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Doroshevich Blasius Mikhailovich

( famous columnist)

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Biography Doroshevich Blasius Mikhailovich
Born in 1864, studied at the Moscow high schools. He wrote first in the "Entertainment", "Alarm" and other Moscow press, not excluding the "Moscow Gazette", as well as in the Petersburg Gazette ". In 1890 years became an active member of the Odessa newspapers. In 1897. the means of "Odessa Gazette" made a trip to Sakhalin Island and wrote a series of essays in prison, were published under the title "Sakhalin" (Moscow, 1903). One of the affected in the essays prison guards filed against Doroshevicha accusation of libel, but the process ended with a full justification for accuser. With the foundation in 1899. "Russia" Doroshevich became Chief of the newspaper, which gives a huge success his brilliant wit. Contains a wide selection of newspapers, accustomed to the solidity of our major political bodies, first had to get acquainted with the light, above all cares about the diversion, manner of "small press". But skits Doroshevicha, just managed to clear before any audience, he said, this style was ennobled in the form. Borrowed from its original sample only his dignity - the availability and interest - feuilletons Doroshevicha combined the brightness and lightness of form with the fullness of serious journalistic tasks. Struck in Doroshevicha and its fertility: he wrote every day, tirelessly responding to all events of the day. Success Doroshevicha was universal, his feuilletons engrossed in a variety of circles; him sympathetic and such magazines as "Russian Wealth" and "God's World". This success was markedly raised creativity gifted, but more recently it does not matter in the public regarding the writer. In witty and entertaining, it acquires a new quality - strength. His mockery is very often now proceeds to attack this satirical scourge. Of great importance, and some of his "interrogation". For example, he raised and brilliantly conducted campaign in favor of reviewing certain cases unjustly convicted brothers hermitage. Not for long, however, stayed on Doroshevich reached its height. Already at the end of existence of "Russia" feuilletons Doroshevicha often passed into mere buffoonery and laughter for laughter. With the end of Russia "(1902) stopped a major role in our journalism Doroshevicha. He goes to Moscow "Russian Word", where he continued to write with the same external splendor, but not drawn to the attention of the general. Remove in large part on the burning time, he wrote a number of eastern legends, describes his travels in the East, Spain, India. In 1905, Mr.. Doroshevich took a meeting for its satirical articles in 12 volumes (publication in progress). In the secondary reading satires have escaped: the burning brilliance of responses almost disappeared, sharper serve all the features of a newspaper cartoon. From Doroshevicha separately published books serious importance "Sakhalin". This stunning picture of the Sakhalin orders and inhuman atrocities as those who are banished, and often those who have an uncontrolled power of life and death convicts. The book is not without the usual newspaper sweeping, but, in general, very true. Doroshevich gives it a number of vysokointeresnyh psychological sketches of individual criminals. Along with the book Melshin (Jakubowicz), "Sakhalin" Doroshevicha is one of the first places in a number of materials to explore the world of criminals of recent decades. Apart from the books, Doroshevich published separately: "curler" (Moscow, 1893), "Odessa, Odessa people from Odessa and" (2 edition, Odessa, 1895), "Taras Bulba. The story of the life of the Cossack Cossacks "(Moscow, 1900, national edition)," The Promised Land (Palestine) "(ib., 1900)," Mu-Hsiang. Chinese novel "(ib., 1901)," Legends and tales of the East "(ib., 1902)," East and the war "(ib., 1905) and others. In 1896 - 1899 years he edited in Odessa "Southern Russian almanac. S.

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Doroshevich Blasius Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Doroshevich Blasius Mikhailovich, photo, biography Doroshevich Blasius Mikhailovich  famous columnist, photo, biography
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