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Dezhnev Semen

( Yakut Cossack, the first European explorers)

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Biography Dezhnev Semen
Yakut Cossack, the first European explorers, for 80 years before passing through the Bering Strait, separating Asia from America. Bering, moreover, failed to pass the entire strait, and were restricted to swimming only in its southern part, whereas Dezhnev went strait from north to south, along its entire length. Until now, there is information about Dezhnev only from 1638 to 1671 years. Homeland him - Great Ustyug; when Dezhnev moved from there to seek his fortune in Siberia - unknown. In Siberia, he first served in Tobolsk, and then in Yeniseisk, where in 1638, Mr.. moved to Yakutsk jail, just based on the neighborhood still unconquered tribes of natives. All office Dezhnev in Yakutsk is some work tirelessly, often connected with the danger to life for 20 years of service here, he was shot 9 times. Already in 1639 - 1640 he. Dezhnev leads to the resignation of the native prince Saheya. In 1641, Mr.. Dezhnev, with a party of 15 persons, to collect tribute in the Yana River and safely delivers it to Yakutsk, on the way to withstand the battle with a gang of 40 people. In 1642, Mr.. he, together with Stadukhin, sent to collect tribute in the river Oemokon, whence he descended into the river Indigirka, and on it went into the Arctic Ocean. Here Stadukhin and Dezhnev connected with Mikhailov. After three years of service Stadukhin and Mikhailov, a tribute and a half people went to Yakutsk, leaving the Kolyma outposts Dezhneva, with 13 people. Mikhailov came back from the road, and yet Dezhnev had to repel an attack more than 500 Yukagirs, who wanted to destroy the feeble garrison outposts.
In 1646, Mr.. mezenets Isay Ignatiev made the first voyage on the Arctic Ocean to the east of the mouth of the Kolyma River and brought in the Lower Kolyma morzhevuyu bone (fish tooth). In 1647, Mr.. was sent for a fish's tooth new party manufacturers, to which a government clerk, jail, boyar son Vasily Vlasov, attached and Dezhnev. It is entrusted with a duty to collect taxes from the mining and obyasachit passing aliens. The party soon returned, having met on the road to the east impassable accumulations of ice, but in 1648, Mr.. Holmogorec Fedot Alekseev outfitted a new party, which joined Dezhnev. She went into the sea among 90 people, . six kochah, . and went on the east part of it soon separated, . but three koca, . with Dezhnev and Alekseev, . continue to wend one's way to the east, . in August were wrapped in the south, . and in early September, entered the Bering Strait,
. Then they had to go around the "big stone nose, where the shattered one of kochey, and on September 20 some circumstances forced them to hit the beach, where a battle with the Chukchi was wounded F. Alekseev and only the head remained Dezhnev. After passing the Strait and, of course, not even a presentiment of the importance of his discovery, Dezhnev his companions went further south along the coast, but the storm broke last two Kochan and wore Dezhneva on the sea until it was thrown, passing the mouth of the Anadyr River, on the shore. Under the guidance of the historian of Siberia, Miller, and the recently opened Ogloblin sources, under the "big stone nose" should be understood Dezhneva Cape Chukchi, as the only location which is suitable to describe Dezhneva. This circumstance, . together with an indication Dezhneva (in the petition in 1662), . Koch that he was thrown out "of the Anadyr River", . claims for Dezhnev certainly honor of the first researcher Strait, . Cook called the Bering Strait only out of ignorance of the deed Dezhneva,

. To crash, . Dezhnev ten weeks with 25 people went to the mouth of the Anadyr River, . which killed 13 other people, . and the rest he wintered here and summer 1649, . the newly built boat, . up the river to the first settlements of aliens, . where and obyasachil,
. Here, on the middle reaches of the Anadyr River, was arranged cabin, named after the prison Anadyr. In 1650, Mr.. arrived here, by land, the Party of the Russian Lower Kolyma; this way, more convenient than the sea, and took advantage Dezhnev (1653), to be sent to Yakutsk collected them ivory and furs. In 1659, Mr.. Dezhnev handed over command of the prison and Anadyr servicemen people, but remained in the province before 1662, when he returned to Yakutsk. There Dezhnev, with the sovereign's treasury, was sent to Moscow, where he arrived, probably by mid-1664 Mr.. Dezhneva preserved petition for the extradition of his salary, honored them, but not received, for 19 years, and this was done. In 1665,. Dezhnev went back to Yakutsk and served there until 1670, when he was sent back to the sovereign's treasury in Moscow, which was in 1671, Mr.. See. "Description of sea travel to the Arctic Ocean and the East Sea from Russia perpetrated", . Miller, "A chronological history of all journeys in the northern polar regions", . Berchem, "Historical review of Siberia", . Slovcova, "Historical review travels in the Arctic Ocean, . between the Kara Sea and the Bering Strait to 1820 ", . Wrangel Island, "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1890, . N 11, . Semyon Dezhnev ", . H,
. Ogloblina.

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Dezhnev Semen, photo, biography
Dezhnev Semen, photo, biography Dezhnev Semen  Yakut Cossack, the first European explorers, photo, biography
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