Emperor Nicholas of taking back one of the Most High commands, . which was sent to him for promulgation, . but contrary to existing laws,
. A champion of transparent proceedings, Dashkov wanted to enter the bar, but all such undertakings to meet with insurmountable obstacles. - See. Dmitriev "Trifles from a stock of my memory" (Moscow, 1869).
His son, Dmitri, a prominent figure of the clerk and writer (died 1901); education in the St. Petersburg University, the historical-philological faculty. As vowel Ryazan zemstvos rendered great services to the estate clerk. Later he was chairman of the Ufa Zemstvo. Print: "What kind of teacher's seminary, we do not nuzhnoN" (Moscow, . 1878); "Zemskov case"; "A few words about the people's primary schools" (Moscow, . 1871); "Courses for adults" (Ryazan, . 1889), . as well as a number of articles in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", . Teacher, . The Voice, . "Conversation" (SA,
. St. George's), "News of Europe", etc.

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Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich, photo, biography
Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich, photo, biography Dashkov Dmitry Vasilyevich  statesman and literary figure, photo, biography
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