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Dobbert Eduard Yakovlevich

( Writer, part history of fine arts)

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Biography Dobbert Eduard Yakovlevich
Born in St. Petersburg in 1839
He studied history, among other things, the University of Dorpat. In 1861 - 1869 years worked in St. Petersburg teaching of history and touching to her subjects, mostly in private secondary schools. In 1866, Mr.. published the magazine "St.-Petersburger Wochenschrift", which aimed to acquaint the German public with the modern culture of Russia and the former. Closely acquainted with the collections of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, he made the summer of 1869. trip to Novgorod, . Moscow, . Kiev and Odessa, . to examine the preserved there, and ancient monuments of Byzantine art, . then settled in Munich, . where he was engaged in art museums and public libraries, . well as listening to lectures Professor Bruno and Mesmer,
. Its way after its nine-month stay in St. Petersburg, he used, . mainly, . the study of Byzantine and Russian art in the ancient Christian Academy Museum of Fine Arts, . in its other meetings and in the manuscript department of the Imperial Public Library,
. Having performed in 1871 - 1872 he. travel, for scientific purposes, in Italy, was admitted to the lectures at the University of Munich, as a privat-docent, but in the spring of 1873,. received an invitation from Berlin to the department of art history in there the Academy of Arts and Higher Technical School, . which is even now, . take summer vacation trips for scientists in different countries - Italy, . France, . Russia and one or the other edge of Germany,
. In the second of the above institutions was the rector for the 1885/86 academic year. Consists of a board member of the Berlin Academy of Arts, a member of the Imperial German Archaeological Institute, a free honorary associate of the Academy of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (since 1878) and a member of the Moscow Archaeological Society (since 1880). Main help of an erudite literary works Dobbert: "Die Darstellung des Abendmahls durch die byzantinische Kunst" (in "Jahrbuch. fur Kunstwissensch. "And. Tsana, IV v., 1871); "Das Abendmahl Christi in der bildenden Kunst bis gegen den Schluss des XIV Jahrh." (in "Repertorium f. Kunstwissensch. "G. Yanicheka, XIII v., 1890, and last); "Ueber den Stul Niccolo Pisano's und dessen Ursprung" (Munich, 1873), part 7 th t. in the 2 nd edition of "History of figurative art" Shnaaze embracing an era of medieval Italy and the extremes of Western Art, a monograph on the family Pisano, Giotto, the Siena school of painting, Andrea Orcagna and Beato Angelico, in the publication of P. House: "Kunst u. Kunstler d. Mittelalters u. d. Neuzeit "(II Abth. 1 Bd.; Leipzig, 1878) and "Der Trimph des Todes im Campo Santo zu Pisa" (in "Repertorium f. Kunstwiss. ", IV v., 1881). Among other works Dobbert should indicate the number of articles, . devoted to Russian artists and helped to spread in Germany, correct notions about the past and the present state of art in our country, . among other things, the articles in the "Comprehensive dictionary of artists", . by the publication under the editorship of NW,
. Meyer, and biographies Kn. Briullov (in "Nordische Presse", 1871) and AA. Ivanov (in "National-Zeitung", 1881). He died in Switzerland in 1899. A. P-in.

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Dobbert Eduard Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Dobbert Eduard Yakovlevich, photo, biography Dobbert Eduard Yakovlevich  Writer, part history of fine arts, photo, biography
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