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Nikolay Dmitriev

( Genre and batalichesky painter)

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Biography Nikolay Dmitriev
photo Nikolay Dmitriev
batalichesky and genre painter, adding to his name, to distinguish it from other artists Dmitrievs, the epithet "Orenburg". Born in 1838, was educated in his father's house in Ufa provincial gymnasium and the relocation of their home in St. Petersburg, was preparing to enter the cadet, but at this time, on the advice of the famous painter, VK. Shebuyev, began to attend classes of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Listed in her pupil FA. Bruni and received from her, for their success in drawing and painting, four small and one large silver medal. In 1860, Mr.. awarded a secondary gold medal for writing the program now "Olympic Games". In the followed two years later performed the paintings: "The Grand Duchess Sophia Vitovtovna at the wedding of Vasili the Dark" and "Streletsky rebellion", but not for that, nor the other did not receive the desired rewards. In 1863, Mr.. made it again compete for the same medal, . but, . together with 12 other young artists refused to perform his proposed programs and, . coming out of the academy with the rank of the artist's 2 nd degree, . participated in the establishment of the St. Petersburg Artel artists, . member of which was until after 1871,
. In 1868, Mr.. painting "drowned in the village" (located at the Museum Academy) gave him the title of academician. In 1869, Mr.. He accompanied the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich the Elder in his trip to the Caucasus and in the province of Kharkov and Voronezh, the fruit of this journey was an album of 42 drawings. In 1871, Mr.. Dmitriev left at government expense abroad for a period of three years, showed them mainly in Dusseldorf, where the advice of well-known in. Vauthier and L. Knaus, and then settled for a long time in Paris. Here he was one of the major players in the establishment of local "Society of Russian artists, has exhibited his paintings in the annual salons, only occasionally sending them to St. Petersburg, and performed the drawings for the Russian and French illustrated books. In Paris, there was a transition from its genre to batalicheskoy painting, which was the reason provide the highest order for a few paintings on subjects from East War 1877 - 1878 he. For two of them ( "Battle of Sistovskih Heights convoy of Emperor Alexander II" and "Entrance of the Emperor in the city Ploeshty) Academy awarded him a Ph.D.. In order to have all the necessary supplies and facilities in the performance of further pictures of the same series, he returned in 1885. for permanent residence in St. Petersburg, where he works and still. Of the genre painting of the artist, besides the above picture "drowned", the best might be: "Two minutes of stop" (1878) and "Fire in the village" (1885, belongs to the Emperor). Several of his paintings representing various episodes of the last Russian-Turkish war, decorated with a large Pompeevskuyu gallery in the Winter Palace. A. NE.
Note: died in 1898

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Nikolay Dmitriev, photo, biography
Nikolay Dmitriev, photo, biography Nikolay Dmitriev  Genre and batalichesky painter, photo, biography
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